Jokerette: Hiya Kail
Kail: Hi Jokerette
Jokerette: how ya doin?
Kail: doing well, thanks
Jokerette: we're sure glad to see you here
Carol's Dad: Kail I want to say I hope to see you at the wrap
Kail: Thank you, glad to be here.
Jokerette: yes are you going to wrap party, Kail? I'll be there
Carol's Dad: that is If carol lets me come w/her it is her call
Kail: CarolsDad: I can't wait to meet you and had a good conversation with Carol. Yes, my husband and I will be there.

Jokerette: IggysPinkTights: how do you feel about the way you and Jen got treated in the house...who would you continue to be friends with in the house
Kail: I feel Jen and I were treated awful by Richard and the other HG's sat back and watched which was sad to me.

Jokerette: Metalfan asks: Kail, you have been very criticul of Dick since you left the house in other interviews. If it gets Dick farther in the game, does it matter if he yells? He never acted on anything. He poured iced tea on someone (which she deserved). Others in the past have threatened and yelled and been praised for it. Why is it different with Dick? Because he was mean to you and Jen?
Kail: To answer metalfan: I do not feel any person under any circumstance deserves to have ice tea poured over their head nor do I think they deserve verbal abuse...even in the name of "game"

Jokerette: Rawrmonster: could you ask her what it was like living in the bb house and who she thought was the worst player
Kail: The BB house was very brutal! Also, on a side note, I did not expect to be as homesick as I was.
Jokerette: was the homesickness really bad, kail? I could imagine it would be a nightmare
Kail: The homesickness was bad. It hit me hard on the 3rd day. I never expected it! I never thought I would be homesick because I thought 90 days was so short term after being married for 18 years.

Jokerette: danelle: question for kail: why do you think you got along well with Jen and the other HG didn't?
Kail: I got along great with Jen because she befriended me first! I am so glad she did. I can overlook her crying episode and talking about herself because I knew she wasn't really that way after talking with her.

Jokerette: Q for Kail: Why on that last POV game, did you put $248,999 instead of $250,000? We're you afraid that if you did and someone else did, they would cancel each other out?
Kail: The directions that you didn't hear was the number had to be the "highest unique number" it could not match another players number. So, if my number was the same as Jen then Jameka would have won.

Carol's Dad: Kail care to speculate about how things would be different if u had gotten Nick to vote amber instead of letting him vote carol and u all going along?
Jokerette: that would have changed things, yes?
Kail: I really wish things went different that first week. I think Carol and I would have worked well together. I had the wrong information filter to me in the beginning about Carol. I was told she was in a "6-person rival" alliance.

Jokerette: vastarr: kail question... Has your opinion changed about dick since watching the shows since you left are they still the same?
Kail: My feeling on Richard now are actually worse. I now have heard from my family how horrible of things he really did say. Things that are very scary on a physical sense. That is not GAME.
Jokerette: which leads me to ask...
Jokerette: did you see/hear about dick and jen last week? the almost violence? what did you think of that?
Kail: Yes, as much as I don't watch "after dark" I had to watch Jen. It broke my heart to see how all the other hg's just sat back and watched and was happy that it wasn't them.

Jokerette: miro asks: Does it surprise you that Jen WAS the second most popular player after Dick, even though Dick assumed she had barely any fans?
Kail: I know jen must have felt all alone and no one to turn to.
Jokerette: she must have. for sure.
Kail: I am so happy that Jen has fans. She is beautiful inside and out. She is honest and a loyal friend.
Jokerette: good to hear

Jokerette: danelle asks: kail, were you surprised when dani promised to have your back at the hoh comp and then go back on her word and put you on the block?
Kail: Yes, I was surprised. Then she sortof did the same thing to Jen.

Jokerette: LaLa_MN asks: kail, thanks for being here, What do think of Americ's player? or as many refer to as Producers Pick?
Kail: lol...At first I thought it was great for America to be able to partcipate. Now, I'm not so sure. I think it hurt ME.
Jokerette: how did it hurt you?
Kail: I'm home...hehe

Jokerette: Janies_Guy: What were your thoughts of Dustin's Goodbye message to you? Has your experience changed some of your views of homosexuality?
Kail: I need to ask Dustin if that was his message to me or if that was from week 2. He told me he didn't leave me a good message because he knew I was still going to be in the house. Dustin and I had a great relationship so I thought. My views are still the same. I do not agree with that life style, although I look at a persons heart and not their label.

Jokerette: IM4ED: just wondering if you could extend of the jen situation, and ask her if it was ok for POOR jen to take a lit
Kail: Richard blew smoke in Jens face to make Jen react the way she did.

Jokerette: sunsetdreaming asks: Kail, in your opinion who do you feel should win the game and why?
Kail: Out of the people who is left... I would say I would like to see Zach. Probably because he really, really needs the money and he's playing a pretty good game..

Jokerette: zackloveskail asks: Kail, I am one of your biggest fans. Is there anyway we can contact you, or do you have some sort of fan site? You are amazing!
Kail: Thank you zackloveskail! My website is being built as we chat. It will be

Jokerette: BB8Watcher asks: How do you feel about Daniele now that you've seen the show? Do you still view her as "like a daughter"?
Kail: I haven't watched enough episodes to be able to form an opinion. However, my oldest son says "She is so fruuuuustrating" I do still feel she is a survivor

Jokerette: jjurr: Kail: Do you think Eric being America's Player gives him an unfair advantage in the game, or hurts him?
Kail: I would think so but he seems to be doing great and making it far and some extra $$$ as well

Jokerette: Meldor asks: Why didn't you stick with the MRA? What was it that you think caused it to fall apart?
Kail: I would have gone all the way with the MRA. Unfortunately Nick wasn't having anything to do with it. When I figured it out I discussed things with Mike first before I said anything to Richard.

Carol: HI Kail!!!!!!
Jokerette: Hey Carol
Kail: Hi Carol

Jokerette: AquaLiz asks: What does it feel like being cut off from the "real world", not knowing what is going on and how was it catching up with everything when you returned home?
Kail: I'm still behind on catching up on things in the real world. My husband and I have talked for hours and hours trying to catch up. He also wrote me every night which is fun to read with him.
Carol: my dad told me you were on so i thought i would stop in and say hi... be careful this site is addicting
Carol's Dad: Boy I wish i had thought of that writing a letter every nite well maybe every week
Kail: Yes, my husband is very sweet in that way and gives us so much to talk about.

Jokerette: Riah asks: Kail whatta ya think about Erics crude remark about Jen when she was evicted do you beleive it was out of line
Kail: Jen I'm sure is sick about that comment. She was close to Eric in the house and I'm sure she is wondering what happened to him.

Jokerette: intensity1234 asks: Kail, what was your favorite memory from the house?
Kail: My fav memory: tough question. I know that I am most proud of just being chosen to be on the show.

Jokerette: RealityReject asks: You tried out for BB more then once. Did you get to the finals everytime? I tried out once & didn't even get a call back. Should I and others like me try out again?
Jokerette: I know Dick tried out multiple times, reject. and he finally made it
Kail: In season 5 I made it to finals. In season 6 I made it to semi-finals. Season 7 was "all-stars" and then I made it to 8.
Jokerette: wow kail, I had no idea! finals for season 5?
Kail: I never say "give up" in anything you want.

Jokerette: wheez asks: I remember early in the show when you and Dick were talkin and You mentioned that you had a speech prepared for the final 2 .. just curious as to what you were gonna say
Kail: Wheez has a great memory. Yes, I did say that. I have a childhood dream of building an authentic castle. I already own the 50+ acres to build it on. Then I want to rent out the suites to the public.

Lydia: How were you going to put that in your speech Kail?
Kail: Every little girl has a dream. Mine involved castles.........................

Jokerette: Orionztail asks: curious who would have been your partner if you made it to season 6, your husband or a friend?
Kail: I don't know. But, I do know now that my son wants me to do TAR with him. He has asked me for about 2 years now. He just isn't old enough yet.
Jokerette: I was just gonna ask about TAR so you'd do TAR, would you do Survivor? I've met many survivors, you couldn't PAY me the million to do that. rofl
Kail: My oldest would tell me what to do! Probably no on Survivor. I don't think I could eat that stuff.

Lydia: lovin_ed asks: if u had made it on season 6 what alliance do u think u might of been a part of
Kail: I am a big fan of Janelle. So, probably would have tried to work with her.

Jokerette: daatsus asks: Kail congrats on trying to take out Dick after his first outrage, Zach's had some real slanderous things said about him by Eric which made the other women avoid him, what are your feelings about Zach now?
Kail: I still like Zach now. I had heard that he was making comments to the other girls. Although, he never did to me. I think he just wants to fit in and make friends.

Lydia: KAILFAN asks: If you were ask to come back for an All-Star season, would you?
Kail: Hi Kailfan: I doubt I would be asked. lol but, if asked, I would be honored. Anytime you do something a second time it is easier. My mom said she would refuse to watch! It's too hard on her.

Jokerette: here's a quickie for carol if she's still here
Jokerette: BB8Watcher asks: I would like to ask carol & her dad how did they feel about ED's live show comment of recieving a wet kiss from Carol?
Carol's Dad: lol
Carol's Dad: he is dreaming right carol?
Jokerette: methinks he lost a bet, to have to say that lol
Carol: That comment from dick made me sick to my stomach... almost as bad as watching jess and eric make out tonight :P
Kail: My son says Richard said that about Carol because he lost a bet in "beer pong"

Lydia: Janies_Guy asks: If you were in the final two, how would you have want to be sitting next to?
Kail: To Kailfan: Of course, I would want to be sitting next to Jen. We would have gotten there together with great team work.

Jokerette: <jcblueeyes2276> i just wanted to know what she thinks of ED and Dani? their relationship?
Kail: I think Dani has a lot of resentment toward Richard. Something that can't be healed during a 90 day reality show.

Lydia: djgebel asks: Kail, what was your strategy when entering the house? Was it part of your strategy to win the very first HOH? Did you stick to the original strategy, or did you have to change it once quickly?
Kail: I changed my strategy right away! I wanted an all-girl alliance. I did not want the first HOH! However, I felt I needed it because I was so much older than everyone else and had to earn my keep. There was talk about getting the "old-lady" out by Jen. Carol did you hear Jen say that?

Lydia: Rawrmonster asks: Kail What do you think of Ambers constant Crying ?
Kail: It was wearing away at us. You never knew when she would cry, laugh, or cuss someone out. She was high-maintance.

Jokerette: Rawrmonster asks: do you think that jameka and amber are using religion as a scape goat or as a tool ?
Kail: I think they are caught up in something. I haven't figured it out yet. I do know that I tried to befriend Jameka and she didn't seem to want to have anything to do with me.

Carol's Dad: Kail what do U think of Jokers isn't it great?
Kail: I love Jokers
Jokerette: smoochs on y'all
Kail: This is the site that when I was away my family used as a life line.
Jokerette: awwwwwww glad to hear, Kail

Jokerette: connorE5 asks: Kail, I was on a reality show also, what was your favorite and least favorite part about being on one?
Kail: The best part is meeting everyone in the bizz and meeting the fans. The worse part is having people say untrue things about you.

Lydia: AquaLiz asks: How did it feel having to walk out of the BB house in the bunny suit? LOL.
Kail: I did NOT want to do that! I complained in the DR too. But...I sure do get asked a lot of questions about that suit.:) and... I didn't even get to keep it.

Jokerette: miro asks: Do you belive that Eric as the America's player has an advantage of staying longer in the game for the fact that he may be boosting Big Brother's profit?
Kail: The viewers actually know more than me.

Lydia: zaneta asks: did your family watch the live feeds?
Kail: Yes, my family watched the live feeds.

Jokerette: OK Kail... we sure thank you for your time
Kail: Thank you for having me. I had a lot of fun.