Survivor Nicaragua, Episode 1

As we all know, tonight was the premiere episode of the new Survivor season. Tonight’s epi began with the usual locale orientation, including a background of how dangerous the surroundings are and of course it shows the sharks that are around.

Both “groups” are walking towards Jeff and the meeting place, to find out after a bit that they aren’t actually in their tribe groups as of yet.........Jeff let the bunch loose in the lagoon to find the “Medallion of Power”. Brenda came up with the medallion when she saw it up in a tree. Jeff then came up with the 2nd surprise of the day thus far......tribe division.....over 40 in one tribe, under 30 in the other.

Immediately after the tribe division/buffs being handed out, Probst then told the La Flor tribe that they had a decision......keep the medallion for later in the game or give it up for flint and fishing gear. After a brief discussion, the tribe gave up the medallion, and thus gained their survival gear.

As the Espada tribe gets to their home beach, they begin introducing themselves to find that there is a football coach named Jimmy Johnson there. First of all, there are two Jimmy’s on the team....Jimmy Johnson and Jimmy Tarantino, so forgive me but this is where I am going to shorten things......They will now be referred to as JJ and JT. Hope that doesn’t offend anyone here.......LOL. This definitely had a few of them squirming for various reasons. While the crew were out gathering fire wood and materials for their hut, Holly immediately got a friendship happening with Wendy. As everyone else was gathering wood/materials, Jane got herself a fire nest happening with a used dry coconut, coconut fibers and a pair of Jill’s glasses. She had a fire going very the time the others got back from gathering things, the fire was well under way.

Meanwhile over on the La Flor beach, the crew came back, dumped their gear and were in the process of figuring out what to do when Jud(Fabio – his new nickname) immediately got hurt not once but twice....the first time was getting a thorn stuck in his bare foot.......the 2nd time was getting something caught in his finger.....Something tells me he will be the accident prone guy this season.....LOL.

Shannon and Chase soon have an alliance starting as they are out gathering stuff. Kelly and Alina were making a leaf hatch shelter/blanket when Kelly realized that everyone was looking down at her leg so she decided to call a tribe meeting and told them about her being an amputee......she said that it was a birth defect. Immediately she got a bunch of high 5’s and soon felt better because of it. Later you see a PI of Shannon and he was saying how during one of the first losses, the tribe will have to vote her out as she definitely get the sympathy votes and might win. On the other hand NaOnka feels that Kelly is definitely no threat to her as she seems to think she can outlast a person who has one leg very easily...............hmmmm.

Over at Espada, through the night Jimmy Johnson started throwing up......thinks he overworked and did way more than he needed........

At La Flor, Chase and Brenda are hooking up in an alliance...........guess we will see how that interferes with things.....LOL. Meanwhile, Kelly B and Alina went up to their well where they found a clue to the hidden immunity idol.

Espada tribe enters the challenge beach and steps onto their mat. Next the La Flor tribe enters while chanting away......oh brother. The objective of the challenge: one person stands on top pouring water, five others use sections of gutters to collect the falling water and aim it towards a bucket sitting on the ground.......after the bucket is full, a bag of puzzle pieces will fall.....the four remaining people make up the puzzle........the first puzzle completed wins immunity. After explaining the objective of the challenge, Probst then explains the advantage of using the medallion........that it will give the tribe a bucket full of water head start for the challenge......after a brief meeting, the tribe decides to keep it for another time. After that, the tribes get ready and strategize as to what their jobs will be through the challenge. Probst then lets them loose on the challenge. The first tribe to finish was the La Flor tribe which sends the Espada tribe to the first tribal council meeting.

Once Espada got back “home”, the scheming and conniving started. Everyone is trying to figure out who is the weakest and who should go home. JJ and Holly go out for a walk and they get talking about who should go home. Jimmy said that the weaker players should leave and immediately throws himself and Wendy under the bus as he felt that they were the weakest links in the tribe.

Next up...........Tribal council

After everyone lights their torches and take a seat.....Jeff opens up the talks by asking various people different questions. During the meeting, there are lots of various questions asked and as this is the first council, not many problems with the tribe were revealed. The only one that seems to be on the outs so far is Wendy. Then at the end when Probst says it is time to vote..........little miss chatterbox steps up and asks if she could say something else.........I don’t have enough pages to cover the book that she was trying to write with her last comments so needless to say, most people weren’t too impressed. And needless to say as well, Wendy was given her walking papers and thus has been the first one voted off of Survivor Nicaragua........

Well, that basically sums up what happened tonight. Hope it covers everything, and I will be back next Wednesday for the next chapter in the Nicaragua blog..............Have a great week everyone!!