Another Two Say bye-bye When Marty Squeaks Through Again

As always, tonight starts off with the usual look back at last week......then we see ole’ Dan yacking to Holly and claiming that he wants to call it quits........again.

Holly is out gathering wood when Yves comes to join her and question why she was kept in the dark regarding voting out Tyrone. Holly stated that it was thought that Yves and Tyrone had an alliance happening and that is the reason why Yves was left in the dark of which way the tribe was going to vote.

Over at La Flor, Marty and Jill are sitting by the fire and having their morning gab session as to how things are going. Then we hear from Brenda ( the self appointed tribe leader) and that she feels that it will be either Marty or Jill going home if they loose the immunity challenge.

As both tribes line up to find out what Probst has in store for them today, they find out that the immunity challenge is actually an individual one for each tribe. Then the two individuals will face off and the winner of them decides which tribe enjoys a feast while watching the other tribe at it’s Tribal Council. The first part of the challenge for individual immunity, all tribes members head out into their coloured box and dig in the sand to find the rings.....they then have to toss the rings into the bag that is tied onto their back.......once the ring is tossed into there, the individual then has to go back to the beginning, put the ring onto their post, then go back to their coloured box to find another one.......there are 3 rings in total. Espada is the first tribe to go and Holly was the winner so she and Jill who was the winner from La Flor tribe head to the final challenge where Jill and Holly compete for the food portion of the challenge. Both people need to put all 3 rings onto the post with the hooks. This means that La Flor goes to tribal first, vote someone out, then while the other tribe is at their council meeting, La Flor get to feast out on beef and chicken kabobs.

As both tribes head back to their perspective beaches, the finagling and strategies begin.

Over at La Flor, Brenda gets her mouthpiece going trying to figure out what they are going to do. Sasha and Brenda meet up to strategize.......3 votes going to each Marty and Kelly B......Can we see this working out for them..........NOPE! Brenda thinks she has things in the bag......except for Fabio that is. Marty is getting a hold of him by spreading his lies by mentioning that he(Marty) is the grand master of in a PI, Marty admits that he used the grand master of chess to get an in to their crowd, yet Marty used a name of a famous tennis player in the 70’s of which Marty said that these young twerps wouldn’t know.

Back at Espada, Holly feels so bad that she didn’t win the food for the tribe and made that well known. Benry is trying to pull strings at Espada to get rid of Yves tonight as Benry knows that there won’t be a problem with getting Dan out later. Now the finagling starts and it is a crapshoot as to who will leave.

At La Flor, Brenda takes Jane aside to tell her the plan of getting rid of Marty, so Jane is to vote for Marty and things will work their way out.......meanwhile Sash takes Fabio aside to tell him the plan of 3 votes going to each Marty and Kelly B. There is so much conniving happening at the camp, even I am getting confused and I have been listening to all sides.....LOL.

Tribal council for La Flor is next........

The only real bug-eyed moment that Probst had during this tribal was when Jeff asked Brenda if Jane had any worries of being voted out by the youngin’s....and Brenda replied that the only people that Jane have to worry about is Jill and Marty. This of course sends Marty into a tailspin trying to find a way to defend what he told Brenda earlier in the day about how he would vote out anyone including Jane if that is what the majority decided...... The cricket music time was broken when Probst said it was time to vote. During the voting, I loved Jane’s comment “Don’t ever fluff off a southern woman....I aint no sitting duck honey”. Loved it. One of the honest laughs I had all night.....The voting went Brenda 2, Marty 3, Kelly B. 3.....after the 2nd round of voting, the votes stood at Marty 1, Kelly B. the rest, therefore Kelly was the one voted out.

Up next..........Espada council, and the La Flor Tribe Feeding Frenzy

Now for the Espada council........not really lots were discussed here, which of course leaves little time for La Flor to gorge on their food. The discussion was really based around Dan and his lacklustre at challenges and around the camp. Dan is definitely into the complaining department. Dan calls Yves arrogant, yet it seems like Dan talks about his Ferrari and 6 other cars at home as well as his 3 homes.....WOW! Do we feel that Dan actually NEEEEEDS the money?? LOL. After the votes were counted, it left Yves going home.

Well, I guess that is all for tonight folks. I will be back on Wednesday so have a great week everyone!!