Two Quit and Yet are Jury Bound

Okay, first I want to apologize, I have a feeling that I am going to let my opinion fly regarding this episode.

So as usual, we were given a look back to the last episode of which Brenda was voted out.

When the tribe got back to camp, we see Kelly and NaOnka talking about how Brenda completely outed Na during the last tribal....we then see Holly talking to Na as well. As Holly said, the right person was booted out.

As there was extreme storms, we see their little fishing pond vanished and now a mud torrent heading out to sea. As everyone kept saying, the rain went on and on and on.

The next day, we see Fabio and Benry heading off to talk....they are talking about both of the girls possibly calling it quits. Na went off to talk to Chase.....they were talking about how she is going to quit and she gives the idol to Chase. We then see Holly and Jane talking about the top 4, being Holly, Jane, Na, and Chase. We get a little insight into Sash’s train of thought through a PI that he is in the group with Chase, Holly, Jane but doesn’t trust them like he does Na and Kelly, so if those two leave, he will definitely be the odd man out. He also commented that he had considered getting an alliance happening between himself, Fabio, Benry and Dan.

Up next.........Reward Challenge

The group will be divided into 2 teams of four that will be tethered together, they untie “Gulliver” and carry him through the course, the winner receives a preview of the Gulliver movie and will enjoy nacho’s, hotdogs, popcorn, and drinks while at the movie. The odd man out(Dan of course) will choose the team he wants to cheer for and if they win, he too will be able to take part in the reward. The teams are: Yellow: Jane, Fabio, Sash, Kelly.....Blue: Holly, NaOnka, Chase, and Benry. Although the challenge was very close, the Blue Team won. As Jeff said, Dan puts out no effort yet gets all the reward........kind of a dig to Dan, but I liked it...LOL.

After the challenge, Na let the cat out of the bag with Jeff and said that today was her last day....Jeff immediately looked pi$$ed. Then he asked if anyone else wanted to quit....Kelly immediately speaks up and says that she is gone too.....Now Probst looks extremely pi$$ed. Jeff mentions to Na that he didn’t think she seemed like a quitter....Na says that she has to listen to her body and is content with her decision. When Kelly was asked how she feels, she says that she has her integrity intact and is good about it....Probst immediately says that he is NOT good about it. Jeff gives the “girls” a chance to think about it and the tribal will be that night.

Probst then gives the winning team a chance for one of them NOT to go on reward and to then allow the tribe to have a tarp and enough rice to get the tribe till the end.....Holly is glaring at Na when the group was given the choice.......Na didn’t budge. Holly stood up and took one for the team, while all the time, glaring Na down....good on her. While Holly is going on with a speech about eating as many hotdogs as she wants when she goes home, you hear Benry in the background muttering to Na about her standing up and doing she should tell Holly to go back to the group and take one for the team herself. After she finishes speaking, Probst tells her to come and get the reward.....the group claps for her, Kelly says “Dang Holly”, someone else says “amazing Holly”. You could see that Holly was really pi$$ed with a PI, she states that Na just isn’t the person Holly thought she was. As the blue team heads off for their reward, you hear Benry saying.....UNBELIEVABLE! Couldn’t of said it better myself.

This is where I am going to do my first vocal session........What the H.....if Na is going home anyways, why couldn’t she leave the tribe with something to make up for the stolen food in the first place....... GIVE ME A BREAK!!! Talk about one of the most selfish things I have seen. She is leaving the tribe and can eat whatever she wants when she leaves..........Why in the world wouldn’t a normal person want to give back to the tribe considering the circumstances. Talk about a selfish, childish move!! Okay, stepping off my rant box.

As the yellow team gets back to camp, they get set up with the tarp and get a fire going to have some rice....Holly takes Kelly off to find firewood. Holly tries to give Kelly a pep talk about quitting versus getting voted out in a couple of days but then can walk away from the game, proud that she played the game. When Kelly gave an excuse about the rain, Holly reminded her about the tarp; when Kelly said about the food issue....Holly said that there is now more rice. Any reason that Kelly gave, Holly found an answer.....then again, Kelly is a young 20’ish person.......guess that comes into it.

As the blue team enters the movie area, they all begin to load up on candy and other foods. Then we get a PI from MISS SELFISH herself, and she says that since she gave 110% into the challenge, she wasn’t going to give up on the reward, even though she was going home.........I am really trying hard to stay off my rant box right now.

The yellow team sat down to their rice and thanked Holly again for being selfless with regards to the rice and tarp acquisition.

Up Next............Tribal Council

As everyone comes in and gets seated, the jury make their way into the council area. Jeff wasn’t wasting any time......when he said that at the reward challenge, Na and Kelly wanted to quit, the jury members sat there with their mouths hanging open. Probst brought it up that at one time Holly wanted to quit the game and then asked what changed her mind....Holly explained how Jimmy J. gave her a pep talk and asked her if she was ever a quitter....if not, then why the H is she quitting now? Then Holly says that if you have made it this far......why quit now and try to go as far as you can. Then Jeff brought Jane into the conversation....she went on about having drive and spunk to be able to do it.....she wished the two of them had that. After Probst brings Na and Kelly into the conversation and listening to their boo-hoo sob stories about their body’s breaking down etc....come is 20, the other is only 27.....then you have Jane and Holly still there not complaining at all. Not buying their stories. Then Benry gets into the conversation as well. His saying that he grew up with and lived by was winners never quit and quitters never win.......he can’t understand why the “girls” are having such a hard time and aren’t capable of sticking out 11 more days.

Jeff then brings up the challenge, the fact that Na’s team won, and the great reward...... Probst asked Na....realistically, did she think she had a shot to win this.......immediately she says look at the jury and they are all laughing their heads off. Jeff then says based on what........Na’s response is that based on her drive once upon a time. Jeff definitely looks amused and follows it up with: “this is amazing, please go on........regale me with a story woman”. Na then goes into a drivel about how she “thought” she had a shot at this game. You can tell that in a way, Jeff is loving this part of the council as he definitely wants to get a dig in or two on Na.......he then goes into how when the challenge was done and if just one of the winners would give up their reward for the tribe to have rice and tarp, Na had already said that she wanted to quit, yet she didn’t volunteer to take one for the team. The jury seemed flabbergasted, Chase was just shaking his head, and Na comes up with the brilliant answer.....I didn’t want to...........good gaud just fed Jeff another question.... Jeff asked her if that was a little bit selfish........she replies saying that she doesn’t care.......she doesn’t care what anyone thinks.......she was NaOnka before getting there and will leave being the same NaOnka. Immediately Probst brings Chase into it as he is sitting there aghast and with his head shaking in disbelief. Chase said that if he was the one quitting, he would of taken one for the team........Na immediately replies that she don’t care, she wanted to go out with a bang, and is content. Jeff brings Jane back into the conversation asking her what she thinks the young kids just don’t get........she says that the young kids are going to have a tough road unless they can ride on their parent’s coat-tails. They just don’t know what’s around the is full of rocky roads. First Probst told Na to make her choice......fight or quit. Then Kelly was given the same option. Jeff immediately asks Na what should be done with her torch...she says for it to be snuffed.........Probst remarks that they weren’t are......then Kelly was asked and she gave the same response.......As Na takes her torch to Probst, you hear Marty in the background remarking that it is disgusting, he can’t believe it and wishes to be back playing again. As Jeff snuffs out Na’s torch, he says, do you want to go? Na’s response: yes.........he says go and sets Na’s torch aside, then remarks the same to Kelly as he sets her torch aside as well. As the tribe leaves council area, we see Alina crying, Marty commenting that it is_________up, and Brenda remarking that she gave Na so much credit.

I guess that is all there is to that. Na’s parting shot is that she feels she owes no one an apology.......not even herself.

Well, that is all for now, don’t want to get back onto my rant box so will end it here. Hope you all have a great week and will be back next week to do it all again.