Withdrawal from Big Brother is comprised of two parts: the physical and the psychological. The physical symptoms, although annoying, are NOT life threatening. Big Brother replacement therapy can reduce these symptoms, although "The Amazing Race" has been temporarily removed from the shelves, "Survivor" will be readily available. The psychological part of withdrawal is often the greater challenge. If you have been a reality junkie for any extended period of time, it has become linked to everything that you do - from waking up in the morning, to eating, to watching TV, to socializing. everything. Naturally, it will take time to "un-link" Big Brother from your daily life, which is why during the quit process, the cravings and urges to watch arise frequently.

Most people who are trying to stop Big Brother have some withdrawal symptoms, but usually not all of those that are listed below. Use this information to help you with the symptoms you have. Do not worry about those that you do not experience. If any of these symptoms become too hard to bear, contact us here at JokersUpdates, we are happy to lend a shoulder and listen, we have all been there.

Irritability / Anxiety
The body's craving for Big Brother causes irritability after the season ends.
Irritability from the season ending will lessen over time, typically over a span of two to four weeks.
Using different forms of reality show replacement therapy should help to ease these symptoms.
Inform your family and friends that this is going to be a tough time for you and remind them that these symptoms, although frustrating, are temporary, and are a result of you trying to do something great for yourself.

Craving Big Brother
Cravings for Big Brother happen most often during the first few days of the end of season process. These cravings are short-lived, so just bear with them and the time can pass.
Cravings lessen over time. Most ex-viewers say that they only have an occasional urge to watch about two to three weeks after they have quit.
Distract yourself. Walks, talking with friends and loved ones, visiting JokersUpdates, picking up a new hobby, reading a book, or exercising are all examples of doing something more constructive with your time.

Coughing / Spitting / Twitching
Although a viewer might become accustomed to seeing these behaviors on a daily basis, you must be aware that you do not begin picking up these habits yourself while trying to deal with your withdrawal.
You may be hyper aware of these habits in others around you or even in strangers you see on the street. It is important you remember this does not make these people reality show contestants.

Sleepless Nights (Insomnia)
Big Brother After Dark can affect how deeply you sleep. Once you stop watching, your body no longer has its "fix" of Big Brother. This symptom should go away within a few days. Note: Dreaming about Big Brother is also a very common occurrence.
Ways in which you can battle the insomnia in a calm manner include deep breathing, a hot bath before going to bed, and drinking decaffeinated tea or warm milk.

Lightheaded (Dizziness)
Dizziness seems to happen because the body is now getting normal amounts of reality that it otherwise did not get when you watched. This is a sign of your body repairing yourself and returning back to normal health.
This is a very common symptom and should only last a few days.

Concentration Problems
Viewers rely on Live Feeds to help them concentrate. Most ex-viewers say that their concentration returns to normal within one or two weeks after the season stops.
Choosing to take a weekend or vacation trip are often good ways to stop watching.

Feeling Tired
Big Brother is a stimulant, which means that your body speeds up. Feeling tired is the body's reaction to not having the Big Brother feeds. Energy levels will increase as the body gets more used to the effects of not watching.
Tiredness typically happens in the afternoon. Try to plan activities that help keep energy levels running high, like a mid-afternoon workout with a friend.
Healthy eating habits and avoiding foods high in sugar can help reduce the effects of feeling tired.
Use of other reality shows or online sources can help lessen this problem.

Sometimes, Big Brother cravings are mistaken for hunger.
Try not to replace Big Brother with food. Use the "5 D's" instead:
Drink water
Do something else
Deep breathe
Discuss with a friend

Some ex-viewers say that stopping Big Brother is like losing a friend. It is not uncommon to feel a bit depressed during the quit process.
Remind yourself that stopping your Live Feed subscription will have amazing long-term positive effects and that the negative feelings and withdrawal will pass in a short period of time.
Physical activity often reduces the negative feelings.
These feelings WILL PASS. Remind yourself over and over again that the progress you have made so far is something to be tremendously proud of. Starting to rewatch old Big Brother episodes again often increases the depression due to the guilt of having returned to watching.
Discuss your feelings with others on JokersUpdates.com.
If you have severe symptoms of depression, speak with your primary care provider immediately.

Constipation may occur for a brief period after stopping Live Feeds. It will typically go away within a week or two.
Eat more whole grains, fruits, and vegetables.
Drink plenty of water.
Physical activity will help to reduce constipation.

Chest Tightness
Your body craving Big Brother often causes tightness in the chest.
This usually passes within a few days of having stopped smoking.
Speak with your primary care provider if you are concerned.

Support from friends, family and Jokers can be of priceless assistance when dealing with your withdrawal from Big Brother. Please remember, all of us are here year round for all the other reality shows and we hope you will stay around and perhaps pick up a new addiction.