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Topic #2179588
memyselfandi - Jen is trying to make sure everyone is 100% for getting rid of Kaysar 0 Replies #2179588 11:31PM 14/08/2005
Then Jen confesses she hasn't been 50/50 for a long time but she just wanted to make sure everyone stayed 100% for getting rid of Kaysar.

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Topic #2179599
memyselfandi - Jen is now upset she confessed she's nominating Kaysar 0 Replies #2179599 11:32PM 14/08/2005
She wanted FOE to find out she would nominate Kaysar when he did so they would all get a nice surprise present, like Christmas morning.
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Topic #2179649
memyselfandi - Jen just referred to herself as "the most honest person in the house" 0 Replies #2179649 11:36PM 14/08/2005
Because she says she tells people what she thinks of them to their face.

Now it seems like the friendship is settling in for their slumber party in the HOH room.

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Topic #2179776
memyselfandi - Jen says that religion doesn't mean anything 0 Replies #2179776 11:51PM 14/08/2005
She knows people who go to church all the time and they're pieces of sh!t.

They're talking about James and his mom owning a Christian bookstore.
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Topic #2179794
memyselfandi - Maggie suggests they wear their Eric shirts to the POV ceremony 0 Replies #2179794 11:53PM 14/08/2005
Beau likes the idea, but Jen says no that's dirty. She says nominating Kaysar isn't about being dirty, it's about a strategic move. They could wear the Eric shirts in the HOH room.

Now they're making fun of Rachel and Janelle's reaction to being nominated.

Ivette says we should look at the camera and say America, we don't want him after they nominate Kaysar.

Jen says no but that America will understand her getting rid of Kaysar. The only reason they brought back America was cause he stirred things up, she thinks.
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Topic #2179810
Zara - Kaysar to Howie... 1 Replies #2179810 11:55PM 14/08/2005
"can you please not hump Beau anymore?"
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PinkPanther - Kaysar says it makes him sick NT #2180118 12:25AM 15/08/2005
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