BB8 Jen Johnson

[23:33] petite6> is this a free for all? I hope so
[23:33] MissyinSC> it's Jen people
[23:33] petite6> YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[23:33] Tarfan> cool!!!!
[23:33] kidkind> Nice job ops
[23:33] Tarfan> Hi JEN
[23:33] kidkind> Hola Jen Johnson
[23:34] jenj> Hello
[23:34] Tarfan> how are you?
[23:34] Liann> Welcome Jen!!!
[23:34] jenj> I'm good
[23:34] ilovejen> hello jen
[23:34] petite6> Jen, we've been waiting like forever to chat with were the most entertaining and interesting houseguest
[23:34] PAK> OMG its Jen
[23:34] PAK> Howís Dick Jen?
[23:34] Tarfan> ITA with what petite said
[23:34] BriGuy37> This is really sweet of you Jen, you're the best.
[23:34] MardiRob> Yay, Jen!!!
[23:34] Jokerette> well hey Jen!
[23:34] kidkind> Thanks for coming in Jen'
[23:34] jenj> thanks..I always planned on doing a chat...I just really didn't know how or where to go. :-)
[23:34] IggysPinkTights> thanks Jen!!! we've been waiting for you to come by!
[23:35] Tarfan> definitely the best HG this season....One of my all time favorites
[23:35] IggysPinkTights> the best site ever!
[23:35] kidkind> right place here only good people who respect ya
[23:35] Liann> Now y'all be kind to Jen. This is her first EVER chat okay???
[23:35] Jokerette> we'd like to do an official with you, Jen
[23:36] ilovejen> I love you jen
[23:36] sil> how have you been jen? is the media leaving you alone yet?
[23:36] ilovejen> I think u was the best
[23:36] Tarfan> that would be awesome Jokerette
[23:36] PAK> Jen, you should have ripped the Producers with that photo they put on the HG Photo Wall
[23:36] Jokerette> awwwwwwww first chat
[23:36] helena> Yes, Jen. An official chat:)
[23:36] kidkind> This is crazy
[23:36] HappyBooferween> this can be a dry run...less people in here now, not QUITE as crazy
[23:36] ilovejen> I love the MySpace jen
[23:37] helena> You handled yourself with a lot of class in that house given what you were up against.
[23:37] pothead> no doubt
[23:37] Jokerette> true helena. well said
[23:37] petite6> Now, let's chat like we're best friends and gossip
[23:37] Tarfan> Jen, what does your Mom think of the season?
[23:37] Anon9905> ok was she verified?
[23:38] HappyBooferween> yup she was edge
[23:38] MardiRob> She was verified.
[23:38] Jokerette> rofl gossip yes! we need gossip "_
[23:38] sil> edgein, it's her
[23:38] ilovejen> can u give me kiss jen please
[23:38] edgein23> thanks sil
[23:38] kidkind> Gossip is always good
[23:39] Liann> I spoke with her on the phone just now, this is THE BB8Jen y'all.
[23:39] edgein23> Jen, I love you (and hate ED)
[23:39] edgein23> thanks Liann
[23:39] pothead> same here
[23:39] petite6> LOL too
[23:39] IggysPinkTights> yay! thanks Liann
[23:39] edgein23> (and I hate Dani too)
[23:39] Tarfan> what edgein23 said!
[23:39] kidkind> Liann f'n Rox
[23:39] MardiRob> Jen, is Hitting the Nuts ever going to be produced?
[23:39] PAK> Actual Confirms It's Jen Johnson
[23:39] Jokerette> yep tis
[23:39] Liann> My pleasure, she is a nice gal
[23:39] edgein23> We KNOW, unlike certain others in the house
[23:39] petite6> where did Jen go? Is she here?
[23:40] sil> ETTE, you may want to change the welcome
[23:40] kidkind> Probably in PM hell
[23:40] pothead> hey crateriko
[23:40] IggysPinkTights> Jen thanks for replying to me and so many others...we love how personable you are.
[23:40] Jokerette> JenÖ. would you send your email address to Liann?
[23:40] crateriko> hi pothead
[23:40] edgein23> doing a jig> since Jen is really Jen
[23:40] crateriko> jen is here?
[23:40] edgein23> She was
[23:40] mimi> welcome jen
[23:41] HappyBooferween> this is her first time in chat, she's still here probably just busy getting stuff straight
[23:41] edgein23> Maybe we can get her to play werewolf lol
[23:41] edgein23> oh there she is, her name got moved up
[23:41] petite6> Jen your body was on fire in the house
[23:41] pothead> lol
[23:41] kidkind> Good thing F&F is over she would really think we were assholes
[23:41] HappyBooferween> or straight nuts
[23:41] Jokerette> well this is neat for a sat night!
[23:41] helena> lol, kind
[23:41] Tarfan> it sure is ette
[23:41] mimi> is jen gone
[23:41] Jokerette> yep good thing F*F is over lol
[23:41] jenj> I am here..I just wasn't getting new lines
[23:42] PAK> cool Jen
[23:42] Jokerette> there you are, pretty girl
[23:42] sil> welcome to jokers jen!!
[23:42] PAK> Jen*
[23:42] edgein23> Jen- how bad did ED really smell? He looked like he smelled like road kill after a hot day in the desert
[23:42] Tarfan> now you got you to read up
[23:42] IggysPinkTights> awww lag
[23:42] edgein23> welcome jen!
[23:42] kidkind> lag on wireless
[23:42] Tarfan> lol edgein
[23:42] pothead> lol
[23:42] crateriko> hi jen
[23:42] petite6> LOL
[23:42] Jokerette> welcome to Jokers, Jen... we're so glad to have you
[23:42] sil> lol edge
[23:42] helena> Jen, you rocked the BB house.
[23:42] BriGuy37> Have you watched any of the episodes, Jen?
[23:42] Tarfan> Jen is so nice you to finally chat!
[23:43] edgein23> Indeed
[23:43] PAK> Jen what did you think of the PENALTY VOTE?
[23:43] crateriko> Jen, you have a lot of fans.
[23:43] helena> a LOT of fans
[23:43] mimi> yes you do jen
[23:43] Jokerette> yes Jen does have a whole lot of fans on Jokers
[23:43] edgein23> and we fight like hell for you here at JU
[23:43] IggysPinkTights> how do you feel about all the "fans" that you have when POS Dick said everyone would hate you...what an ass
[23:43] Tarfan> yes he was
[23:43] edgein23> I bet he smells like ass
[23:43] kidkind> Unitard rules Jen
[23:43] mimi> we love u jen
[23:44] crateriko> how can he not smell? ugh... I still hear that spitting
[23:44] helena> He doesn't deserve to be called an ass. Dirty Colon is more like it
[23:44] edgein23> I just talked to my therapist about that today- still trying to work through the spitting and farting
[23:44] kidkind> Jen did you find the AP card or what?
[23:44] jenj> OK so I am scrolling up...My mom...thinks it was fun, she never got any sleep, she was always watching the live feed...she was mad at CBS for allowing dick to be so rude..Hitting the Nutz was supposed to have Drew Carey in it but he got 2 new game shows and backed out so we are trying to get someone else....
[23:44] edgein23> lol helena
[23:45] Jokerette> how exciting!
[23:45] IggysPinkTights> you are still on for the project then? great!
[23:45] crateriko> that's cool jen!
[23:45] Jokerette> so what is drew carey like?
[23:45] * HappyBooferween raises hands, what's Hitting the Nutz? sorry not up to speed
[23:45] edgein23> What Jen should have done to ED
[23:45] Tarfan> it must've been hard at times for your Mom to watch the feeds
[23:45] Jokerette> rofl
[23:45] HappyBooferween> he has some?
[23:45] mimi> Jen have u been busy since u left the house
[23:46] Jokerette> yes I feel for your Mom, Jen
[23:46] kidkind> Drew Carey looks Like he sweats Cold Cuts of ham on his neck .
[23:46] Tarfan> I did too ette
[23:46] jenj> I have watched 17 episodes so far, I thought the penalty vote was fun, why not add it to my collection of random things,
[23:46] crateriko> Iíd tell me my mom not to watch bb if I was on it
[23:46] IggysPinkTights> lol awesome
[23:46] Tarfan> So who do you keep in touch with the most?
[23:46] edgein23> Good for you Jen- I would love to buy you a turkey burger
[23:46] Tarfan> lol Jen
[23:46] IggysPinkTights> and *that's* why we loved you
[23:46] MardiRob> Hitting the Nuts is a comedy that Jen's going to be in
[23:46] helena> indeed!
[23:46] Jokerette> collection of random things.. very kewl lol
[23:46] Tarfan> cool on seeBS Rob?
[23:46] petite6> Does it bother you Jen that people are still talking crap about you after they've left the house?
[23:46] jenj> I did not find the Americaís player card
[23:46] HappyBooferween> ahhh thank you MardiRob
[23:47] pothead> I was glad that you stood up to the producers after they left you out to dry on the cigarettes
[23:47] kidkind> Jen have you watched the live feeds?
[23:47] edgein23> ITA pothead
[23:47] petite6> I agree Pothead
[23:47] crateriko> I can't believe they replaced the cigarettes
[23:47] pothead> me either
[23:47] edgein23> I was soooo pissed
[23:47] kidkind> Thanx for clearing that up Jen
[23:47] MardiRob> TarFan, it's a movie. Jen has its MySpace page in her topfriends thingy
[23:47] Tarfan> thx rob
[23:47] pothead> they even bought him more after he smoked the one's that they replaced
[23:47] MardiRob> Plus I linked it somewhere in the Jen forum
[23:47] helena> You handled yourself perfectly when Dick came at you, Jen.
[23:47] pothead> anyone else would've gotten the patch and some suckers
[23:48] edgein23> On a serious note- Jen you are a very admirable person with the patience of a saint
[23:48] helena> lol Chris
[23:48] crateriko> they bought him more? why am I not surprised...
[23:48] Tarfan> exactly, wth were they replacing his cigs?
[23:48] edgein23> no kidding ph
[23:48] IggysPinkTights> Jen what did your employers have to say about your time there?
[23:48] petite6> I think she should have been able to slap ED...he's all rubber anyways
[23:48] pothead> and he complained about the brand that they bought him
[23:48] Moz> Jensa Member here!
[23:48] jenj> I never met Drew Carey..they got him and lost him while I was in the house, we are still on for the project...I actually invested some of my money in it..I think it will be awesome once we do it
[23:48] edgein23> I loathe ED
[23:48] myladyamie> Jen are you going to sell your BB bag on eBay????????
[23:48] Tarfan> cool Jen
[23:48] IggysPinkTights> good luck with that Jen...sounds amazing
[23:48] helena> as do I, Ed
[23:49] petite6> we need more Jen on TV
[23:49] kidkind> Jen is the Miata gone yet?
[23:49] Jokerette> it sounds like an interesting project, jen! Anything else coming up for you?
[23:49] Tarfan> can't wait for the shirts to come out
[23:49] crateriko> dick is so bitter since the show ended... I think it's great
[23:49] IggysPinkTights> me too Tarfan
[23:49] coldbythelake> ASU 24 - Cal 20 7:40 4th Q. That you've resumed your career & life thrills me to no end!!
[23:49] Jokerette> I'm sure lots of good things will come your way
[23:49] jenj> I have been so busy since leaving the house..I am actually supposed to be at a bunch of red carpet parties tonight...but I didn't feel like getting all costumed out
[23:49] petite6> I want the Onezies and shirts...I'm going to be broke
[23:49] mimi> dick was always so bitter
[23:49] edgein23> Yep crater- he is a miserable, pathetic sorry excuse for a man
[23:49] Moz> Jen will the Red Unitard ever be put on eBay?
[23:49] petite6> broke
[23:49] MardiRob> I can't wait to win mustard shirt on eBay.
[23:49] Cindy64> What would you have dressed up like?
[23:50] edgein23> Are you wearing jammies now Jen (not in a perverted way)- we loved the cute onseies you wore in sequester
[23:50] petite6> Jen that's what I love the most about're a hot internet nerd...that's just so special!!!
[23:50] IggysPinkTights> yes Jen you have two Jokers fighting to the death for the uni
[23:50] kidkind> How about a line of JenJ Erotic Unitards
[23:50] myladyamie> Jen we saw you on Vages!!!!!
[23:50] Tarfan> cool you can chat with us...Love it!
[23:50] crateriko> jen, do you speak to anyone from bb since the show ended?
[23:50] Jokerette> Jen, do you have a new website, or pics out there?
[23:51] jenj> I talk to a lot of people...Kail a lot..I might go out to Oregon to visit her soon, Zach and Nick, Dustin, then Jessica, then Mike, then Jameka and Carol..and that's it
[23:51] crateriko> cool
[23:51] pothead> lol Iím so glad that Eric's not on that list
[23:51] pothead> he's almost as bad as Dick
[23:51] PAK> Kail is Defo MILF
[23:51] edgein23> *gasp*
[23:51] Tarfan> lol IA with PH
[23:51] Moz> I'll put the Skelehore site back up if I can get the unitard
[23:51] jenj> I don't know who is still talking crap..I am sure the Donatos....I have not watched any live feeds
[23:51] IggysPinkTights> lol Moz
[23:51] Jokerette> Kail is very kewl indeed. I like her a lot
[23:51] kidkind> Kail seems like a good lady just don't screw her on a hand shake
[23:51] crateriko> Eric and jen were my fav's... too bad they hated each other LOL
[23:51] pothead> lol sorry edgein
[23:52] edgein23> no you're not
[23:52] IggysPinkTights> don't worry about if Jen move on and endorse your new use in dwelling in shit
[23:52] crateriko> oh, jess, too
[23:52] Tarfan> IA iggy
[23:52] jenj> I actually tried to bring Nicoret into the house for any smokers, but they wouldn't let me bring it in...I am also upset they replaced the cigs
[23:52] kidkind> JenJ CarolsDad would totally GeekOut to meet you
[23:52] Tarfan> one great thing I admired about Jen in the house, was the ability to focus on the positive
[23:53] Tarfan> like u should be
[23:53] IggysPinkTights> IA Tarfan
[23:53] Jokerette> that cigs thing was a trip!!
[23:53] coldbythelake> ASU 31 - Cal 20 3:00 4th Q
[23:53] edgein23> Jen- you have NO idea how upset the fans were about the cigs
[23:53] IggysPinkTights> "that's perfect"
[23:53] edgein23> (and ED trying to burn you)
[23:53] mimi> Jen has it been hard to go back to living outside of the bb house
[23:53] Jokerette> I mighta belted him, had that been me lol
[23:53] edgein23> you and me both ette
[23:53] Moz> Jen, you went out of that house with a bang, and looking so hot!
[23:54] Tarfan> Jen, someone had inquired b4 about what vitamins you used?
[23:54] nerdz> Jen any upcoming projects you are willing to share with us??
[23:54] mimi> I would have burned him with his own cig
[23:54] Tarfan> Jen,,, what do you think about Marci?
[23:54] Tarfan> I mean Marcellas?
[23:54] kidkind> I liked Ed but if I was in the house I would not have let him talk to a woman that way
[23:54] BriGuy37> Jen, you were adorable in the bunny outfit. If I were you, that'd be my Halloween costume this year.
[23:54] crateriko> jen, do you regret any move you made in the game?
[23:54] edgein23> lol bri that's perfect
[23:54] IggysPinkTights> good ? crateriko
[23:54] MardiRob> Jen any chance you'd be selling pictures of you in the Mad Hatter comp? That was the moment I knew I'd love you forever.
[23:54] jenj> MY employers missed me, and were happy to have me home. :-) I am not sure if I am going to sell my bag on eBay, it's holding a bunch of stuff have not sold the Miata..I actually have it at my mom's house in AZ for when I visit..but I think I would rather just rent a car if I I need to sell it, so it doesn't just sit there.
[23:54] crateriko> ty
[23:55] Liann> So Jen, what are you working on now?
[23:55] IggysPinkTights> that's great Jen...I'm sure they missed you too!
[23:55] edgein23> Come back to AZ Jen
[23:55] kidkind> Thanx for the answer Jen
[23:55] helena> You can be my nanny, Jen
[23:55] Tarfan> Vanna's kids looks awesome
[23:55] Moz> was a nanny for my brother's kids in 2005 lol
[23:55] IggysPinkTights> werd mines as well...I'd feel bad for you though Jen
[23:56] PAK> Jen Donít sell you bag keep it as a memento for your time in the BB House
[23:56] edgein23> Moz- can you put the skelewhore site back up?
[23:56] IggysPinkTights> it's collateral for the unitard :P
[23:56] edgein23> I loved that site
[23:56] Tarfan> Jen, do you have your comp gloves?
[23:57] jenj> I am not sure about putting the unitard up on eBay either...we will see...I actually just put the mustard shirt up today...I am wearing workout clothes..because I was going to work out..but I am not I just always think I am going to. :-)
[23:57] Moz> edgein23........I'm working on it
[23:57] IggysPinkTights> lol
[23:57] IggysPinkTights> I wish I could look like you just thinking about working out
[23:57] jenj> Well If I do put up the unitard, it will be one of the last things I put up..Am I responding too delayed or are you guys seeing what I am doing?
[23:57] edgein23> Just know Jen, there are plenty of fans of your jammies
[23:57] mimi> u donít have to work out u look really good and pretty
[23:57] kidkind> I wear my adidas stuff all day
[23:57] ilovejen> jen do u think ED really liked u , but was just playing a game and u was so nice he pick u to yell at??
[23:57] pothead> lol you're doing great
[23:57] edgein23> we can see you jen
[23:57] crateriko> you're doing great jen
[23:57] sil> we see you jen!
[23:57] Jokerette> we're seeing you fine, Jen
[23:57] IggysPinkTights> you are doing fine
[23:57] PAK> Jen, Q: Would you do BB All Stars a few years down the road if there was
[23:58] Jokerette> yes would you do all stars, Jen?
[23:59] Jokerette> all stars would be neat.
[23:59] Jokerette> a rematch with dick, maybe? :|
[23:59] edgein23> ugh
[23:59] edgein23> no
[23:59] edgein23> please
[23:59] crateriko> yuck
[23:59] pothead> as long as the Donatos aren't there
[23:59] edgein23> no more ED
[23:59] PAK> Although Dick and Dani would be there
[23:59] kidkind> Dick and Jen reunited on allstars wow\
[23:59] Liann> A re-Dick EWWWWWWWWW!
[23:59] jenj> Eric and I didn't hate each other..we aligned on day 2 and we were pretending to hate each other..then I was targeted for everything bad, so he became rude,
[23:59] Jokerette> they did have some memorable fights
[23:59] IggysPinkTights> lol Liann
[23:59] PAK> Donatos will return
[00:00] mimi> no rematch with dick or Danielle
[00:00] crateriko> I wish we saw more of the jen/Eric alliance
[00:00] HappyBooferween> just make sure all the cups have spill proof lids
[00:00] IggysPinkTights> hope not....I won't watch Jen have another crappy summer
[00:00] edgein23> imo jen was more of a winner than either ED or Dani
[00:00] Tarfan> Eric was sooo rude, he turned me off from him especially his comments as you exited the house
[00:00] pothead> yeah. he was so one0sided in your alliance though. he played a huge role in turning some of the HGs against you
[00:00] kidkind> 4 years till allstars lots of new blood
[00:00] sybilll> jenj, I would bid on the Unitard. What you did with it was amazing. Has it been laundered?
[00:00] Tarfan> ITA PH
[00:00] MardiRob> Eric was living proof of the Milgram Experiment's findings.
[00:00] Moz> I want to see Dick and Cappy on all-stars together..... would love to see Cappy own Dick
[00:00] crateriko> I do wonder if Eric would have stayed loyal to jen if she wasn't constantly targeted
[00:00] Liann> After you read my PM, so what did you think about Eric getting money to tamper with the game Jen?
[00:01] BriGuy37> Did Daniele have any fun in the house? She seemed to mope a lot...
[00:01] Tarfan> Jen.....and just so you know I LOVED it when You performed the "Art of Eating" LOL!
[00:01] jenj> I always take vitamin C, alpha lipoic acid, spirulina, acidophilus...and papaya enzymes
[00:01] IggysPinkTights> lol me too Tarfan
[00:01] Moz> Daniele just whined all day
[00:01] pothead> I don't think it was that. I think it was the AP thing and knowing that the DR was working for the Donatos
[00:01] IggysPinkTights> "I will now perform...eating"
[00:01] Moz> Soooooo fruuuuuussstraaaitiiiing
[00:01] Cindy64> I liked "Hi, itís me Jen"
[00:01] crateriko> I bet Daniele is frustrated right now
[00:01] IggysPinkTights> lol she's cute
[00:01] pothead> lol no doubt
[00:01] Jokerette> rofl iggy!
[00:02] kidkind> Mrs Kind says you need to market the Unitard on EBay, that was a great week for us
[00:02] Jokerette> that was rich for sure
[00:02] jenj> I am not sure what upcoming project I have coming up...everything is always up in the air and out here in Hollywood you never know what is real...but I do have some stuff coming up. :-)
[00:02] IggysPinkTights> I loved it...and then she eats like tons of healthy food
[00:02] Jokerette> wow I knew you would
[00:02] dustytissue> jen!!!
[00:02] mimi> well good for u jen
[00:02] nerdz> good luck with whatever you do jen....I'm going to bed.
[00:02] Jokerette> yes all good things for you I hope!
[00:02] IggysPinkTights> that's great...keep us informed
[00:02] crateriko> jen, I think you played a great game.. I wish nick left on your HOH instead of Joe, though
[00:02] Tarfan> Best wishes on all your future endeavors Jen!
[00:02] kidkind> Cheers jen good luck on future projects
[00:03] pothead> I was kinda hoping that she'd skip out on sequester and just walk out of the house that get away from Dick and the others
[00:03] Tarfan> ITA with Crateriko!
[00:03] sil> jen, how were things at the sequester house, Janelle said during her feeds interview that you may have been trying to leave the night she hosted the veto tournament
[00:03] Tarfan> same here pot
[00:03] jenj> Marcellas is awesome..I went to LA fashion week with him..he is really nice. I don't really regret anything I did...had I known more about the game I would have maybe done a couple things different..but I'm good with what happened
[00:03] Jokerette> Jen did you ever think of just bailing from the house?
[00:03] MardiRob> I'm hoping crater means Dick and not Nick.
[00:03] IggysPinkTights> regrets
[00:03] mimi> me too nerdz
[00:04] crateriko> thanks for answering jen
[00:04] Moz> same here, Rob
[00:04] Tarfan> awesome attitude Jen
[00:04] Jokerette> indeed.. no regrets is the right way to feel
[00:04] HappyBooferween> well it's my bed time too... Jen, you weren't my fave, but mad kudos to you for not going hostile and killing everyone in the house!
[00:04] crateriko> mardi, I wanted them both
[00:04] mimi> love u jen goodnight it is late in my neck of the woods bye
[00:04] kidkind> Jen your Bikini was the bomb you need to auction that thing girl
[00:05] IggysPinkTights> she rocked the kini's
[00:05] Jokerette> yes the bikini and the unitard would make you a fortune on eBay
[00:05] jenj> I am not sure what pics I will be selling...I was thinking of getting like 4-5 pics on one sheet from BB8 and making them onto 1 pic and selling that...we will see. Yes I have my comp gloves
[00:05] kidkind> Definitely ette
[00:05] Tarfan> hmmm, so whose gloves does Zach have?
[00:05] IggysPinkTights> Dani's I thought
[00:05] Jokerette> you should maybe keep those gloves! oh the memories
[00:05] edgein23> What is your favorite/best memory from in the house?
[00:05] IggysPinkTights> but Dick said he didn't
[00:06] petite6> Jen, is it hard being friends with Nick when he's dating Dani and she hates you?
[00:06] kidkind> Yeah Jen what's up with the gloves Zach says he has
[00:06] Moz> Dick lies
[00:06] Moz> if Zach
[00:06] IggysPinkTights> lol yeah
[00:06] Moz> says they are Dani's
[00:06] Moz> then they are
[00:06] Tarfan> I'm amazed that your friends with nick....what a douche
[00:06] edgein23> lol tar I agree
[00:06] crateriko> ugh @ nick
[00:06] IggysPinkTights> weird
[00:07] Moz> I have a friend who bought Nick's shorts on eBay for lots of money.......I lost 51% respect for him
[00:07] Tarfan> Jen, I truly wish you were on The Amazing Race instead of bb
[00:07] IggysPinkTights> is there going to be an "official" Jen chat etters?
[00:07] crateriko> only 51%
[00:07] Tarfan> lol
[00:07] Cindy64> Moz, does he wear them?
[00:07] Moz> well he's a nice guy
[00:07] IggysPinkTights> LOL moz
[00:07] Jokerette> weíre trying to set that up iggy
[00:07] edgein23> I would love him if he were one of the ones that bid and didn't pay
[00:07] Liann> ROFLMAO! Someone bought someone's underwear???????????
[00:07] IggysPinkTights> k...thanks etters you are the bestest!
[00:08] Tarfan> cool ette
[00:08] Moz> Cindy, he said they were super baggy on him Lol
[00:08] Tarfan> lol
[00:08] petite6> Jen for Amazing Race!
[00:08] Cindy64> only 51 percent? lol
[00:08] IggysPinkTights> he doesn't know how far his junk hung...that's McFarking Icky
[00:08] eholder> would have been 99% for me! : )
[00:09] dustytissue> Jen, people were saying you sent an apology to Dani. Did you? If so, what did she say in reply, if she did reply?
[00:09] nwokpeach> Is Jen here?
[00:09] sybilll> jenj, is it true you have an endorsement deal in the works for Dove soap, and Treseme' shampoo? That would be awesome.
[00:10] Moz> dusty, an apology for what?
[00:10] IggysPinkTights> it would...hadn't heard that
[00:10] jenj> I think that the AP thing really messed me up in the game but whatever...I am not sure if Dani had any fun..she never really played games with us, I think she was just really concentrated on the game and was not sure about her home life
[00:10] dustytissue> no idea.. I was thinking the same.. if anyone, I feel like it should be Dani who should apologize
[00:10] edgein23> jen- you are too kind
[00:10] pothead> yeah. the AP thing was a horrible twist
[00:10] pothead> Iím sure that it'll be back next year
[00:10] crateriko> AP twist
[00:11] nwokpeach> AP screwed the whole game up, imo.
[00:11] edgein23> it better not be pothead
[00:11] Tarfan> ITA didnít like the ap twist at all
[00:11] edgein23> AG stinks
[00:11] eholder> no way they'll do it again - sucked for everyone not named dick
[00:11] crateriko> Allison Grodner loves us all, and she'd never do the twist again
[00:11] Janice> I hope they don't do AP again
[00:11] pothead> Iím sticking with BB UK next year
[00:11] pothead> lol she hates us
[00:11] Warlock> Is Jen in the house?
[00:11] edgein23> yep
[00:11] Moz> don't get me started on Grodner
[00:11] Tarfan> yes she is
[00:11] edgein23> lol moz
[00:11] IggysPinkTights> yes she is
[00:12] pothead> lol
[00:12] Warlock> Jen I love you
[00:12] IggysPinkTights> awwww
[00:12] Janice> We all love Jen!!
[00:12] IggysPinkTights> best thing about BB8 was Jen for me
[00:12] edgein23> jen- be happy you aren't with nick- you would be subjected to weird fans
[00:12] Janice> sure is!
[00:12] Tarfan> same here iggy
[00:12] jenj> The sequester house was fun..then it was kind of a "let me go home!!!"
[00:12] pothead> lol I bet
[00:12] Cindy64> but nice baskets lol and trips
[00:12] crateriko> well, I gotta head out... jen thanks for answering our q's, hope to see you in another chat soon... night everybody
[00:13] IggysPinkTights> lol
[00:13] coldbythelake> Jen, please thank Kara & your other friends for their support for you. I'd thank them in person if I could.
[00:13] Jokerette> night crater
[00:13] Tarfan> nite crater
[00:13] IggysPinkTights> night crater
[00:13] petite6> wow Jen You're so much classier than some of the other HGs. You still have kind words to say about your enemies
[00:13] eholder> that must have sucked being so close to home, but not able to leave!
[00:13] edgein23> amazing isn't it petite? It's nice to see
[00:13] dustytissue> jen, you should drop by more often
[00:13] Tarfan> JenÖfor a second there some of us thought you bolted from sequester...not that I wouldíve blamed you
[00:14] IggysPinkTights> same here...I wanted her too
[00:14] jenj> I am not sure..they are really small...I was at his house last night and he tried to give them to me thinking they might have been mine...but they are not I have mine..I think they are Daniele's
[00:14] edgein23> Jen- were you offered the chance to press charges against ED for assault?
[00:14] eholder> yeah, that was the rumor why they never showed the sequester house!
[00:14] Tarfan> Jen, what are your thoughts on Allison G.?
[00:14] Moz> lol
[00:14] IggysPinkTights> lol
[00:14] Moz> great question
[00:14] sil> good q tar
[00:15] jenj> I think my favorite memory in the house was when I won HOH with 41 gallons and everyone was just so pissed...LOL It's not hard being friends with anyone and I don't think he is dating Daniele,
[00:15] ilovejen36> hey jen LOVE YOU!!!
[00:15] Tarfan> huh?
[00:15] ilovejen36> you're my fav BB player EVER!!
[00:16] edgein23> That was a great moment- thanks for answering Jen
[00:16] pothead> lol that was great. ED was still mumbling about it after you left for sequester
[00:16] eholder> that was so funny - everyone was SO sure you'd go home that week and you won hoh!
[00:16] Warlock> Jensa Member Holla!!
[00:16] petite6> Really Jen? Did they just recently break up?
[00:16] edgein23> I heard that too
[00:16] edgein23> story please
[00:16] eholder> dick never let that go either - he was always saying "9 gallons"
[00:16] dustytissue> heard what?
[00:16] Tarfan> dick could not get over the 9 gallons thingy
[00:16] edgein23> that Dani and nick broke up
[00:16] dustytissue> ohh
[00:16] Cindy64> they did?
[00:16] edgein23> ED needs therapy
[00:16] eholder> no kidding edge
[00:16] Tarfan> Jen do you have any gossip for us? lol
[00:16] PAK> Dick is BBís Bad boy
[00:16] MissyinSC> no they did not break up
[00:16] edgein23> I read that- don't know if it's true
[00:17] Moz> I heard about Dani and Nick splitting too.....immediately I though "she must've cheated....AGAIN!"
[00:17] petite6> Really? But Dani doesn't have her own site to go too...Accckkkward!
[00:17] Janice> What's the scoop on Nick and Dani? Gossip please!
[00:17] dustytissue> haha
[00:17] Tarfan> just kidding
[00:17] pothead> Dick is BB's STD
[00:17] petite6> No you aren't Tarfan lol
[00:17] Tarfan> lol
[00:17] jenj> I just took down the pic of Dani with the quote of "feeding the hungry" she didn't like it, I thought it was funny..I just said I was sorry if I hurt her feelings, I just thought it was funny :-)
[00:17] MardiRob> Dick is BBs pathetic middle aged man boy
[00:17] edgein23> a resistant strain no less pothead
[00:17] Cindy64> it was pretty funny
[00:17] edgein23> I thought it was funny too Jen
[00:17] Tarfan> hey jen I thought that was funny too!!
[00:17] dustytissue> ohh, so THAT'S what you apologized for?
[00:17] eholder> I thought it was funny
[00:17] nwokpeach> Jen, so you get along with Dani?
[00:17] pothead> lol it was funny
[00:17] IggysPinkTights> lol it was....THAT offended her but her behavior in the house didn't?? whatevs
[00:17] petite6> LOL Jen that wasn't funny...I'm not laughing...really I'm not ROFLMAO
[00:17] Janice> it is funny
[00:18] Moz> lol JEN
[00:18] ilovejen36> NO jen you should put it back up!! it was the BEST pic
[00:18] Tarfan> lol petite
[00:18] Moz> it was
[00:18] BriGuy37> Dani seems to not have a sense of humor about herself.
[00:18] edgein23> Dani didn't seem to have a sense of humor period. end of story.
[00:18] eholder> that was nice of you to apologize though, I bet she would never consider doing such a thing
[00:18] BriGuy37> true
[00:19] Janice> sorry is not in her vocabulary
[00:19] nwokpeach> I think Dani would have been viewed differently if ED was not in the BB house
[00:19] Tarfan> donít let Dani, dick, or nick's fans give you a hard time over anything!!!
[00:19] dustytissue> yup
[00:19] IggysPinkTights> Jen I really loved how you'd be put in situations that would blow my mind and piss me off and you just played with your hair or smiled and blew it off...such class!
[00:19] Warlock> Jen, was ED's lisp as annoying in person as it was on TV? and his mom jeans?
[00:19] MardiRob> Dani is...well...into herself.
[00:19] Tarfan> what iggy said!
[00:19] Moz> I love how fans of Dick claim to love him for his bluntness, but as soon as him or Dani are called out on their crap....they start whining
[00:19] Janice> what are mom jeans?
[00:19] Cindy64> How did you deal with his nasty habits?
[00:19] ilovejen36> JEN who of the BB cast do you keep in contact??
[00:19] pothead> lol no doubt
[00:19] edgein23> lol warlock
[00:19] petite6> To add what Iggy said...I can't believe you didn't gag with ED's horrible breath...I could smell that skank from my screen
[00:20] IggysPinkTights> rofl!
[00:20] edgein23> lololol
[00:20] Moz> haha
[00:20] jenj> ppl think I should press charges against's not me to be doing that..and I am busy enough without that, I think that the people that were behind the scenes really were only concerned about making a good show...they should be sure that everyone is safe and that the game is fair
[00:20] nwokpeach> mom jeans+elastic waistband
[00:20] edgein23> I totally agree Jen
[00:20] eholder> no kidding jen - that's what a lot of us said too
[00:20] Janice> thanks nwokpeach
[00:20] Tarfan> I agree with ya Jen
[00:20] Warlock> lol nwokpeach
[00:21] pothead> Dick wasn't even good TV...unless they were trying for something Springeresque
[00:21] nwokpeach> well, they are! lol!
[00:21] Cindy64> wonder if Dani has the tot set to go w/ & tot jeans
[00:21] Tarfan> I didnít find him funny at all
[00:21] IggysPinkTights> I was scared for you I really thought that jerk would have done something...not that you couldn't take him you owned Eric
[00:21] BriGuy37> Dick's schtick got old, real fast.
[00:21] Janice> Dick with his baked bean teeth
[00:21] ilovejen36> dick RUINED BB8, but luckily we had JEN who made it better
[00:21] Moz> yeah
[00:21] pothead> me either. I thought he was miserable and pathetic
[00:21] Tarfan> yup
[00:21] jenj> ummm...I don't really want to comment on Nick and Daniele..I might have people mad at me..maybe everyone will find out what's going on through...well not through me :-)
[00:21] Tarfan> ok
[00:22] edgein23> Oooooh they broke up
[00:22] IggysPinkTights> ITA he ruined it for me I love talking about Jen's accomplishments b/c she MADE the show for me
[00:22] Janice> must not be good
[00:22] pothead> lol cool. nobody wants to hear about them, other than petite, anyway
[00:22] Tarfan> again.....what iggy said
[00:22] petite6> Jen...why do you have to be so freaking classy? Geeze
[00:22] edgein23> Jen you have a lot of class
[00:22] IggysPinkTights> lol Tarfan
[00:22] Warlock> Jen rules!
[00:22] Sydney1> boy it got crowded in here..lmao..what's up? Hiya pothead!
[00:22] nwokpeach> I read where ED told someone Dani was making bad decisions! hmmm, interesting!
[00:22] pothead> hey Sydney
[00:22] petite6> Jen is the classiest HG there is
[00:22] Tarfan> so true
[00:22] edgein23> Stamp
[00:22] Warlock> Jen have you talked to or hung out with Kail?
[00:23] Moz> Jen, If you comment on Nick and Dani, you might get stalkers writing you with threats of contacting TMZ to let them know that you are being mean
[00:23] ilovejen36> JEN would you do SURVIVOR??
[00:23] Mirenny> OMG! JEN!! 33
[00:23] IggysPinkTights> Jen did you hear about Jimmy Kimmel saying you were the funniest HG?
[00:23] petite6> LOL Moz
[00:23] ilovejen36> iggy did he really said that???
[00:23] eholder> jen would be awesome on survivor - she should have done that and not bb
[00:23] petite6> Jimmy Kimmel needs to have Jen on...that would be hilarious
[00:23] edgein23> The stalkers are too busy trying to find out about them and if they broke up
[00:24] IggysPinkTights> yeah he said she's a ditzy brunette
[00:24] IggysPinkTights> he didn't mean it meanly
[00:24] ilovejen36> LOL! love it! JEN IS THE JEST
[00:24] Tarfan> jenÖhow was the week in the sequester house with Dustin?
[00:24] Moz> Jimmy loves brunettes with fun personalities
[00:24] eholder> ditzy is funny! that's why jen and jess were my faves!
[00:24] Janice> Jentastic!
[00:25] nwokpeach> I don't know how you did it Jen, if ED had done to me what he did to you, I would have been a blubbering mess! You have such class!
[00:25] sybilll> jenj, I think you should create a new show. Nanny911/Who Wants to Marry a Millionaire. Pitch it, babe!
[00:25] IggysPinkTights> yes he does Moz!
[00:25] Tarfan> I donít think I could've handled it either
[00:25] MardiRob> Jen, has anybody ever called you the Jack Lambert of the LFL? I mean, besides, me.
[00:26] IggysPinkTights> lol
[00:26] Janice> I would have hit him. You should have wrestled him to the floor
[00:26] shortcake> Jen would you still like to screw Nick?
[00:26] Moz> Listening to Suicidal Tendencies ....showing some Dick love lol
[00:26] coldbythelake> Jen, any general info. about yourself you can share? Sports you like, favorite foods?
[00:26] edgein23> *sigh*
[00:26] IggysPinkTights> eep! don't do it for Dick love Moz
[00:26] Moz> I know
[00:26] shortcake> *snort*
[00:26] Mirenny> is jen even answering?
[00:26] Moz> I do it cause I like it
[00:26] Moz> screw Dick love
[00:26] IggysPinkTights> there you go! :P
[00:26] Tarfan> yes she is
[00:27] IggysPinkTights> she is she reads back and is answering...first chat for her
[00:27] eholder> jen - do you think if you had covered dick's cigarettes w/ mustard (like Eric did to your shirt) that they still would have been replaced?
[00:27] jenj> I hung out with Kail when she was down here for the finale..she had dinner with my family, then we had dinner with her family and the kids I nanny for
[00:27] Warlock> cool
[00:27] IggysPinkTights> awww...that's so sweet!!
[00:27] pothead> or threw them on the Dick did with Dustin's shirt
[00:27] shortcake> the mustard incident was pure GOLD
[00:27] pudding> Did Boogie ever give you his opinion of Dick and what he did?
[00:27] jenj> I think I would like survivor..I actually wanted to do that over BB but I like how it turned out
[00:27] edgein23> right ph
[00:27] IggysPinkTights> that's the nicest thing I have heard the HG do together...Kail is great
[00:28] Janice> How many kids do you nanny for?
[00:28] Moz> Kail is a classy lady.... She had Daniele and Nick over at her place after Daniele stabbed her in the back
[00:28] shortcake> Boogie needs a lobotomy...
[00:28] Moz> total class
[00:28] ilovejen36> JEN you should totally do SURVIVOR you would kick major azz in there!!
[00:28] jenj> I didn't know Jimmy Kimmel ever said anything about me...was he saying that in a good way? or a bad way?
[00:28] Tarfan> TAR is more fun though
[00:28] IggysPinkTights> I really liked her too...never got why people disliked her...I wanted her to stay
[00:28] ilovejen36> so do I IGGY
[00:29] edgein23> a good way jen
[00:29] nwokpeach> Kail and Jen were my only favorites.
[00:29] ilovejen36> they say it was in a good way
[00:29] Tarfan> I liked Kail b/c of her association with Jen
[00:29] IggysPinkTights> jenj he was joking around it was in a total goofy way not bad at all
[00:29] Tarfan> she seems nice enough
[00:29] ilovejen36> same nwokpeach
[00:29] eholder> Kail was a nice lady, not a good *player* but a good person
[00:29] jenj> the week of sequester house with Dustin was awesome..we hung out, played a lot of games, tanned, it was the best week in the sequester house
[00:29] petite6> Jen you're a hot brunette...I doubt Jimmy would say anything rude about you
[00:29] IggysPinkTights> lol then "the others" showed up
[00:30] eholder> I heart Dustin, that must have been so much fun the two of you in paradise
[00:30] sil> lol iggy!
[00:30] Cindy64> Do you keep in touch w/Amber?
[00:30] ilovejen36> ugh I can hear AMBER's voice
[00:30] nwokpeach> Just so glad to have you out of that house, was glad you could just relax in sequester.
[00:30] edgein23> that's cool jen
[00:30] edgein23> lol jen*
[00:30] edgein23> cool
[00:30] petite6> You don't like Crazy Amber do you Jen? I bet she was jealous over your time with Dustin
[00:30] Tarfan> did amber mention that she was not interviewed after her eviction? she was all primed and ready for it
[00:30] Moz> JEN..did Amber cry in sequester? lol
[00:30] Warlock> Dustin does give bj's for Burger King though. Kinda smells like a hooker. Jen I will always love you
[00:30] IggysPinkTights> lol
[00:30] jenj> I don't think I have ever been called the Jack Lambert of the LFL...LOL
[00:31] IggysPinkTights> LOL
[00:31] Mirenny> jen, have you watched everything? and all the rude nasty comments most of the hg said about you? specially Skelewhore!
[00:31] jenj> shortcake..I am not ever interested in anyone that way. :-)
[00:31] ilovejen> marry me jen please I love u so much
[00:31] Moz> stalker alert!!
[00:31] Moz>
[00:31] ilovejen36> LOL
[00:31] shortcake> what do you mean Jen?
[00:32] ilovejen36> who is Jack Lambert?
[00:32] edgein23> Good for you Jen- you have so much class.
[00:32] jenj> Well I am not a big sports person..well I like to play all sports, just not watch....I like turkey, I love apples, farfallini pasta w/butter, cookie dough, Komucha...
[00:32] IggysPinkTights> jenj I recommend you watch the movie Satisfaction with Justine Bateman ....a couple of us thought of this movie when we first heard/saw you
[00:33] Cindy64> banana bread? lol
[00:33] jenj> Yes I am answering..just a couple lines down.LOL
[00:33] IggysPinkTights> lol
[00:33] Mirenny> Thanx Jen!!
[00:33] eholder> we know you love apples! and turkey burgers!
[00:33] Mirenny> lmao
[00:33] Janice> Are you a vegetarian?
[00:33] jenj> I am sure Dick's cigs would have got replaced no matter what I did to them
[00:33] Warlock> Jen, do you feel like DR persuades ppl to vote a certain way? I always saw you on the feeds talk about it and then get cut off
[00:33] IggysPinkTights> IA
[00:33] Janice> and cucumbers
[00:33] nwokpeach> I think it's just nice that you are trying to answer anything Jen!
[00:33] Mirenny> if she eats turkey she is not a
[00:34] IggysPinkTights> lol
[00:34] Moz> lol
[00:34] Janice> good point
[00:34] Cindy64> I would not have wanted to live with Dick had he had no cigs...eek
[00:34] Moz> KFC is evil btw
[00:34] jenj> I nanny..part time fun nanny for 2 kids....13 year old boy 10 year old girl
[00:34] Moz>
[00:34] ilovejen36> JEN you are the most awesomest
[00:34] Janice> she eats healthy so I thought she might be. forgot about the big turkey bruhaha
[00:34] IggysPinkTights> I love that you think it's fun! they must love you
[00:34] petite6> Jen, do you have a crush on Nick?
[00:34] MardiRob> FTR, Jack Lambert was a linebacker for the Pittsburgh Steelers in the 70s. He was known as a real "tough guy." His tackles weren't nearly as awesome as Jen's were.
[00:35] ilovejen> jen do u really hate dick ???
[00:35] Mirenny> I hate him!
[00:35] petite6> I love Jen Dick should be capitalized
[00:35] IggysPinkTights> if she doesn't I hate him for her
[00:35] ilovejen36> oh BTW JEN, love you tackling that girl in the LB! you are awesome
[00:36] Cindy64> LB?
[00:36] ilovejen36> ugh I hate him
[00:36] IggysPinkTights> Lingerie Bowl
[00:36] ilovejen36> lingerie bowl
[00:36] Cindy64> I missed that lol
[00:36] IggysPinkTights> that was awesome lol
[00:36] Moz> Jimmy Kimmel should invite JEN on his show
[00:36] jenj> I did not keep in touch with Amber. I have not watched near everything....Ok so pretty soon I am going to go..I was supposed to meet people out and they are wondering what I am
[00:36] pothead> lol
[00:36] nwokpeach> lol
[00:36] Tarfan> someone posted a link to it recently under the Jen section I think
[00:37] Warlock> We love you Jen!
[00:37] edgein23> Thank you for chatting Jen- you are very kind
[00:37] eholder> don't tell them you were in a chat - haha1
[00:37] Moz> Thanks for taking the time to chat JEN
[00:37] Tarfan> Thanks soo much Jen
[00:37] IggysPinkTights> I wish Moz...I love Kimmel and he always acts goofy around hot girls. I'd love to see Jen on there with Sarah !
[00:37] Cindy64> lol yw mirenny
[00:37] coldbythelake> JEN LOVE X 1,000
[00:37] shortcake> have fun... you are sweet.. take it easy girl
[00:37] Moz> LOVES JEN!~
[00:37] IggysPinkTights> he'd die
[00:37] Janice> thanks for chatting Jen come back soon
[00:37] jenj> Yes I think that the DR persuades us to vote...just by asking leading questions
[00:37] nwokpeach> yes, thanks Jen
[00:37] Warlock> I hate the DR!
[00:37] jenj> why is your name Warlock?
[00:37] Mirenny> THANK YOU JEN!! 333 Jensa Member!
[00:37] Warlock>
[00:37] edgein23> ahhhh confirmation
[00:37] BriGuy37> Thanks Jen, you're the best
[00:37] eholder> I think leading questions are ok
[00:37] ilovejen> was you shock about Eric being AP???
[00:37] Cindy64> Bye Jen...was nice of you to stop by!
[00:38] lana> Jen, did you find out in the that Eric was America's Player, before the other HG's, as Zach is claiming?
[00:38] jenj> How did I forget cucumbers...on the tops of my food chain :-)
[00:38] IggysPinkTights> thank you Jen!! please come back to Jokers...nowhere else just Jokers!
[00:38] Tarfan> lol jen
[00:38] Tarfan> haha iggy
[00:38] Cindy64> lol IDK
[00:38] Warlock> Jen, my name is warlock, cause, well it's a long story. PM me, we can discuss over a turkey burger
[00:38] petite6> lol Jen!
[00:38] Warlock>
[00:38] Moz> I eat Cucumbers with ranch dressing....YUmmmmmmmmmmm
[00:38] IggysPinkTights> lol Jen!
[00:38] petite6> darn! I want a turkey burger
[00:38] Mirenny> lmao @ warlock
[00:38] Janice> me too and baby carrots
[00:38] Tarfan> must try turkey burger
[00:38] jenj> No I do not have a crush on Nick..If you see me hanging out with him..we are friends..I hang out with Zach and Mike to, we just all live out in LA now
[00:39] eholder> we saw the pics of Disney w/ Mike and Sarah
[00:39] Tarfan> oh ok...donít take any crap from nick!
[00:39] Janice> You can do much better than Nick anyway
[00:39] IggysPinkTights> Mike and Sarah are dating right?
[00:39] jenj> Yes I really don't like ED he is a horrible person...but at least I donít have to be stuck with him forever
[00:39] petite6> Just wanted to clear that up for the haters Jen.
[00:39] IggysPinkTights> LOL
[00:39] Moz> misses LA
[00:39] Tarfan> ia janice...hated the way he talked to you and about you!
[00:39] eholder> you never have to see him again!!
[00:39] edgein23> great attitude Jen
[00:39] petite6> or at least he isn't your dad
[00:40] eholder> haha petite!!
[00:40] Tarfan> lol petite
[00:40] PAK> Jen you should Mary Dick!
[00:40] coldbythelake> Mike's OK. He's missing a great football season in WI.
[00:40] shortcake> yes... attitude IS everything....
[00:40] PAK> Jen and Dick Sitting in a Tree
[00:40] Cindy64> NO pak
[00:40] edgein23> Who is Mary Dick?
[00:40] jenj> thank you for the compliments this whole time..I just have not been responding to them because I have a lot of questions to respond to.....but I am reading them
[00:40] Tarfan> no no
[00:40] PAK> K I S S I N G
[00:40] IggysPinkTights> Jen we need a how to get killer abs workout regime from you
[00:40] edgein23> it is, isn't it shortcake?
[00:40] Mirenny> OMG!! yes!! iggy!
[00:40] Cindy64> What are you dressing up as for Halloween?
[00:40] Warlock> Jensa Member woot woot!!
[00:40] Tarfan> actually, Thank You Jen
[00:40] Tarfan> keep us updated Jen
[00:41] ilovejen> love u jen will post sometime on MySpace more
[00:41] Moz> JEN, did Monica From BB2 ever contact you?
[00:41] IggysPinkTights> that's right thank YOU Jen for stopping by...please post some more on MySpace we love your page
[00:41] jenj> That would be fun to go ON Jimmy Kimmel..I don't have connections to him though...?
[00:41] PAK> During BB8US I was Anti Jen Johnson/ Pro Dick Donato!
[00:41] ilovejen> u need to go see Kail soon
[00:41] Janice> Have your people call his people
[00:41] petite6> Jen, I think you should do MySpace/YouTube exercise videos.
[00:41] IggysPinkTights> yeah she has people now
[00:42] jenj> it was not a shock to find out Eric was AP..he was always so over the top about everything, even in the sequester house
[00:42] IggysPinkTights> ohhh IA petite lol...I just want the abs workout
[00:42] Janice> right iggy
[00:42] Warlock> Jen on the treadmill was the best! Dang suckah!!
[00:42] Mirenny> Jen your body is AMAZING!
[00:42] IggysPinkTights> that marathon rocked
[00:42] Tarfan> can I say that I'm happy you did not vote for dick in the end!
[00:42] Warlock> tote!
[00:42] Cindy64> swimming the laps too
[00:42] ilovejen36> JEN THANXS FOR MAKING THIS BB SEASON ENJOYABLE! for being my fav reality person ever! for being so great and having so much class, you are the best, and I hope to see you soon on TV!
[00:42] Janice> Did you keep the red unitard?
[00:42] eholder> jen, when you swam the laps did you think you would get something or did you do it to piss off the others? their reactions were so funny!!
[00:42] IggysPinkTights> she was so creative with that
[00:43] Tarfan> I hope your ear is much better now
[00:43] jb> jen who do you talk to on a regular basis from your cast
[00:43] jenj> I am not sure if Sarah and Mike are dating...I think so
[00:43] Janice> wore it about a dozen different ways!
[00:43] Cindy64> well iggy you have spanx now you can be creative too lol
[00:43] Tarfan> wow...Jen must chat more
[00:43] eholder> they make a cute couple if they are
[00:43] Moz> Sarah is such a HOTTIE
[00:43] IggysPinkTights> lol Cindy64!
[00:43] ilovejen36> JEN us such a hottie
[00:43] [empty]> whose came up with all of the jen sayings on your shirts? did you make them all up yourself or did friends/family help?
[00:43] Cindy64> lol
[00:44] Warlock> Jen I want you and Mike to date. Now that would be a hot couple1
[00:44] Cindy64> but heís sooo quiet
[00:44] Warlock> even better!
[00:44] Tarfan> he cleans well!!
[00:44] Warlock> lol
[00:44] Cindy64> a nice guy but to quiet
[00:44] Cindy64> lol
[00:44] IggysPinkTights> lol
[00:44] jb> lol
[00:44] MissyinSC> they would even out great then
[00:44] jenj> I am not sure what I am going to be for Halloween..either Wonder woman, a belly dancer, Mary Poppins, little bo peep, or who knows
[00:44] eholder> jenious used to be my least favorite, I was like "that makes no sense" - I say it all the time now! lol
[00:44] Warlock> wonder woman!!
[00:44] IggysPinkTights> wonder woman would be awesome!
[00:44] Tarfan> wonder woman!!
[00:44] jb> wonder woman
[00:44] Cindy64> cute ideas!
[00:44] Moz> WONDER WOMAN
[00:44] petite6> Wonder Woman Jen!!! I need a new AVI
[00:44] nwokpeach> wonder woman!
[00:44] Mirenny> wonder woman for sure!!!
[00:44] MardiRob> Wonder Woman!!!
[00:44] ilovejen36> WONDER WOMAN
[00:44] IggysPinkTights> Mary Poppins is adorable too though
[00:44] Tarfan> there u go jen....wonder woman
[00:45] Cindy64> I still have my wonder woman bracelets lol
[00:45] jenj> Yes I have the red unitard
[00:45] Warlock> sweet!
[00:45] Janice> Cool!
[00:45] eholder> I guess you know what everyone wants you to dress as!
[00:45] shortcake> snort
[00:45] Mirenny> WONDER JEN!!
[00:45] IggysPinkTights> post pics of your Halloweenie outfit
[00:45] ilovejen> do u think Jessica and Eric will stay together??
[00:45] Tarfan> yeah post it
[00:46] nwokpeach> Jen, have you seen the chops C=Venus did of you?
[00:46] jenj> My best friend always calls me a Jenius because I always figure out everything for her..then when I was in the pre-sequester I had a lot of iron on letters and a lot of shirts and I just started making them all..I did them on my own!
[00:46] edgein23> They were/are great Jen
[00:46] Warlock> jen we need to hang out
[00:46] IggysPinkTights> crafty!
[00:47] shortcake> I think so too
[00:47] petite6> Jen you said in the house you didn't have empathy but you sure did show a lot of it....did you just say that for game play?
[00:47] IggysPinkTights> let's scrapbook together
[00:47] Cindy64> should have a dick sucks one
[00:47] ilovejen36> they are gr8 I want my Jensa Member T-shirt
[00:47] Tarfan> and lol cindy
[00:47] IggysPinkTights> lol cindy
[00:47] jb> lol cindy
[00:47] jenj> I am not sure if Eric and Jessica will stay together.
[00:47] Moz> Someone needs to make Skelehore t-shirts
[00:47] petite6> I loved the Limp Dick nickname
[00:48] jenj> I have seen a lot of parody things..I am not sure if I saw that particular persons
[00:48] nwokpeach> I will send some to your my space if that is okay!
[00:48] Warlock> Dicks flame shirts circa 1990, stinky mom jeans, and reject Tommy lee welfare coif, whatta top notch dude!!
[00:48] nwokpeach> you must see "The Jend"
[00:48] Tarfan> lmao
[00:48] jenj> I really don't think that empathy comes naturally as it did for what I meant
[00:48] Cindy64> and donít forget the wallet and chain
[00:48] ilovejen> u and Eric wrestling was fun , I think u should of beat him good!!
[00:49] Moz> to you will see all the parody pics there
[00:49] jb> jen who do you stay in contact from your cast. I am just curious
[00:49] edgein23> lol warlock
[00:49] petite6> Thanks for clearing that up too LOL
[00:49] Warlock> I wish Jen you would've kicked Eric's @ss when you were getting evicted. Now that woulda been a fight!
[00:49] shortcake> Jen if there is one thing that is clear... itís that you had some LOYAL fans on Jokers... obsessed & in love to be sure!
[00:50] Mirenny> nah I really wanted her to slap
[00:50] Liann> Hey Jen, any appearances coming up? Have you joined the charity bandwagon yet?
[00:50] ilovejen36> yes, JEN who of the other HG do you stay in contact with?
[00:50] Moz> lol Mirenny
[00:50] Moz> me too
[00:50] jb> lol mirenny
[00:50] petite6> pretty much everyone but Amber and ED Jen36
[00:50] petite6> oh and Dani
[00:50] ilovejen36> oh cool thanxs
[00:50] Warlock> Mirenny lol. she could take that snork Dani down with one arm
[00:50] ilovejen36> that's what I was hoping for;)
[00:51] Mirenny> for sure!
[00:51] ilovejen36> oh and BTW I wanted her to slap both skelewhore and dickless
[00:51] IggysPinkTights> awww Jen wish I could stay but I don't have you as a nanny and have to take care of my kids...gnite and seriously thanks for chatting...remember JOKERS nowhere else MySpace me!
[00:51] Tarfan> lol
[00:52] jenj> OK so I am going to go after this statement...maybe one more..I talk to Kail, Nick, Zach, Jessica, Dustin, Jameka, Mike...I am doing charity work..I just started with R.A.D.D. I will be making appearances for far at the Pentagon, and on the IKE and a couple of smaller events
[00:52] Warlock> Jen you rock
[00:52] Tarfan> ahhh that's so cool Jen!
[00:52] ilovejen36> what's a R.A.D.D
[00:52] eholder> thanks for chatting jen, keep us updated with yourself!!
[00:52] shortcake> I still don't think she's gonna hang out with you honey
[00:52] coldbythelake> Jen, I believe your fan base has actually grown since BB. Stay Jentastic!
[00:52] nwokpeach> So glad I lucked into seeing this chat tonight! yay!
[00:52] edgein23> Very nice Jen
[00:53] Moz> ZACH and Jessica are cool..glad you talk to them
[00:53] Warlock> Jen have any HG's apologized for not sticking up for you?
[00:53] nwokpeach> oooo, good question!
[00:53] petite6> Jen will you please be addicted to us and chat with us forever more...thanks!
[00:53] Tarfan> Jen, Thanks for answering my questions!! I have more for the next chat///:)
[00:53] Liann> Thx Jen for stopping by! Jokers appreciates your time and we look forward to seeing you again.
[00:54] edgein23> lol petite
[00:54] PAK> 24 is heading to DC to Film
[00:54] Moz> SurvivorSucks and CBS Message boards have lots of Jensa Members too
[00:54] PAK> Marks its first out of LA Filming thing
[00:54] jenj> you can look up R.A.D.D. I have received A LOT of apologies fir A LOT of different things that went on in the house
[00:55] edgein23> that's good to hear/read
[00:55] nwokpeach> glad to hear that!
[00:55] Cindy64> thatís good to know
[00:55] Warlock> cool!! thanks Jen
[00:55] jb> that is good to hear
[00:55] MardiRob> Thanks Jen!
[00:55] Tarfan> and twop too...lots of fans there
[00:55] Janice> Take care Jen. Thanks for chatting with us
[00:55] ilovejen36> cool, you are awesome
[00:55] Tarfan> Thanks soo much Jen
[00:55] ilovejen36> JEN fans are everywhere!
[00:55] Tarfan> enjoy the balance of your weekend!!
[00:55] nwokpeach> yep, even at chatter, Jen fans that is!
[00:55] ilovejen36> my family who don't even watch the show liked her the most,
[00:56] PAK> GO DICK
[00:56] Warlock> Have an awesome night J