King and Queen No More

As usual, tonight’s epi began with a look back to Marty’s exit and the fab five of Sasha, Brenda, NaOnka, Chase, and Kelly.........tonight’s epi started with the group coming back to camp after the tribal council and a PI of Brenda acting so full of herself.........comparing her and Sasha as the Queen and King of the beach with her being more like the king, hmmm, wonder how that will go Brenda?? Meanwhile as Brenda is getting her precious sleep, Jane and Holly are away from the camp, talking and scheming about getting rid of Brenda.

Day 25.....raining again. The crew wake up and try to build a blockade against the rain so their fire will keep going........Let’s see.........wooden chests sitting around a fire.......this doesn’t sound so bright!

Holly takes Benry aside to tell him what was happening with the plan that Jane and Holly came up with the night before. Next, Jane takes NaOnka aside to tell her what is happening with Brenda and Sash as well as the plan to get them both voted off. In a PI, NaOnka does say that it might be the best plan to get her out of there asap, but the problem with that for Na is that Brenda is her friend here on the beach......

Holly takes Chase aside to let him know what the general plan is, although Chase is wanting Benry out first. Holly tries her best to talk some sense into Chase about how Brenda has the tribe under her control and it might be best to get her out now.

Up next..............reward challenge

As the tribe gathers with Jeff, he explains what the reward challenge is for today.........the tribe will split into two teams of five, then with four barrels, rope, and planks, each team must make their way across the beach without touching the soon as someone touches the ground, the whole team must go back to the beginning and try it again. The winner will go via helicopter to one of the local volcano’s and volcano boarding as well as enjoy pizza, chocolate brownies, cola’s, and banana cake. On the blue team: Chase, Kelly, Jane, NaOnka, and Fabio. On the yellow team: Brenda, Sash, Dan, Holly and Benry. As both teams get going down the beach, the yellow team falls off and have to go back to the beginning. The blue team wins and gets their reward. As the five blue team members climb into the heli and take off, the yellow team makes their way back to camp.

The crew in the heli is treated to a scenic tour up to the volcano that they will be boarding on and enjoying their reward. As they all get into their jumpsuits, Chase and Fabio take off first followed by NaOnka and Kelly. Jane is the last to go down but really looks to be enjoying it.

Meanwhile, the other group arrives back at camp to realize that their neatly piled wooden chests around the fire have caught on fire and burnt down most of their camp supplies including the remaining food that they had. As the crew comes to the realization of what little they are left with, they get cracking on cleaning up the camp and trying to salvage what they can.

Back at the volcano, the crew there are sitting down to their pizza and the remaining part of their reward when the conversation comes to who everyone thought was running the camp. Fabio tried to talk about it and suggested that they should talk and get a concencius together as to how everyone feels, when NaOnka takes Fabio aside to talk. Na tells Fabio everything regarding how Brenda and Sash are running the camp, and how the majority of the group wants to vote Brenda out. For once tonight, Na actually sounded intelligent in a PI when she was talking about making power moves and how she wanted to make one now. Problem is though, with Na, that sense of intelligence I got from her will probably be a very fleeting one.....LOL.

Back at camp after Chase got back from reward, he immediately ran to Brenda to tell her the plan that Holly has hatched with regards to get Brenda out. Chase still says in a PI that he trusts Brenda and won’t backstab her Brenda’s PI, she states that she is definitely not worried. Actually as she puts it, she’s not that impressed......... Next Chase and NaOnka talk and the discussion is whether it should be Brenda or Benry gone first......Na says that it should be Brenda as she is getting too much power. Chase admits to Na that he told Brenda that Holly and Benry were hatching the plan to vote out Brenda. Then Na meets up with Benry and tells him that they can’t trust Chase.....but Na is with their crew. As Na then meets up with Jane, Na tells her that Chase can’t be trusted right now either.......that he wants Benry out first. In a PI, Jane says that if that big ole country boy wants to go back on his word, he will catch hell when he gets back to Carolina......cause Carolina don’t like people like that........Na is really got the chatter bug now as she also takes Holly aside and tells her not to trust Chase.............

Up next............Immunity is back up for grabs

As the group piles into the challenge area, Probst begins explaining that the immunity challenge is that you stand on a narrow platform, grab onto the rope at the first knot and hang on........after a period of time, they will advance their grip to the next knot and so on until the last person standing is the only one remaining. As the challenge begins, the order of elimination is: Sash, Kelly, Holly, Brenda, Dan, Fabio, NaOnka, Benry, Chase with Jane the winner. At one time after Benry went out, Chase says to Jane that he is in good and not giving up, then Jane decides that she should give up......Probst tells her don’t you dare give up on the challenge. During one of Chase’s re-grips, he ends up falling into the water. Jeff gives Jane a hand back up out of the pool and seems to be totally impressed. In a PI, Benry is totally impressed with her as well......saying that she has some kind of super woman strength deep inside her..... My on the situation.........the tough ole bird is showing up the youngin’s...........LOL.

Back at camp, Chase and Sash are talking and again, Chase is pushing for Benry to be gone. Meanwhile, NaOnka and Sash are talking and she lets him know that she is voting for Brenda as well as the majority is doing that as well. Chase, Holly and Fabio are talking and Chase finally realizes that he is in a no win situation right now.........he needs to vote for Brenda as well. Chase carries on to say that so far he has been voting and keeping the people around that he trusts........Brenda and Sash seems to be the ones he can trust........the others, not so much.

In a PI, Sash is talking that he might give the idol to Brenda to keep her.......Brenda is saying in a PI that she is really hoping that Sash comes to his senses and gives me the idol.....Someone is going to get a wakeup call here soon.......LOL.

Up next...........tribal council

As everyone files into the council area and gets seated, the jury soon follows. As Probst opens up the meeting, he asks Sash, then Chase about the alliances and how things are going.....then he picks on Brenda and she immediately states that she didn’t want to vote for Marty, but had to do it to prove that her alliance could trust her. Then Brenda begins talking about her alliance and how Na is jumping ship. Na immediately tries to defend herself and tries to put the blame on Chase saying that he was wandering around with his head chopped off.........This of course gets Chase chiming in with his regarding the comment from Na, and he claims that he has been trustworthy and went to Brenda immediately when it broke that Na along with Holly/Benry were trying to get Brenda out. Jeff asks Brenda if she spent the afternoon scrambling to try to stay...then Jeff asks her if she is too proud.........silence.........then Probst asks her if scrambling is beneath her.........after a bit, she admits that scrambling “isn’t her style”.

As everyone heads up to vote, during Holly’s vote, she said that Brenda should of scrambled.....when Brenda placed her vote, she voted for Na and said that Na is her one true enemy when she thought she was her friend. Before Probst reads the votes, he asks if there is a hidden immunity idol to be played......Brenda looks at Sash in a tone that says........okay, play it already.....once he doesn’t she immediately looks hurt and knows what’s going to happen. When all votes are read, Brenda is sent packing.

Well, I guess that’s all for tonight...........supposedly next week’s epi will be a look back at the season thus far.........If there is anything juicy to report, I will be here, If not, will see you the following week for a new episode that looks like it will be very interesting as it seems that everyone are turning on NaOnka.

Have a great week everyone, and to all the Americans, have a great Thanksgiving.