Fabio’s Bodily Fluids and Marty Squeaks by........Again!

So this week again began with a look back at last week of the two tribal councils and a double elimination. When Espada got back to camp after the elimination, Dan was super surprised and thanked the tribe for keeping him......over at La Flor, the tribe comes back to their camp and Marty definitely isn’t acting as grateful for his good fortune as Dan was for his. Another point that will likely sink Marty in days to come........or not..........As Marty and Jill meet up to talk, Marty expresses how pi$$ed at Jane he is and of how he will vow to get her out next.

The next morning at La Flor, Marty takes Jane aside to talk and tells her that there were 3 things that he wanted to say........ He has never lied to her, never misrepresented himself, never written her name down, and never said to anyone to write their name down. Marty tells Jane that he is pretty sure that Jane wrote Marty’s name down and he wanted an answer......all Jane did was laugh at him and slap him on the back.....she walked away then. Marty immediately ran back up the beach and spilled the beans to Jill.

Up next..........reward challenge

As both tribes walk up to their mats, Probst tells them what their challenge is about. One member of a tribe is to be the defender......he stands on a post in water, while the other tribe members from the different tribe leap off a platform and try to put the ball past the defender into the net........the first one to 5 wins the challenge. The reward was that a tribe will enjoy a Nicaraguan breakfast at a local farm.....they will ride horseback to the farm, milk a cow, and be able to enjoy the breakfast. La Flor sat out Jane for the challenge as she is the extra member........Espada came out with the early lead from NaOnka, then Jill also got a point from La Flor........now Marty on La Flor had absolutely bad aim and completely went wrong......he ended up throwing the ball right into Chase “exactly where no guy wants to be hit”, according to Probst. Of course, Dan did a complete blowout regarding his throw........he ran to the end of the platform, threw the ball then jumped afterwards........which of course got everyone’s heads shaking.....LOL.

The stupidest point of the challenge came when Fabio decided to use the pool as his own latrine............uggggggggggh!!!!!

In general, Fabio’s performance in the challenge was pitiful........mind you, everyone but Jill had a hard time through that challenge, as it was Jill that scored twice. WOW, I just about fell off my chair tonight.........we finally heard Kelly purple’s voice..........I began to wonder why we weren’t allowed to hear from her until now.

The next morning, Jane heads off fishing........and sets and checks the lines that she has out.

Sash is definitely starting to grate on some nerves.......saying that he wants the old Espada members to do the work and he can lay around to eat.......this might not get him too far when it comes down to the crunch.

Espada heads off on horseback for their reward. We were given an insight into Chase and his trials with remembering his father...... As the group milks their cow, they get a chance to laugh and goof off for a while before their breaky is served. NaOnka is definitely not a farm girl......her milking the poor cow was hilarious.

Meanwhile, Jane heads back and checks her fishing lines and since she caught a good size one and decided since she was left out of the last challenge when they lost the food reward, she was going to have that one all to herself.

Back with Espada, they all dug into their breaky of rice, eggs, tortillas, cheese, fresh fruit, and.......emotions as the group finds Alina breaking down.

Up next..........Immunity Challenge

As both groups arrive, Jeff tells them what their challenge for that day will be. Two members of the tribe will be up on a platform where they will roll a ball down a chute and try to break the other tribe’s tiles.......there are 4 tribes members below guiding the chute. Sasha immediately chooses to sit out of this challenge........which of course catches Jeff off guard considering it is a physical challenge of guiding and pulling the ropes. Kind of a set up if you ask me.....Yup, just as I thought........Espada won it and to tell you the truth, the only ones on La Flor that were ticked at the outcome were Marty and Jill.......the rest seemed to “know” it was going to happen.

Back at La Flor camp, the strategizing and conniving starts........The idea was to put 3 votes on Marty, 2 votes on Jill, then Jane will get the 2 that Marty and Jill do..........as Jane said, she was the ugly duckling over at the old Espada tribe......Sasha immediately pipes up and says that she is a prized possession here.......hmmmmm. Then Sasha comes up with the game plan to approach Marty, tell him that he will be forced to play the idol tonight, or what could happen is that Marty forfeits the idol to Sasha for tonight, then Jill gets voted out, then come the next immunity challenge, if they loose it, then the idol will go back to Marty........LOL, can anyone else see a really big flaw in their plans..........????

Marty then walks back up the beach, takes the idol off the tree, and presents it to Sash.....WOW, now Sash is getting so full of himself claiming that he no longer has to dig for idols but can ask for them and they will be handed to him on a silver platter........hmmm.

Up next........Tribal Council

At the Tribal Council, Marty and Jane were definitely pointing the finger at one another and causing rifts......but as Jane said, when the tribe became yellow, so did Jane......other’s not so much. When Marty confesses that he may of made a stupid move tonight by giving up the idol, Jeff asks Brenda if she knew where the idol was and immediately Sash piped up saying that he had it. Probst immediately brings Marty back into the conversation regarding the idol. Marty confessed that he gave the idol up to Sash in the hopes that he wouldn’t get voted out tonight. Fabio then gets introduced into the idol conversation and Jud admits that it may of been a stupid move by Marty to give up his idol as he may still get voted out, but all is good considering “they” now have the idol. Once Sash lets the “trust” concept slip out, Probst jumps on that one, big time..........LOL.

When all votes were considered, Jill is voted out.

Next week looks to be extremely interesting as it appears that the tribes merge........or could that be another fake out?? NaOnka seems to be up to her old mischeivous tricks.......hiding food, etc. from the merging tribes food trunk........could definately get her into trouble. If it is truely a merge, then NaOnka on the current Espada tribe, and Sash on the current La Flor tribe have the idols now........guess we will see how this all pans out.

Picture of next week's epi and the merge food trunk

Until Wednesday...........have a great week everyone!!