Let The Shenanigans Begin

Tonight’s epi started with a background and rewind of last week’s show as per usual.

We start off at the Espada camp, AKA the older ones, as they prepare for the day and decide how to make their shelter better. A few of the guys were commenting that they didn’t get much sleep again so they want to re-vamp their bed to make it more comfortable. Meanwhile Jimmy T wants to put his in on what else they should be doing for the day, being fishing for food, though it wasn’t received well from most of the crew.

Over at La Flor, AKA the younger tribe, can we all agree now this older/younger tribe crap needs to go......LOL, they too are making preperations for the day. Sash and NaOnka head down the beach to have a chat about an alliance between themselves and who they could incorporate into the fold. Their assumptions are that they can maybe get Brenda into the group as well as any other’s that are of a minority.

Back at Espada, Holly begins to loose it........she assumes that the snails aren’t good to eat because of the looks that Jill was giving as she was trying to get the “slippery little sucka’s” out of the shell. She flips out on Jill in front of Jimmy T and continues to pick up the pot of snails, saying that it was a bad idea to eat the things and walks away with the pot to dump the snails...........LOL. Jimmy T. in a PI states that he feels that Holly has gone off the deep end........but wait, it gets even deeper than that.......LOL. Jill and Jimmy T proceed to tell the rest of the group what kind of shenanigans Holly was up to regarding the snails......this is when it gets better, Holly overhears Dan calling her crazy, so in turn, she takes Dan’s shoes down to the beach and proceeds to put sand in them and sink them in the water..........His alligator shoes that cost him $1,600. Back at camp, Dan is looking for his shoes...........Holly overhears him talking about his shoes and decides to call a camp meeting. She proceeds to tell the group that she took his shoes and sunk them in the water.......the bug-eyed look of Dan was absolutely priceless. Tyrone later admits in a PI that Holly is getting stranger and stranger, everytime she speaks.......he is going to keep one eye on her and one eye on his shoes......definitely one of the lines of the night.......LOL.

Now over at La Flor, the hijincks are running wild here too.........NaOnka “misplaces” one of her socks, but instead, she blames someone for taking it............No worries, she will find another pair and goes to take “Fabio’s”/Jud’s. Soon Jud is told that his socks are miracously on NaOnka’s feet.......emotions erupt once again. Jud went over to talk to NaOnka about his socks being on her feet, but doesn’t get a chance to ask her about them as she immediately confronts him, asking him what he is looking at. LOL, are we serious here folks..........talk about high school crap........WOW.

Meanwhile at Espada, Holly takes “coach” aside for a chat. She wants to call it quits on the game and coach is trying to talk her out of it. This is no different than a football player wanting to quit the team, when minds get fatigued, this is the result. Coach came up with another winner tonight and quoted Vince Lombardier saying of “Fatigue makes cowards of us all”, well that is what is happening out here.

Up next........Immunity and Reward

Oh lordy, the young’ins come in to the challenge are in a full out march.......LOL. Jeff don’t look too impressed by them. The challenge is to crawl through the mud, find a ball in a stack of hay, then place the ball on the mat......once all 4 balls are on the mat, then the other 3 tribe members bounce a ball from one tribe member to the other until they have bounced it into the rain barrel at the end. The advantage to having the Medallion of Power is that the tribe only has to go look for 3 balls, and they start out with one ball in their barrel already........therefore, only 3 go through the mud and look for their balls in the hay stacks. After a short conference, the Espada tribe decides to use the medallion and the La Flor tribe sits out a member of which NaOnka quickly volunteered for. The Espada chose to sit out Dan. Espada first came out with the ball, then La Flor out, then Espada, then La Flor, then La Flor, then Espada. The La Flor tied it with 2 in the bin, and then the Espada hit it. Espada was working on the last ball when the La Flor dropped the ball twice in a row. The Espada won the challenge and chose the fishing gear as their luxury item. Time for the La Flor tribe to have some extra face time with Probst.

When Espada got back to their beach, there was a great celebration time. When the tribe opened up their gear, they found the immunity idol clue of which everyone was there to get. As everyone bails out to the certain areas looking for 15 feet west of tree man......which means all different shaped trees were getting dug at, Jill figured it out that the man part was male, therefore the clue is 15 feet west of the treemail area. She immediately goes back and tells Marty and Dan.........the three of them head over to the tree mail area and start digging. Dan heads out to find another place to dig. Jill and Marty then find the idol and have it between themselves.

Back over at La Flor, the ugliness starts. Alina and Kelly B are talking about their votes and both of them come to the concensius that getting rid of Brenda right now would be the best plan because of how close Brenda and Chase are together.......meanwhile the guys are sitting around trying to decide who to get rid of and NaOnka’s name comes up. At that moment, Kelly B comes to their circle......the guys ask her who she is voting for and she asks them, they say NaOnka........Kelly B immediately calls out Brenda’s name saying that she is a threat. This immediately gets a few guys wondering if that might be the better bet.......meanwhile, Chase is in the group and overhears their plans so he takes Brenda aside and she tries to convince him that Shannon should be the one gone then. Then you also have Brenda and NaOnka making a pact of getting out Shannon right now, then Fabio next. The only fly in their ointment is the fact that Alina was listening to them talk and now is gone to Shannon, Judd/Fabio and others about that.

Tribal Council.........Let the Fireworks Begin

As La Flor gather their torches, light them and take their seats......you can feel the tension as they all seem anxious, and I don’t think even Jeff was ready for the fireworks that ensued. Jeff asks Shannon “How much more difficult has this adventure been than you anticipated?” (this is where the fireworks starts...LOL) Shannon replies: “I have never been camping a day in my life so it’s the worse thing that I have ever done in my life. You know it’s alright, it’s gotten better, you know, I’m here and I’ll wing it out, but you know it’s interesting, we’ve had people say that they are all together and I am coming to find out that there is no loyalty so he’d better hope his girlfriend stays with him on his tribe tonight if not he’ll be going home next.” Immediately Probst is dumbfounded and lets out a major WOW! After the fireworks settled down and Jeff could finally get a word in edgewise, he says “I got to say that in 21 seasons of Survivor, I have never had one opening question open that much whoop ass on a tribe ever.” Oh yea, it just gets better as now Brenda gets brought into the equation. Jeff remarks that she is conveniently placed between Chase and Shannon, with Shannon loosing his mind behind her........Brenda then remarks how this whole situation has opened a certain weakness in Shannon and that it is hard to trust him. Probst then remarks that opening up like that right before a vote probably isn’t the smartest thing to do.......of which Shannon responds that when he finds out that someone is betraying him like that, he will speak his mind. This prompts Sasha to remark that Shannon is digging his own grave.......Oh lordy, here we go again..........this in turn makes Shannon respond by asking Sasha if he is gay..........The camera pans around and lands on Probst at the end of which his face is aghast......he can’t believe the temperaments of everyone tonight, especially Shannon. More testosterone raged on between Shannon and Sasha, almost getting to the redicilous point when Shannon kept going on about gay people and New York. Fabio tries to bring reason to the table by telling Shannon to stop digging his own grave, when Probst speaks up and tells Fabio to get his head out of the trees. After some more testosterone muscle flexing, Jeff asks why Brenda is conceived as the threat......and her response was something to do with a strong girl on her alliance needs to go. Then NaOnka’s name came up as far as her being voted off. NaOnka said that they were strong, they were a unit, which of course prompts Probst to enter into the conversation again with his voice of reason; you guys are not tight NaOnka, and if you still think so, you need to get out of the tree that Fabio is in......this prompts her to interject that she would never be in that tree......now Jeff is off onto their tangent and dislike for one another. They have had and still are having a major dislike of each other and Probst was trying to get to the finish of that one, when both Fabio and NaOnka finally agreed on one thing and both of them asked Jeff if they could vote already..........This has now got Jeff looking ticked off and he says hold on, and takes things off into a different direction by asking Kelly B. that when she is looking at getting rid of someone, what is the criteria to do it?? Kelly responds that getting rid of someone that would bring back the unity of the tribe would be the way to go.

After the vote was complete, and Shannon left the “building, Probst’s parting words were “Well it’s very clear from tonight’s tribal council that the biggest threat to this tribe is the tribe itself.”

Well, that’s all for tonight folks...........looks like next week is going to be an interesting one too. Hope you all have a great week!