JT Leaves, and Marty With his Grandiose Ideas

As usual, tonight’s epi began with a look back at last week. As Espada gets back to their camp, the rain is falling, and everyone looks miserable. Jimmy T(JT) gets some PI time and saying how he is good with the fact that Jimmy J is gone........then he proceeds to sing at camp.......he needs to stick to his daytime job........LOL. The next day, Espada woke up and realized because of the rainstorm the night before, their bay that they go fishing in is completely washed out and all they have there now is mud and debris. JT decides to try his hand at fishing with the net. Problem is though, he can’t throw out the net to do it.

Over at La Flor, the crew there is just getting up and at it, when NaOnka and Brenda head off to find the immunity idol based on the clues they currently have. As they decipher the clues, they dig and find the idol.....Oh great, NaOnka kept it even though it was Brenda that deciphered the clue. Now no one is going to hear the end of it.......Meanwhile Kelly B and Alina are talking on the beach and say that they need to try to find the idol as well. Then we get a PI of NaOnka talking again of how you need to get into their heads and scare them because they are weak......WOW, does that girl ever stop?? LOL. As Brenda and Alina head out to look, NaOnka follows them to confront them........NaOnka goes up one side of Kelly and down the other....then in a PI, NaOnka says that she wants Kelly gone before the jury......she also goes on to say that Kelly should keep her leg away from the fire........Talk about a nutcase........LOL.

Back at Espada, the group is having a campfire meeting when Marty says that there should be only one voice at the challenge and that voice should be Tyrone. Immediately JT interrupts and wants his voice heard once again. In a PI, JT decides that Marty is a preppy little b*t*h.............talk about being mouthy.......After getting the tree mail, Espada decides to practice being blindfolded while one team member directs them. Once the practice was done, JT gets carried away and gets bossy with the group again and informs them that they need to listen to Tyrone and once you follow what he says, stop and wait for more instructions. Meanwhile, in a PI, Marty expresses that he feels that JT is delusional, he suffers from paranoia and delusions of grandeur. WOW.

Up next.........immunity and luxury challenge

The challenge: one person will be a caller, the remaining tribes people will be blindfolded and paired up......using verbal commands, the caller will direct the tribespeople to find 10 items scattered in the field. Once all 10 items are back, the caller will direct one pair out to find the set of keys that will unlock the chest. The first tribe to get all 10 items and their chest back to the start will win immunity and is safe from the vote. The reward consists of a massive tool kit, ropes and tarp, fishing kit. The Medallion of Power advantage is that there are already 2 items placed onto the start mat.......two less items to find out in the field. La Flor decides to use the medallion so it is now back in the hands of the Espada tribe to use the next time. Only 7 people compete in the challenge so Daniel sits out for the Espada tribe and both Kelly’s sit out for the La Flor tribe. Brenda for La Flor and Tyrone for Espada as the callers. As the challenge went on, it was obvious that JT just didn’t get what the lesson was about earlier......LOL. He couldn’t listen to Tyrone and the La Flor tribe won the challenge. With the win, La Flor took the fishing, the tarp, and the cooking supplies as their reward.

After Espada gets back to their camp, the blame game begins. It is obvious the mood is down there at the camp, but JT decides to rub things in and turns everything to him again in his bid to get the attention. In a PI, it is obvious that Tyrone is getting fed up with the guy as he states that JT is there for JT only, even though they (the tribe) is still there competing as a tribe to keep the tribe from loosing more people.

Over at La Flor, the group is bringing their reward back to camp. Chase is the one with the tackle box and he opens it and finds the clue so closes the box very quickly......as the rest of the group carries on to open their other rewards and discuss what they will do, Chase quietly opens up the box, grabs out the clue and staches it really quickly so no one else see’s him do it. After this, Chase and Brenda head out for a chat and Chase tells her that he has the clue to the idol.......because he says that he trusts her. This is when Brenda confesses to him that NaOnka found the immunity idol. Brenda is trying to convince Chase that he can’t say anything because the trust that NaOnka has in Brenda will be in doubt and therefore the chance that Na won’t tell Brenda anything more. Does this mean that Brenda is keeping Na on the side so Brenda can use her....guess we’ll figure that one out in time.

Back at Espada, the crew is out walking the beach looking for food when they start finding sea urchins. JT decides it is a good time to call out Marty in front of the whole tribe as a non-team player, considering Marty has been finding urchins and not contributing them to the communal net for their dinner that night. In a PI, Marty says that what JT did regarding calling Marty out to the tribe as a non-team player “is like putting a gun to your mouth, pulling the trigger and blowing your brains out as far as I am concerned”........WOW. Marty is getting a little out of hand with his analogies I do believe. Holly and Jane are talking and they decide to vote for Daniel. Meanwhile, Marty and Jill are out gathering firewood and they are talking game. Marty wants the vote to be for JT yet Jill is saying that the sensible vote is to get rid of Daniel to keep the team strong. Everyone are talking game on the beach right now.......Marty is doing the most of the talking of course.

Tribal council up next...........

A lot was discussed through the council, but it began with how Tyrone felt the challenge went today. Tyrone stated that if the Medallion wasn’t used, it definitely would of been a closer match, as it was, they were only 1 item short. Also discussed was Dan’s knee problems and how he is always sitting out of challenges. Then the group started discussing how they vote people out thinking that they are making the right choices, but in the long run, they are still loosing at their challenges. Through the council, Marty starts mouthing off about how he feels JT has paranoia, dillusions of grandeur, and popping off. I got the feeling that Marty is only this mouthy because he says he owns the hidden immunity idol, and he obviously feels safe. The general concensus through the tribe is that if JT just tried to be a “worker bee” instead of the chief, he would last longer in the tribe......will that matter now, probably not.......LOL.

As the votes came in, it was decided that JT will be the one leaving tonight.

It looks like next week will be a good mixup and hopefully, they can get the annoying ones out of this game, eh NaOnka and Marty.........at least that is my opinion.........LOL. So until next week when I will be back to run things down once again, have a great week everyone!!!!