Drop your Buff’s

Tonight’s epi began with a rundown of what happened last week with Jimmy T. being voted out. At Espada, Marty thinks he has the game under control and there is no doubt in his mind that he will win. As he puts it: “It will take something truely extraordinary and wacked out to change his plans now”. Well Marty, get ready as something wacked out is arriving.......

Over at La Flor, NaOnka is so full of herself and seeing the win for herself. Isn’t she going to be surprised.....LOL.

As both groups head to the challenge area, probst surprises them one more time by telling them to drop their buffs. The older and younger tribe are no more. Brenda and Holly became the new captains. Holly for Espada and Brenda for La Flor.

Jane, Jill, and Marty went to La Flor, and Alina, Benrie, Chase and NaOnka join the Espada tribe. This leaves Brenda, both Kelly’s, Jane, Jill, Marty, Judd, and Sash on the La Flor tribe........the Espada tribe is made up of Holly, NaOnka, Alina, Benrie, Chase, Dan, Yves, and Tyrone.

Reward challenge is up next.............

Two members from a tribe throw a ball up a ramp that will roll down the other side around obstacles and bounce around where two members from the opposite tribe try to catch the ball and put it back onto the ramp where it will go back into play. If the ball is dropped, then the other tribe gets the point. Ie, if Espada is catching the ball and it drops, then La Flor will get the point, and visa verse. The reward is 2 chickens and a rooster. The Espada tribe was the winner.

When Espada gets back to camp, Tyrone takes his “leadership” role. Definately not wanted with regards to what the new people in the tribe feel needs to happen. In a PI, Holly feels that the tribal switch was definitely the right move for her.

Over at La Flor, Marty looks to be making his first mistake by trying to dictate how things will go.......probably won’t go over very well. LOL. Marty was working Judd over and then after that, he turned to Brenda and a few of the other tribe members. Immediately he comes out with the fact that he had the idol. This immediately made Brenda state in a PI of how arrogant he is and stupid he was for showing the idol this early. Brenda also admits that if he thinks he has control, he has another thing coming to him.

Back at Espada, Na is hiding under a blanket in almost a full mental breakdown because of the rain. She is telling everyone that she was going to quit. First Alina goes in to console her, then Chase comes to console her as well. Chase tells a story of how a rainbow is a symbol to him that his dead dad is ok.

Immunity back up for grabs.............

For the challenge, three members will be strapped to a wheel. Three other members will be turning that wheel while the three members will be temporarily going under water, they are to take in a mouthful of water and when they get to the top of the wheel, spit the water into the funnel. The funnel is attached to a tube with a ball in it........once the tube has filled to a certain level, the tube will tilt allowing the ball to come out, once the ball is out, then two remaining tribe members can throw the ball towards the tiles......once the tiles are all broken, that tribe is the winner. Again, it was close............La Flor tribe won.

Walking back to camp, NaOnka says that she keeps losing weight and fat....... “I think I am done, yea, I’m done.”

At camp, everyone was game to cook a chicken.........but Tyrone that is. Chase just reached into the cage and grabbed one around the neck quite easily. Everyone helped getting the chicken ready and cooked, but Tyrone. As everyone started to eat, Tyrone gave a bit of advice.....Just be conscious of your neighbours.......LOL. Meanwhile, he was the person that had the most of the chicken......LOL.

Tribal council is up next..............

Just the usual quibbles and spats.......Mostly with a lot of people against Tyone as he feels like he is the leader so to speak..........Probst looks frustrated that he couldn’t get more damming things out of everyone, but it quickly went to the vote. Tyrone was voted out.

Well, I guess that’s all for tonight........Until Wednesday............have a great week everyone!!