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Topic #2174255
Mareenie - April & Jenn are trying to figure out the order of eviction. Apr says there will be one double eviction. 0 Replies #2174255 2:04PM 14/08/2005
She seems to be pushing to get rid of Kaysar. Jenn is still not set on either one.

April says as much as I love, love, love Beau to death, I would put up him and Ivette.

Beau has gone out first with every friggin' HOH. Jenn says that she realizes Beau has NOT played this game. She doesn't understand why people would throw HOH's. April says she hasnt' been throwing them, but she hasnt' been trying her hardest.

BB: Houseguests this is a lockdown, everyone go outside.
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Topic #2174256
joannie - BB: "HG, this is a lockdown. Please go outside and close the sliding glass door." NT 0 Replies #2174256 2:05PM 14/08/2005
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Topic #2174285
Mareenie - Jenn goes outside with her picture of Dan hanging around her neck. Nobody comments on it though. NT 0 Replies #2174285 2:07PM 14/08/2005
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Topic #2174327
joannie - Maggie strolling around the backyard. 0 Replies #2174327 2:11PM 14/08/2005
Mag: "I'm ready for my party, BB!"
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Topic #2174339
joannie - Everyone is in the BY now. Kaysar and Beau are playing chess. NT 0 Replies #2174339 2:12PM 14/08/2005
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Topic #2174359
joannie - Jenn doesn't want to sit down because she will wrinkle her pants and she 'wants to look pretty.' NT 0 Replies #2174359 2:14PM 14/08/2005
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Topic #2174399
Mareenie - Janelle says she gets extra nice when she drinks. She turns to Beau and tells him he gets mean. 0 Replies #2174399 2:19PM 14/08/2005
He denies this and then says, only sometimes.

Feeds keep breaking.

Jenn asks Mag if she gets brown hair dye for her birthday, do you think there would be enough that she could use some too? Rachel asks her why, her hair is already brown and she thinks the highlights are nice. Jenn says if you wear a ponytail every day it makes your hair grow faster <?> and if you use conditioner it will grow faster too.

Janie asks Jenn who her favorite BB houseguest is. She said Will. Janie thinks gay Will, then realizes she met Dr. Will.

Now my feed is frozen.
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Topic #2174439
Mareenie - Jenn says she didn't like Hardy, he was boring. Janie says he's really nice, she likes him. 0 Replies #2174439 2:24PM 14/08/2005
Then Beau says he knows him.

Jenn asks if they think that people like them? Howie says, well they like Kaysar. (lol)

Now Janie asks who is her least favorite houseguest? Then Jenn says if she was watching the show and not on it she would like Howie.

Janie asks her again who is her least favorite. Jenn tells her that's hard because there is a lot. Janie says she hated the twins. Janie asks Jenn if she liked Diane. Jenn says she doesn't want to say too much because she might see them sometime.

Kaysar and Beau are done playing chess. Kaysar won (it didn't take him long!).

You can hear Ivette and April in the background having a talking contest.
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Topic #2174493
Mareenie - Jenn says she doesn't watch any t.v. other than reality t.v. Now they are talking about Average Joe, Beauty & the Geek, etc. NT 0 Replies #2174493 2:31PM 14/08/2005
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Topic #2174513
strad - april talking about timeline 0 Replies #2174513 2:33PM 14/08/2005
6 weeks left last week will be 4 people period and it will happen so quick
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Topic #2174522
Mareenie - Jenn thinks Jerry O'Connell is hot and she hates Rebecca Stamos because she's dating him. 0 Replies #2174522 2:34PM 14/08/2005
Now she's going on about the Bachelor and how she thought he'd pick the girl Krisily from New York, but he picked the girl from Texas instead.

Now Janie is explaining how the Bachelor works to Beau and Maggie. How they went on dates, went to meet families, etc.

Jenn loved Jenn Sheftt (?) when she was on the Bachelor, but hated her when she was on the Bachelorette. (Jenn REALLY is in to her reality t.v. I don't feel so bad now. LOL)

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Topic #2174566
virdee - now fish sound ! NT 0 Replies #2174566 2:42PM 14/08/2005
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Topic #2174622
sparkletts - Kaysar saying that he wont participate 0 Replies #2174622 2:53PM 14/08/2005
in comps that involve switching clothes with the girls. Maggie saying he can't refuse to participate, he says he can. Jenn says maybe that's why we haven't had a bathing suit comp.
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Topic #2174665
sparkletts - Maggie complaining 0 Replies #2174665 2:59PM 14/08/2005
first about the comps that she had to participate in even though she's a vegetarian, then about supposed scars on her leg from the first HOH comp and now her circulation.
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Topic #2174717
moosiecoosie - Fish NT 0 Replies #2174717 3:06PM 14/08/2005
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Topic #2174729
pooh5983 - We had fish for about 10 min now NT 0 Replies #2174729 3:07PM 14/08/2005
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Topic #2174740
pooh5983 - feed for a min so maggie b-day party 1 Replies #2174740 3:09PM 14/08/2005
What about Kaysar party(wed was his)
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DraftKing - What was shown... #2174775 3:15PM 14/08/2005
Feed two showed plates/placesettings at the large circular table during the brief flash away from the fish.
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Topic #2174848
memyselfandi - Looks like a joint Maggie-Kaysar birthday party. 0 Replies #2174848 3:26PM 14/08/2005
They both have cards and presents. And everyone is gushing over how cute Kaysar's card is because someone (a nephew?) wrote something in it that was misspelled.
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Topic #2174854
Kaynelle - Ivette crying in the bathroom with April 0 Replies #2174854 3:27PM 14/08/2005
because she didn't get anything for her anniversary with Maggie.
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Topic #2174950
memyselfandi - more birthday party 0 Replies #2174950 3:37PM 14/08/2005
Now they're all sitting around eating cake and ice cream. Ivette has been out of bathroom with the group for a while. They only briefly showed her talking with April for a few minutes.

Mostly just chit-chat about the presents and food. Kaysar got a 20 Gig Mp3 player with his K-Mart goodies.

Rachel also made some cookie dough for the birthday party.
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Topic #2174955
Kaynelle - Bday party and gifts 4 Replies #2174955 3:38PM 14/08/2005
Maggies gifts: socks, 2 tank tops, and a PSP (?) --(ed note: I know I missed some)

Kaysar looks like he got a home made card from his family. It sounds like there are pictures of every one in the house (from the internet site.)

Perhaps some one else heard Kaysar's gifts and can post that?
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Caribou - PSP = PlayStation Personal (by Sony) NT #2174993 3:43PM 14/08/2005
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avichaiyl - Maggie received also 2 tanks tops, nail polish, a belt, socks and a bracelet NT #2175140 4:01PM 14/08/2005
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DraftKing - Kaysar received a 20 gig MP3 player NT #2174972 3:40PM 14/08/2005
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avichaiyl - also, a shirt, belt, socks, wrist and headband (I think the exercising kind). NT #2175130 4:01PM 14/08/2005
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Topic #2174961
DraftKing - Party update... 0 Replies #2174961 3:39PM 14/08/2005
Everyone is gathered around the circular table right now, eating cake. There are photos from when they've been inside the house that they're looking at while they're eating and talking.
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Topic #2174987
strad - Maggie got a play station NT 0 Replies #2174987 3:42PM 14/08/2005
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Topic #2175042
amIsane - Ap :How do you say Dad in Iraqi?" (ed. *rolls eyes , Iraqi??wtf?? LOL) NT 1 Replies #2175042 3:49PM 14/08/2005
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BBFanSinceSeason1 - Answer: "In Iraq we say 'dad' like this: 'dad'" LOL NT #2175062 3:53PM 14/08/2005
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Topic #2175047
strad - Maggie looking at her card and crying 0 Replies #2175047 3:50PM 14/08/2005
April asks how you say father in Iraqui
Kayser Baba
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