Winner of Big Brother Season 10 by a first-ever landslide vote, Dan Gheesling returned as a 'coach' for Big Brother 14 where he was runner-up to the winner, Ian Terry. In his winning season, he played an 'all-honesty' game: no lying, back-stabbing or other nastiness. In all likelihood, this gameplay style ensured him that unique 7-0 vote.

For those faithful Big Brother fans who haven't missed a season, expectations were high that Gheesling would use that same gameplay style because "he is who he is," one poster noted.

 They were both wrong and right: right because he played with that same single-minded intensity to win; wrong because he did so by a neat, completely-unexpected 180 degree turn in approach. Honesty? Out the window....

Gheesling lied from the beginning with such finesse that it quickly trended as 'misting.' His break-out move was an expertly-conceived 'funeral' at which he thanked his fellow cast members for the experience, going into detail with each one (he was due to be evicted within days, and was fully aware of that.) At the funeral he was every inch the graceful, grateful loser determined to go out on a high note.

There wasn't a dry eye in the house when he finally finished (with the exception of Danielle, one of his team - his favorite, in fact - whom he blasted so badly her jaw dropped with shock.) The mist was in full effect, including those who watched via TV or the web, right up until he walked out of the room with a wicked wink at the camera! His opponent was handily evicted, and Gheesling went on to make the final two.

Throughout the show, Gheesling made mention of Jokers: we were delighted to present a live old-style interview with him November 18, 2012. Old-style interviews were done many years back in Joker's chat room, where users typed questions to which celebs responded: currently we present BTR interviews (Blog Talk Radio call-in shows.) Gheesling and Jokers both felt such a style suited his direct, no-nonsense style. We were correct, as the following Q & A plainly shows.


Gheesling entered chat and went silent for a several long moments.... suddenly:

Dan Gheesling: OK. Sorry just had to login to the best music website in the world! We have a private room there, I'm in there almost every day. Weezer, Video Game Music, Dubstep, 80s! Basically anyone can hop up and DJ songs, it's pretty cool.

arualulul: asks: are you going to rank the players again once you are done watching the season?

Dan Gheesling: Ara - that is something I am considering doing. :)First off, can I say HEY to everyone here in the Jokers chat. You guys are all epic.

Jokerette: (not a question) thundercat asks: You never came off as a Big Brother fan during BB10, but after watching the live feeds this time when you were reciting the BBAllStars Chi Chu Migachu lyrics I knew I wrong about you. I love when fans play and win!

Dan Gheesling: Thundercat - I was a closet BB fan and even hid it during BB10. I was and still am a BB super fan. This time around on BB14 I didn't hold my personal life back at all, whether it was knowning Chi Chu Mugachu or talking about video games and Magic The Gathering cards. :) The funny thing was about Chi-Chu is I actually knew the lyrics, I just wanted to see if Boogie could remember them. We had the whole house singing it this year, great memory!

reon asks: what was the toughest part about returning to the show?

Dan Gheesling: Reon, I was very concerned that heading back into the game for a 2nd time, that people would have my number and target me from Day 1. It was hard being away from Chelsea and this time around it was more of a grind because of the format change at the end from BB10 on. Sorry, BB11 rather.

Jokerette: what format change?

Dan Gheesling: The final speeches in Season 10 had no time limit. My final speech was around 8 minutes long. This time I had 90 seconds, which I was well aware of. Also the pressure of not truly making the Final 2 until the last day wasn't as fun either. As opposed to Memphis and I hanging out for 3 or so days without a care in the world, makes for bad TV, but a more enjoyable experience. Not to mention Memphis was a lot more fun to hang out with. :)

RyanConley asks: Why did you "hide" your personal life in BB10?

Dan Gheesling: Ryan, I think part of it was not being as confident in myself at the age of 24 to be honest. As opposed to being a more confident, although maybe equally as immature 28 year old this time around. ;)

Jokerette: as opposed to having WON once.

Dan Gheesling: Hahaha, that helped too.

evan asks: while you were locked in the have-not room were you worried that you'd be going home or did you know your plans with your funeral scheme would probably work out as you had Danielle under the palm of your hand?  PS that was probably the best move ever made!

Dan Gheesling: Evan, I was VERY concerned I was going home. My tombstone was pretty much etched at that point. Dire situations are the perfect time to pull antics.

Jokerette: one HELL of an antic. best evah!

Dan Gheesling: :)

lluvmycats asks: would you like all new players next season or all stars?

Dan Gheesling: I think every so often it is fun to go back to basics like Season 10. No twists, all new people, no pre-existing relationships.

Jenny asks: Dan, did any of the jury members tell you they wished they voted for you? If yes, who?