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Topic #2173169
valentine - Before the FISH 0 Replies #2173169 11:36AM 14/08/2005
Rachel was finishing up in the BR and James was at the sink.

They chatted briefly about a couple of things---Rachel had been in the DR to ask for things. (I think they were out of toilet paper and James brought this up.)

Rachel said she took advantage of the quiet this morning to get some sleep. I guess James indicated that he planned to go back to sleep, and Rachel asked him about it.

Then we got the FISH. The wake-up song FISH, I'm betting.
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Topic #2173188
valentine - Now We're Live 0 Replies #2173188 11:39AM 14/08/2005
and Little Jen the Dictator is up on her feet in the dark HOH room, stretching.

Beau starts singing something, and we go back to FISH, of course.
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Topic #2173198
valentine - Ivette: I Broke the Rules! 0 Replies #2173198 11:42AM 14/08/2005
She is still on her floor bed with Beau, and Maggie and April are still in the bed.

BB: The bedroom lights must remain on during the day!

April: That's bullsh*t!

BB repeats himself.

April begs BB to "do the bitches thing" that they did yesterday morning. She curses at the cameras, but they don't do it.

Now the lights are on in the gold room.

Rachel is cleaning the BR mirror and organizing things kind of manically. Now she is smiling at herself in the mirror and brushing her hair.

Kind of like a desperate housewife.
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Topic #2173201
virdee - BB the bedroom light must remne on NT 0 Replies #2173201 11:43AM 14/08/2005
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Topic #2173204
valentine - Kaysar Pops His Sleepy Head 0 Replies #2173204 11:43AM 14/08/2005
into the gold room, and Howie starts his morning dirty monologue about how hard up for sex he is.

Janelle: Shut up, Howie.
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Topic #2173246
valentine - Rachel: I Slept 'Til 10:15, Janie! 0 Replies #2173246 11:50AM 14/08/2005
Janelle: That must be a record.

Rachel: It is!!

Janelle and Howie are still in bed, both in sleep positions.

The HOH ladies are in bed chatting. They said some stuff about Kaysar's game, but I didn't catch it.

Maggie: I really hope they give us a snapshot of all 5 of us sleeping in this room.

Beau is shirtless, with red print pajama bottoms. He is messing with April and throwing things at her.

Now Howie sounds cranky in the GR and says: What else is there to talk about in here? I don't care about everybody's mondoon life!

Rachel corrects him: It's "mun-dane", Howie.
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Topic #2173252
valentine - April: That's Really Something! It Took Beau About 6 Weeks 0 Replies #2173252 11:53AM 14/08/2005
to pull the "black card"!

Maggie: And he hasn't even pulled the gay card!

I missed the comments that brought this on, but maybe someone else caught them.

Now April rehashes the moment when Beau's knee hit the ground in the pressure cooker.

Jenn and Maggie are in the HOH BR, but Maggie returns to the BR to get in the conversation from time to time.
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Topic #2173261
virdee - BB please stop singing NT 0 Replies #2173261 11:54AM 14/08/2005
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Topic #2173273
valentine - April and Beau Were Rapping 1 Replies #2173273 11:57AM 14/08/2005
the song "get low, get low, get low to the floor".

Meanwhile, Howie and Rachel did a round of What Up Kaysar? in the GR.

BB came on and said to stop singing.

Howie: Sorry Big Brother!

Rachel: No, that wasn't us. It was someone else.

Ed Note: The What Up Kaysar? thing is not exactly a "song".
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Billy - Note: The "What Up Kaysar" is actually a song, with the words changed. It's called "What Up Gangsta" from 50 Cent's Get Rich or Die Tryin' CD NT #2175423 4:47PM 14/08/2005
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Topic #2173283
valentine - The HOH Girls All Have Puffy Eyes 0 Replies #2173283 11:58AM 14/08/2005
Maggie poked at hers in the BR mirror. Jenn is holding a green gel eye mask to her eyes.

And I can see how puffy April's face is.

They must have eaten some salty stuff last night.

Ivette and April have relocated to the kitchen counter.
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Topic #2173318
SassyPrncess - Ap tells Iv/Mag: THEY told us they thought Iv/James had a pact & I started to believe it. (note: LIE) NT 1 Replies #2173318 12:05PM 14/08/2005
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SassyPrncess - Ap: I would feel more comfortable if James stopped sleeping in the gold member room after this week. NT #2173334 12:07PM 14/08/2005
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Topic #2173385
valentine - It's Maggies Birthday Today 0 Replies #2173385 12:15PM 14/08/2005
and she says she is wearing her pajamas for it. (a sharp contrast to Sarah and April's birthday routines)

Maggie starts singing the Maroon Five song about Sunday morning and BB lets it go. Maybe that was the song they heard today.

Maggie announces that she is having eggs and toast.
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Topic #2173398
ostra - Howie in GR: if I put a condom on it will you jerk it for me Janie? NT 0 Replies #2173398 12:16PM 14/08/2005
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Topic #2173459
valentine - Maggie Asked BB for Hair Dye 0 Replies #2173459 12:23PM 14/08/2005
She's never had dark hair, so I guess today is the day.

Maggie: I also asked for Chap Stick, but then I found mine.

They had a huge discussion about how there are no more eggs, but they firmly believe that BB has some sort of duty to replenish their supply.

Maggie: None of us were abusing the eggs!

James: You can't just give 2 dozen eggs to this many people and expect us to ration it!

Ed Note: It would be funny as hell if BB just ignored Maggie's B-day, since they have all raised their expectations of what should happen. Maybe K-Mart will give her some Slim Fast and Maybelline.
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Topic #2173498
valentine - Ivette Can't Take Beau on The Amazing Race 0 Replies #2173498 12:28PM 14/08/2005
because they have all seen what Beau-Beau does when he is drinking.

Ivette: He will drink all the cocktails before the plane even lands!

Now Ivette says that Janelle has gotten drunk a few more times than Beau.

Howie angrily defends her and says that Beau has torn up furniture and stuff when he's drinking.

Howie: Janie hurts herself when she drinks, and Beau hurts the house!

They all agree.
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Topic #2173642
ejj1955 - Maggie, Ivette, and Beau are shaking Kaysar hard, jumping on his bed, etc, saying "Happy Birthday Kaysar!" 0 Replies #2173642 12:46PM 14/08/2005
They probably think it's funny but as he's trying to sleep, I think it just looks mean. They're shaking him hard.
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Topic #2173714
ferretkiss - iv/jam/jen outside alone at table 0 Replies #2173714 12:55PM 14/08/2005
seems to be chess game between iv and jen.
quiet a long time.
thats funny i see a microphone hanging out of mid air right near them... never noticed that before.........

still quiet........
they see someone come out - beau - say he looks fabu.
beau says he is "cas" (As in casual).

now a little chess talk (son of a bitch, son of a hooker by iv - i guess jen is taking her pieces.)

now talking about the weather. no game talk. 2nd plane overhead in less than 5 mins.

mag and april are up in hoh - seem to be discussing that james should go.

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Topic #2173741
valentine - Maggie and April 0 Replies #2173741 12:58PM 14/08/2005
are curled up on the HOH bed, chatting.

April: She seems to have some kind of connection with him. She's safe with him. But we're not. So I don't give a crap.

They are discussing Ivette and James.

April: She's always told me that she enjoys being around men more than women. And she hasn't been the same with us since Eric left. I think James is kind of a replacement for Eric.

Maggie makes agreement noises.

April: As much as she would hate to admit it, she wants to see Kaysar go because she knows that he would put her up. (she's talking about Jenn now)
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Topic #2173755
valentine - Howie's in the Kitchen 0 Replies #2173755 1:00PM 14/08/2005
Howie: You're so cute, Ray Ray. Guys are going to be lined up at the door waiting to bang you when this is over.

Rachel: Well, I'm not going to be entertaining that idea.

Howie: Why not? This is the year 2005 and all that relationship stuff is over. This is pain and suffering time. Maybe I'm wrong or maybe I'm right, but this is the way it is. This is Howie World.
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Topic #2173756
ejj1955 - Howie to Rachel: You're getting a lot of pee-pee when you get out of here. 0 Replies #2173756 1:01PM 14/08/2005
Rachel: That's not what I want.
Howie repeats himself, she says again that's not what she wants.
Howie says, well, you should, it's 2005. Nobody settles down anymore. . . .he says that relationship are crap, maybe what people do is settle down and then have stuff on the side.
Rachel says, well, we'll see.

ed note: this is not what you want to hear from someone you have feelings for.
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Topic #2173761
memyselfandi - Maggie: "Any way you slice it, I want James gone." 0 Replies #2173761 1:02PM 14/08/2005
First April is talking trash about Ivette and saying she's suspicious about the Ivette-James friendship and talking some trash she's getting Maggie to participate in a little.

She and April in the HOH bedroom on bed. Maggie tells April that she thinks getting rid of Kaysar is a group-oriented act that would be better for Ivette because Kaysar would Kaysar would be more likely to put Ivette and Beau up and getting rid of James would be a worse for April and Jennifer personally because James would be more likely to put her (April) and Jennifer up than Kaysar.

Then she goes back to saying Kaysar holds the other group together.

Now Maggie is saying she asked James if his family would be proud of the way he's playing this game. He said yes. That bothered her.

April: "If I hear him one more time say anything about, this is all I have. This is all I have to go back to then he's out because that means you're willing to say anything"

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Topic #2173766
ferretkiss - mag and april in hoh discuss james or kayser. 1 Replies #2173766 1:04PM 14/08/2005
apr: she has always told us she like guys better than girls, and she has not been herself since eric left. and i think james has been kind of like a replacement for eric since eric left.
( mag agrees. they get up to check the door - if someone is outside.)

apr: so as much as iv would not admit it, a reason she would want kayser to go is because kay wants her to go (Repeats this.)
and i dont wnat to say that she is necessarily being selfish...

mag: if jennifer puts kayser up there it has to be a a group act, james would keep iv and beau safer, and kayser would keep you and jen safer.
apr: and i dont know what she is f'ing going to do.
bu ti will find out before she does something.
mag: i dont need to know, i will 100% support whatever she does.

mag: i was talking to kayser, and i told him dont pretend you just got up, i know you hve been up scheming for hours.
apr: which he was, thats what they do.
mag: that group will fall apart again without kayser.
jen knows that,right.
apr: i need to have a 1 on 1 with her, i dont know, its hard for me to read her, as much as its hard for yall to read her. she is definitely not stupid, because when she was going to put up rachel and janelle.

mag i thinkg she (jen) is one of the smartest ones here. her question about epiphianies last night was brilliant, she asked james what was the difference between the epiphany you had last night and you should have had one when ivette was crying in the toilet.
apr: but the way he answered was perfect.

mag: this is why i dont belive him.....
(they talk about this).

mag says she was orpaned, and you guys took me in, and james could never never understand that.

mag: im going to take a *****. [ed: do ladies really say that?]

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ferretkiss - forgot to mention, they said about janelle........ #2173805 1:10PM 14/08/2005
when they were talking about kayser being up early scheming, they said janelle is sleeping, she is not involved in any of the plans, they dont tell her anything until the last minute (something like that). april said this and maggie agreed.
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Topic #2173797
carly - BB says "Houseguests, did you know the BB winner will be in the house 80 days?" then breaks it down into hours and minutes. 0 Replies #2173797 1:09PM 14/08/2005
Beau says What the hell was that? Then they discuss how long they've been in.
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Topic #2173818
ferretkiss - april comes out of hoh WC, says: that was a good poopie. mag says: good NT 0 Replies #2173818 1:13PM 14/08/2005
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Topic #2173822
MyKingKaysar - April "That was a good poopy, I hope more come out". NT 0 Replies #2173822 1:13PM 14/08/2005
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