Tribes Merge, Dirt Squirrels and Marty is Saved..........Again

Well, tonight began with the usual rundown of what happened last week and as we were given last week a little insight as to what would happen tonight. The rundown of how Marty got sucked into giving up his immunity idol in order to have more time in the game.....

As Fabio comes back with the tree mail informing La Flor of the merge by means of a map, the tribe packs up and starts their way over to the Espada beach..........Meanwhile over at Espada, the group walks along the beach while Alina lays down the law of how Espada should work things out. Hmmmmm, do we think this is going to work out.......LOL.

So La Flor gets to Espada’s beach with the chest and this immediately makes Marty think he is “re-born” and has a great chance in the game....... When the chest is opened, they all find food, new buff’s, and were told to make up a new tribe name for the group......Marty comes up with the name of Libertad (oh, by the way, a smart-aleck person as myself, I had to look up the name to make sure of the meaning of the word......not going to fall for Marty’s bull, but was proven wrong on this one....LOL) which means freedom. As they all look through the chest, they find fruit, breads, salami, nuts, and various other items........we see a PI of NaOnka talking about the salami, and of sneaking nuts and sticking them in her bra and pockets......all the while during the PI she is farting...........yup, a classy act and great representative of her school and students.............probably not!

As NaOnka and Brenda head off for their walk, they discuss what has been happening at both camps. Brenda tells Na about Sash having the idol.......

Meanwhile back at camp, Jane and Chase head off to find water and discuss their commonalities and their home state. Back at camp, NaOnka is making tortilla’s for breakfast......all the while, the rest of the group is eating. Since she feels wronged cause she got the last and smallest tortilla, when the majority of the group wasn’t looking, Na went to the chest and stole the flour out of it.......In a PI she tries to state the reason why she did it, as if that would make sense......and throughout the day, she continued to steal more fruit, the frying pans, bowls, and instruments and hiding them throughout the camp area. Na shared with Alina her hiding spot for the pans, fruit and etc. so that if Na gets caught, she could pull Alina into it and blame her for it as well.

Later in the day, Holly calls Na on her taking the flour from the chest. This of course starts world war 3 in the camp. After having a hissy fit in camp, Na takes off.........Alina and Chase catch up with her and try to talk sense into her explaining that it is best for her and everyone if Na just brings the stuff back to camp, confesses to all and hopefully things will be put behind her then. Na comes back to the camp and confesses about everything and of course, brings Alina in on it saying that Alina was there when the bowls/pans were taken. Talk about a self indulged drama fest!

As the group of Sash, Brenda, Chase, and Jane are talking, they decide that they have to defend Na but aren’t really happy about it. They also decide to keep their votes going for Alina.

WOW is Marty ever full of himself.......calling out Jane as saying that she is “spreading cancerous tentacles throughout the tribe”, in reference to how she is getting along with Chase and others. Then he goes running to Brenda to try to talk “sense” into her regarding Jane.

Immunity Challenge is Next..........

For the challenge, each of them had 2 metal handles of which they are used to keep tension on a steel bar.......if you loose tension even for a moment, the steel bar will drop, the tile will break, and you are out of the challenge..........the tribal members who loose in order are: purple Kelly, Dan(both within 3 seconds), Alina, Brenda, Benry, Sash, NaOnka, Holly, Marty, Chase........leaving Jane and Fabio as the winners. This leaves Marty with the worst looking sour puss face yet......LOL.

As the tribe gets back to camp, Jane gets Brenda, Alina, Kelly, and NaOnka into a group hug to tell them who she wants to vote out, of course naming Marty. Holly joins in for another part of the hug and also learns of her choice to vote out Marty. Chase, Holly, NaOnka, and Jane gather to chat about who is going to get voted out and they run down the numbers to see if it will be Marty gone or Alina........meanwhile, Chase ends up chatting with Dan and tells Dan that it will either be Marty or Alina going home.

Next we see Chase and Jane talking and Sash comes up to them stating that he needs a favour and they need to vote out Alina this time and then will get Marty next time because of the promise that Sash made to Marty that he wouldn’t be voting out Marty the next time.

When the coast was clear, Dan went up to Marty and told him that he didn’t trust Chase and thought that Marty would be blindsided tonight, then Dan admitted that all Chase said is that it would either be Marty of Alina going home......nothing was mentioned by Chase about blindsiding Marty, and it was in fact a thought process that Dan instigated. The next thing we see is Marty running up to Sash claiming that Chase told Dan that they were going to blindside Marty at the council........Talk about another case of gossip going incredibly wrong....LOL. Then just to cement the concept, Brenda gets involved with the same story that Chase told Dan that the group was going to blindside Marty. Talk about words getting twisted around.......LOL.

After a general meeting between Jane, Holly, and Alina, Alina heads off to run into Fabio to try to turn his vote to Marty.....nice try Alina, just not going to work

Up next..........Tribal Council

As the tribe comes in and gets settled, Probst’s first question went to Holly. Once Jeff brings Marty into the conversation, after briefly answering Jeff’s question.......he immediately proceeds to call out Jane. He says that there is a misconception that he doesn’t like Jane.....well within 30 min of the game starting, apparently Jane made some bad decisions and had aligned herself with three of the weakest players on the Espada tribe whom promptly got themselves eliminated. This of course has Jane hopping mad and she interrupts Marty to get her in on the conversation. She said that she approached Marty and he immediately “fluffed” her off and Marty agreed because you don’t approach someone and want to make an alliance within the first 30 min of the game because he didn’t even know her name........LOL. Then Marty proceeded to mock Jane’s accent and drivel on regarding her “sob” story and how if she is allowed to get to the end, she will win the million. During Marty’s story, he said Jane was from South Carolina, of which Chase corrected him immediately, and Jane said to Probst that he doesn’t even know where I am from as he never made an attempt to get to know her. Somewhere through Marty’s rant on Jane, she said that it was all a personal vendetta against her. When Marty was done, Probst then brought Alina into the conversation and she tried to sluff the attention back onto Marty and his game play versus the attention being on herself.

Then, Dan brings up how people stole food and hid least Na spoke up and said that it was her that stole the food. And she tried to say that she got punished for it........Na’s punishment was that no one wanted to talk to her..........oh poor baby, do you really think that was the only reason why no one spoke to you??

The Voting is up next...............

After everyone completes their voting, there are 2 votes for Marty and the rest towards Alina. What was included with Benry’s voting comments is that he called Alina “a 100% grade A, dirt squirrel” .............what the heck is a dirt squirrel.............can anyone enlighten us on this one??

Well, I guess that is all for tonight.............I have changed the format for the chart including only from the merge onwards.......towards the end, I will bring out a final chart on how things went for everyone and their votes. Until next Wednesday..........have a great week everyone!