Down to Five and Counting......

So, tonight’s epi began as usual with a look back at what happened last week, as well as an indepth reminder of what Chase has done.

When the tribe gets back to camp, Sash takes Fabio aside and explains to him that he thought Benry was the biggest threat so had to write his name down.........sorry I couldn’t explain that to you before going to tribal...........Why in the heck does everyone believe that line.........sheeesh! Meanwhile, Sash thinks he has the game in the bag, and Fabio is pleased that he feels everyone thinks he is more gullible and naive than he actually is.

Tree mail arrives the next morning and each tribe member gets a preview of the family visit to come. Everyone gets a chance to see their families as well as the other family members for the rest of the crew there. After the tribe saw the videos, we see Chase and Fabio head off for a chat.........Judd brings up the question: If Chase won, who would he take on the luxury...........immediately Chase said Judd and Sash. Fabio felt the same.........and remarked that the three of them hadn’t been on a reward before.

As the tribe lines up on their mat.........Jeff tells them what is in store for them for their reward......They are told that they will have lots of food, beer and chips, then Probst begins to introduce the family members to the tribe members. First Chase and his mom Connie, Fabio and his mom Anne(Judd the stud), Sash and his mom Lee, Dan and his son Mathew, Jane and daughter Ashley, Holly and hubby Charlie(25th anniversary). For the challenge, the survivors will run up the plank, jump in the water and retrieve a bag, bring it back, then run and grab the other one. Once both bags are there, then the loved one must solve the puzzle inside. Family comes first is the solution. Fabio, Chase, Sash, Holly, Jane and then Dan. The puzzle solver was Chase’s mom..........Chase took Sash and loved one, then was given a 2nd choice........he chose Holly and her hubby...........Immediately Dan remarks that Chase is a “scumbag”..........this of course rocked Judd to the core. He immediately burst into tears and claimed that he would of taken Chase as Fabio knew how much Chase’s mom meant to him. Fabio’s mom said to him “get your head into the game and we will have tons of time when you get home.”

As Jane, Judd, and Dan get back to camp, they are all really pi$$ed at Chase. At camp, Fabio let it out of the bag that he and Chase told each other that they would take each other on the reward.........instantly you can see how upset Jane is. As she put it, “He made a million dollar decision today”, then Dan pipes in with his “yea, he made a decision to loose it”. Dan in a PI states that Chase is really a douchebag. Then Jane comes to the realization that she is the fourth person in a four way alliance. She is pi$$ed and worried about it.

As the other three come up to the boat, they realize the food spread that is sitting ahead of them. Chase remarks that he feels what he did will likely bite him in the butt for jury votes but hopes not. This is when Holly speaks up to the family members and says final 3.......then corrects it and says that there are four alliance members but these are the final 3 as far as they are concerned. After the three tribesmembers spent the day with the loved ones, come nightfall, they had to say goodbye. The 3 survivors headed back to camp in a boat while the loved ones stayed on the cruise boat. Once the three get back to camp, Fabio is still upset, and asks Chase a rhetorical question and wanted to know why he wasn’t taken. Then in a PI, Fabio admits that the best thing for him right now is to win immunity.

Up Next.............Immunity is back up for grabs

As the group arrives at the immunity challenge area, Probst takes back the immunity necklace from Sash. Probst then explains the challenge; each tribe member will be blindfolded and make their way under and over a series of hitching rails till they reach a station......with only the sense of touch, they will memorize the symbols, then come back and while they are still blindfolded, re-create their symbols back at the other end. The first one to finish wins immunity. As they all head out, they get to the other end with Fabio, Chase, Holly, Jane, Sash and Dan. After studying the puzzle, Jane is the first to head back followed by Fabio, Holly, Sash, Chase, and then Dan. Fabio wins immunity.

After the crew gets back to camp, the scrambling begins. Chase mentions to Fabio of how Dan is done.....then Fabio isn’t impressed and begins to push to vote out Jane. As Chase and Sash head off to discuss things, Chase informs Sash that Fabio wants Jane out. There was a lot of back and forth stuff between the two of them until Holly shows up, at which time she says that Fabio and Dan want to vote out Jane. Then as the three of them are discussing things, Jane shows up..........she comes up and says that she wants to make sure that they are still a group of four. All Holly says to that is that someone has to go tonight.....Dan is brought up once again, and all Chase says is that is what we are trying to discuss. So Jane asks “is it me”? All three are silent and looking at the ground. Chase immediately says, is that what you all decided, is that what you are dead set on, cause you all know I don’t want to do it. Sash looks at him like he knows that Chase is trying to cover his a$$ with saying that......Jane asks if they all been conniving this the whole time........Chase answers saying that there has been discussion of it, then Sash remarks that the three of them think that if it comes down to it, Jane could win the whole thing. Jane looks at Sash and her hand gets blurry...........LOL, I think we all know what that meant! Jane shakes her head and walks off, in a PI, she states that the alliance has flipped on her and she is most disappointed in her Carolina home boy........saying that she was Chase, he wouldn’t dare show his a$$ back in North Carolina. Then back at camp, Jane is laying on their “bed” when Sash shows up...........she tells Sash not to even look at her. You can see that Jane is absolutely pi$$ed and is trying to think of a way that she could hurt the rest of the tribe before she takes off to tribal that night..........she immediately grabs a bucket of water and throws it on the fire......then chases that with another bucket just to be sure it’s out.........LOL.

Up next..............Tribal Council

As everyone settles into the tribal council area and the jury are brought in, you could feel the tension in the air. Probst immediately picks on Dan, asking him how the afternoon went, Dan started to say something but immediately changed his mind and said never mind...........Jeff wasn’t going to let that slide, by saying give it to me or I’ll dig.....He then told of how Jane threw a bucket of water over the fire and put it out. I started that fire and I wanted to be the last woman standing to put that fire out. Jane continues by saying that tonight’s vote will be full of liars and backstabbers......end of story. Probst looked like a kid in the candy store......saying that it was the beginning of the story and wanted more. Jane says that they are going to vote her out tonight so she’s going to call some people on some stuff. First up was Holly....she called Holly on stealing 1400.00 of personal property yet she calls herself a coach and a mentor, where Jane comes from, you go to jail for that. This was in reference to shoes that belonged to Dan........epi 2/3. Jane went on to say that she is upset as the four of them were always going to vote off Judd and Dan and that is how Benry got voted off, yet her alliance has now turned on her. Probst mentions how it may seem like you are in a four way alliance, yet not be........Chase agreed that they were in a four way alliance, but today, they decided that it might be best to send her home for them to have a shot of winning. Jeff is doing his best at digging.....he was saying that if Jane is sent packing, who will be voted out next.......the one that doesn’t win immunity, will be voted out next. Jeff asks Jane what she thinks is the solution.......she says that the three of them, Jane, Dan and Fabio, vote out Holly since Chase and Sash have the idols. Then Dan was asked if Dan and Fabio would create an alliance with Jane........This of course got Holly pretty outed and nervous. Even when everyone voted, Dan and Fabio didn’t change their mind and stuck with the thoughts that they entered Jane out. So when the votes were read, yes Jane is sent packing.

Even after Probst’s talk, Dan and Fabio voted out Jane, and Jane voted for Sash...............Totally redicilous if you ask me.........Jane, Dan and Fabio had a chance to change the game around on Holly, Sash and Chase, yet they didn’t take it....................

I guess that’s all for tonight. Hope you enjoyed the blog and have a great couple of days. I will be back on Sunday with the finale and the wrap-up. I will also include a final chart on everyone and how the season went along.