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Topic #2175073
CeiggeP - Beau and Kaysar are watching Ivette set up Maggie's new PCP...Maggie says "They can't break it can they?" NT 1 Replies #2175073 3:54PM 14/08/2005
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amIsane - Kay is helping IV, telling her how to do it NT #2175084 3:55PM 14/08/2005
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Topic #2175076
strad - Janelle-chicken of the sea is this really chicken? NT 2 Replies #2175076 3:54PM 14/08/2005
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PSister - That was April. NT #2176511 6:42PM 14/08/2005
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CeiggeP - she was making fun of jessica Simpson NT #2175081 3:55PM 14/08/2005
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Topic #2175078
moosiecoosie - James in GR by himself, deep in thought NT 0 Replies #2175078 3:54PM 14/08/2005
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Topic #2175094
CougarSpy - F3/4 show James lying on bed in gold room all alone. He is lying with his hands behind his head and eyes open. James looks like he is in deep 0 Replies #2175094 3:57PM 14/08/2005
thought. He is all alone.

F1/2 show Kaysar, Ivette, Beau and Rachel looking at Maggie's new toy. Other houseguests can be heard in background chit chatting in party mode.

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Topic #2175166
Chelebele - FISH NT 0 Replies #2175166 4:04PM 14/08/2005
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Topic #2175231
pooh5983 - And we still have fish NT 0 Replies #2175231 4:14PM 14/08/2005
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Topic #2175237
pooh5983 - We had fish for the last 10 min NT 0 Replies #2175237 4:15PM 14/08/2005
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Topic #2175334
pooh5983 - for some odd reason we still have fish NT 0 Replies #2175334 4:32PM 14/08/2005
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Topic #2175344
strad - fish 0 Replies #2175344 4:33PM 14/08/2005
but showed kaysar and howie briefly in kitchen then back to fish
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Topic #2175347
mosiegirl4 - when it came back in for a second, I heard April say.. 0 Replies #2175347 4:34PM 14/08/2005
... I hope I don't have to call him? They said they would call him for me... (then fish again )
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Topic #2175354
strad - jen they give us this little bit of home and i think ok not too bad 0 Replies #2175354 4:35PM 14/08/2005
but then you realize its toll little and then i want to leave
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Topic #2175404
memyselfandi - The fish are back now but before that 0 Replies #2175404 4:43PM 14/08/2005
Ivette, Jen, April were all laying on HOH bed.

Ivette had headphones on and wasn't participating in the conversation. April was saying something about Kaysar and how it was weird of him to want to be back in the house after being voted off. Jen said he probably just wanted to be back because it would be better than being sequestered alone for a week. April said if she was out of the game for a week she would rather go home.

A different feed showed the kitchen and someone sitting at the table alone (I think it was Kaysar). (Ed: don't know if the new nomination happened or what)
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Topic #2175432
memyselfandi - Ivette/April/Maggie/Jen on HOH bed... 0 Replies #2175432 4:48PM 14/08/2005
Beau is laying on floor wrapped in a blanket.

Ivette is saying she wishes she could get a card from her gf for their anniversary.

Maggie said "I totally thought I wouldn't cry" I think she is talking about the card she got. Now she's showing it to April and talking about her family.
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Topic #2175528
carly - Jen says "Fu8k playing it safe in this game. I'm going to go balls out." NT 1 Replies #2175528 4:58PM 14/08/2005
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Caribou - Maggie agreed. They said this after ruminating about their cards. NT #2175558 5:01PM 14/08/2005
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Topic #2175553
Caribou - Maggie, Jen, April, Ivette on HOH bed talking about the cards 0 Replies #2175553 5:01PM 14/08/2005
Maggie got a photo of their 2 dogs and her b/f said "you are the love of my life, always will be" so she's happy and says it means the world. Jen brings up that Dan said similar. Ivette chimes in that BB told them to make cards, not they did this themselves without prompting. And April justifies her card and lack of "i love you" as being to keep her calm and in the game.

Now they talk about the handwriting being everything, the cards being handmade.

(ed.note. Best card I've seen so far were to Sarah and Kaysar from their families, not these 3)
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Topic #2175567
Kayfan - Ape, Jen, Mag and Ive still on HOH bed, talking about how important the cards are. 0 Replies #2175567 5:02PM 14/08/2005
How the words from their loved ones are EVERYTHING.

Ape is pissed cause Janelle ate cheetos over her card and put her elbow on it.


Mag just got called to diary room.

They're calling the PSP "that little electronic thing." LOL.
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Topic #2175569
Caribou - April complains about Janelle eating over April's card. She read it then started eating cheetos and put her elbow on the card. April not happy about 0 Replies #2175569 5:03PM 14/08/2005
this and Maggie agrees with April
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Topic #2175590
Caribou - April asks Jen if anyone has asked her today if anything's changed. Jen says no. They expect questions will start tonight or tomorrow morning. 1 Replies #2175590 5:07PM 14/08/2005
April says screw this game up, blow the lid off!

Now they talk about Janelle & Ashlea - Jen says "they're the ones you'd date we're the ones you marry" April agrees "exactly. we're the ones you'd bring home to mom. they're the ones you'd have a one night stand with and leave."
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Caribou - Also, April said Janelle & Ashlea were trashy and someone has told her that those two were the hottest women. Jen- "that's a mattter of opinion" NT #2175626 5:09PM 14/08/2005
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Topic #2175591
Kayfan - Ape and Jen say they're the marrying kind... 1 Replies #2175591 5:07PM 14/08/2005
and Janelle and Ashlea are the kind guys have one night stands with and dump. They figure America finds the other girls hotter, but they're the ones that guys take home to Mom.

(GMAFB!!! LOL!!!!)
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PinkPanther - Jen thinks her and Ape is the hottest ones in the house, Oh Brother! I'm going to puke NT #2175609 5:08PM 14/08/2005
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Topic #2175598
memyselfandi - Jen: "We're the ones you marry, they're the ones you date" 0 Replies #2175598 5:07PM 14/08/2005
Jen/April in HOH discussing America's opinions of the girls. Saying that the other side is trashy and you wouldn't bring them home to mom

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Topic #2175619
bama_chevygal - Ivette tells Jenn & April she is going outside. April asked if she was OK. 0 Replies #2175619 5:09PM 14/08/2005
Iv - I am just very very homesick right now.

Iv leaves hoh. Jenn & April talking. Jenn whispered something inaudible about Ashlea. Then says shes (Ashlea) are the kind you date but we are the kind you marry. April chimes in and says, yeah we are the kind you take home to your family.
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Topic #2175652
memyselfandi - James sees Ivette sad and laying hammock and goes up to her... 0 Replies #2175652 5:12PM 14/08/2005
to ask about whether he's in trouble in the game, totally avoiding asking what's wrong, or how are you.

She says she's homesick and misses her mom. She really wants HOH so she can get something from home.

Now Ivette and James are laying in hammock together. She's crying again and James is cuddling with her trying to comfort her. James telling her she needs to be strong and "fack this place up" "take some money back to them"

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Topic #2175654
terrybelle - Ivette and James on hammock 0 Replies #2175654 5:12PM 14/08/2005
Ivette telling him how much she misses her mom, "like you wouldn't believe". She tells him that she misses her life and he tells her that their lives will be there when they get out.

Ivette is now lying on James' chest crying a little. --- how sweet.... gag!! ----
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Topic #2175663
terrybelle - BB: Ivette, please center your microphone NT 0 Replies #2175663 5:13PM 14/08/2005
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Topic #2175676
Kayfan - James comforting Ivette on the hammock & extracting info. 0 Replies #2175676 5:15PM 14/08/2005
She's crying, she misses her life and her mom. James says to let her mom be her strength, not her weakness. Everyone will be there when she's done with the game. He lets her cuddle on him.

James is now pulling info out of Ivette, saying he knows he's going to be nominated. Ivette just told him "don't put all your eggs in one basket" and not to say anything... "Let's just say a lot of ruckus might happen in this house." J- are they thinking about putting up Kaysar? I- (lies) I don't know. I- The hard questioning is to see what you're going to say, there's something about them that wants to make you a player with us, but they are nervous. J- you and I understand each other, we're essentially very good people (ed... LOL!), we think with our hearts and not our heads.
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