Air Guitar Still Isnít Cool

By: November Rain
August 27, 2007

I had an image in my head of Dick Donato as a 15 year old standing on his bed doing air guitar. It could be a sweet image of a boy becoming a man, a rebel of righteousness amping up to take on the world and its wrongs. That image was quickly shattered by a time warped, heavy metal throw back air guitar playing, quick tempered halfwit bully who struts around blowing smoke rings hamming it up for the cameras, bandana wearing, chain wallet Neanderthal.

Dick isnít about truth or standing up and being counted. He is about so many things, but truth seeking enlightenment isnít one of them.

A grown man who publicly humiliates and degrades a 23 year old young woman for his own amusement isnít about truth. A grown man who is a racist, bigoted, homophobe isnít about truth. He is about being a bully and a tyrant.

Any human being that would wish the death of a young woman because he happens to disagree with her personality is not playing a game, but instead showing you the black pit of his soul. Any human being that would threaten to rape people until they bleed is not playing a game.

Game play would mean his tirades would be a tool he used and could control when not needed. He canít. His tirades and fits continue, even when no one else is around. He continues on with his name calling and nasty comments long after their supposed purpose. I could barely stomach his putrid earnestness when he issued his apologies for the worst of his behavior. He was only doing what he had to do? No, he was doing what came natural to him. He just happened to hit the lottery and this time his natural vileness fit into the story line.

The truth of the matter is that every thing he has said about any of the other people in the house is really true about him.

It is really disturbing to see that he has fans. I will never understand anyone who thinks what he does is good game play, but worse yet are the people that like what he does. The most ridiculous item of the week has to be the articles about Julie Chen revealing that Dick is one of her favorite houseguests. What? Even after blatantly saying in her exit interview with, Kale I believe, that Dick was abusive, she is still a fan? I am floored. I wonder if she would still be a fan if she were locked up with him 24/7 and he decided to turn on her. How long would she think he is interesting if his racist, sexist comments were thrown her way?

I donít want him expelled. That would be wrong given the situation in its entirety. They are all adults that did sign contracts and went in knowing that this could happen to them. Jen, and the rest of them, need to put on their big kid pants and own up to the fact that they are not completely without some responsibility. I do hope that all of the people who are up in arms about Donato will make it a point to support Jen and others. She has heard enough about all of her, real or imagined, faults, I am sure she could use some positive comments.

There are so many cool things in this beautiful and complex world. Simple pleasures, wondrous moments, dressing up in your finest, having a really good laugh, debating a difference of opinion with a worthy adversary, all of these things and many more are so awesome and cool, but man, air guitar just ainít one of them.

November Rain