Good bye Coach

Tonight’s epi began with the usual rundown of what has happened so far this we see La Flor coming back from their tribal council from last epi, NaOnka is pointing out that everyone is fake and that everyone wants to pretend that the group is one big happy family........Oh lordy, I got a feeling that I am going to really dislike that chick when this episode is over......LOL.

Meanwhile over at Espada tribe, the group heads off in search of the monkeys......where there are monkeys, there has to be fruit.......right Marty?? Back at camp, Coach takes the ladies out fishing......Marty is looking on and you can see the wheels just a turning in his mind of how to get the coach out as he says, the tribe has glitter in their eyes when looking at the coach........If Jimmy got up and walked across the lagoon, everyone would believe it. Marty and Jill have a chance for some quiet time to chat and plan......Marty is really determined to get Coach out, but Jill reasonably says that maybe there are others such as Dan that should hit the road first, as he doesn’t seem that strong. Jill talks Marty into grabbing the idol and showing it to the rest of the tribe........

Back at La Flor, Fabio starts his strategy........keep everyone laughing and having fun so they will keep him around longer. Then mouthpiece/NaOnka starts opening up about how much she doesn’t like him and thinks he is an airhead.......won’t she be surprised when he acts on his strategy??

Meanwhile over at Espada, Marty shows up in camp with the idol and states that he has it and wants them as a tribe to use it when they get to the merge to keep the tribe strong. According to Jill, Marty’s stock in the tribe went way up after that. I wonder how much longer she will be able to play Marty?? After the crew gets up the following morning, it is obvious from what Dan says and his slow movements, he is breaking down and doesn’t have the strength that they might need from him in order to keep the tribe strong......Dan voices his concern about that.

At La Flor, NaOnka and her “strong five” as she calls them start strategizing as to who should leave first, Alina or Kelly B. Mouthpiece, NaOnka comes back on acting all strong and wise in one of her PI’s......Have I said lately how this one is starting to get on peoples nerves.......mine included??

Up next..........immunity and reward challenge

As Probst gets the idol back from Espada, he explains what the challenge is about. Both tribes have to head out and grab 10 tribe coloured barrels.......once all barrels are back on the mat, then the barrels can be placed on their individual stands. Once all barrels are placed, then a person from each tribe throws out bags filled with sand which must land on and stay on the barrel, once all 10 barrels are covered, that tribe is the winner. For this challenge, they are also playing for reward of fruit, spices, fresh herb gardens, etc. The Medallion of Power’s advantage this challenge is that the La Flor tribe will already be starting the challenge with 2 barrels already on their individual stands and 2 sandbags placed. The La Flor tribe opt not to use their Medallion of Power so therefore, it stays with La Flor till the next challenge. After the teams strategize Jeff lets them loose to find their barrels. During the challenge, Probst calls out Dan as not doing anything with the barrels. After La Flor wins the challenge, Kelly B. and NaOnka head to the fruit to pick up the basket, and find the 2nd immunity idol clue there as well. This begins the nonsense move by NaOnka.......
Once they get back to camp, NaOnka basically dropped the fruit basket and got herself over it the process, she sent Kelly B. flying. Also what happened is that their fruit and the bananas especially got completely smushed because of it. As NaOnka walks off, you can hear 3 different voices, one was Jud, the other Kelly B, and the third I think was Chase, saying what NaOnka did was completely uncalled for. NaOnka heads off to the bush and in a PI she states that she wished that she pushed Kelly B. hard enough to cause her leg to come off.........really NaOnka......Talk about a rude, manipulative person.....WOW!
NaOnka then shares her clue with Brenda. Both of them are having a heck of a time trying to figure out the clue. On a side note..........poor Judd, he still hasn’t been able to get his socks off of NaOnka......the ones that she stole from him last epi......LOL.

Back at Espada, the tribe discusses where it went wrong in the challenge.......the concencius was that Tyrone should of been taken out a PI later, Tyrone said that he was the one getting things done, no one else and in order to win, not everyone should be touching the ball..........Ok, whatever.......LOL. You can tell things are getting tense in the tribe as you have Marty going around trying to find out who is voting for whom. Marty and Jill head off for a pow wow to decide who goes when........Jill feels that Danny, Coach and Holly are definitely on the weak side of the tribe. Dan states in a PI of how much stronger he is than the Coach.......are we serious here.........Danny seems to be the one that is stiff, sore and having problems with challenges.........even in the last challenge, the coach was moving barrels around where as Danny was just walking around, not doing much.

Up next............Tribal Council

The council meeting actually went pretty real fireworks, but it was obvious from the looks on the faces that when coach said he was one of the weaker ones on the team, others were considering whether they should vote for him. Let’s face it, when it came to the weakest member on the tribe, Coach sunk himself by answering that he was probably one of the weakest members of the tribe.

So I guess we’ll see what happens next week.........will NaOnka be able to keep her “strong five” alive and if the tribe will still back her up considering her antics this week...........and over at Espada.......will it be Marty or Jimmy T that will emerge as the new “coach”?

Whatever the result is, I will be back here next week to catch up on it..........till then, have a great week everyone!!