BB8 Winner Dick Donato's Audio Chat

As Dick said “I’ve been de-virginized; I’m having my first Jokers chat!” Listen in as Dick talks about what’s going on with his life outside the Big Brother house.

Dick is passionate about fundraising and charity. What tops his list right now? Fighting diabetes, or in the words of his campaign he wants everyone to “Rock Against Diabetes.” Dick talked about how diabetes affected his own Father, and then the Father of one of his best friends who after a lengthy battle with the disease, that included losing his eye sight and having a couple of toes removed due to infection died shortly after. Listen in as he talks about other friends close to him and how they battled this disease, including his story about a friend named Dorothy who had a limb and other extremities removed over time; and recently lost her life to the disease. He will convince you that diabetes is no joke and needs immediate attention should you be diagnosed or know someone else that has been diagnosed. Rock Against Diabetes will be a benefit event taking place in Las Vegas, Aug. 23, 2008. Check out Dick’s ‘Rock Against Diabetes’ Myspace page for information on how you can participate and who is playing at the event as well as items that are up for bid on e-bay: eBay: Rock Against Diabetes’

Dick had a lot to say about Big Brother. Will Dick be on Housecalls? Listen in and find out what he has to say about that. He talks about how and why everyone this season went straight to sequester rather than doing interviews in the press, including Housecalls. He was asked what he knows about season 10 and he said “are you kidding me, they don’t tell me anything. You people at Jokers know more than I do!”

Dick addresses Eric’s blog and the comments he made about Danielle and Janelle. He talked about the game and who he liked/disliked from all seasons. All in all, Dick was informative, relaxed and very talkative!