Jokerette: johnny_nas asks: Nick what do you think of the Eric situation?
Nick: I think it sounds like Eric might be going home this week... I personally didn't mind Eric in the house and think that if he could've played his own game he woulda done well

Jokerette: Buzz asks: who do you think is playing the best game so far, Nick?
Nick: I like Jameka and this that she's playing well...she'll go far

Jokerette: cutiepie488 asks: how did you feel when Dani won HOH nick? are you proud of her?
Nick: I'm pround of Dani...she's a great competitor and was estatic when I found out about her HOH win

Jokerette: das asks: Nick what do you think will happen with Dani and her boyfriend? Do you think you and her will get together?
Nick: I have no idea what will happen w/ Dani and her boyfriend... I guess I'm not expecting anything to happen w/ her and I but would love for it to
Jokerette: have you seen her on the feeds/show since you've been in the house?
Nick: Yeah I have seen her wearing my shirt and bandana and it's very sweet
Jokerette: she really does miss you/care for you in a big big way

Jokerette: L34F asks: have you had any contact with previously-evicted houseguests (particularly Joe or Mike)
Nick: I have talked to Joe the past 3 days... Joe is SOOO much fun and I love talking to him... I'm planning a trip to see him soon
Jokerette: how is he doin, Nick? he OK?
Nick: he's great

Jokerette: crateriko asks: Have you heard about Amber's racist remarks?
Nick: Yeah I heard about Amber's remarks... that's not typical of her and really suprised me ...

Caren: littlec asks: questions Nick how did you react to the 35 bridge?
Nick: I had no clue about the bridge and it's sad that it happened...
Caren: Very sad indeed, lots of people here were worried for you

Caren: NicoleG asks: If you were HOH right now who would you have targeted
Nick: I would have put up Jen and probably Eric... I was always unsure about Eric's intentions...
Caren: He certainly was a snake in the grass! Did you catch the convo between him and Dani today?
Nick: I did not see the conversation between him and Daniele
Jokerette: woah 600 people to see ya, nick!
Nick: I know that is so great

Jokerette: MUswimKT asks: Who do you think is the bigger manipulator...Eric or Dustin?
Nick: I think that they are both very manipulative ...that's a really good question... I'm not sure...

Jokerette: faceones asks: what do you think of Jen now
Nick: I have always liked how Jen handled herself when she was confronted, for the most part... She can be a very sweet person but other times she can really change her attitude and a lot of that isn't shown

Jokerette: <Mystikat> Would someone please, please ask him how he now feels about Amber lying to his face in the house and manipulating him with tears??
Nick: I'm fine w/'s a game... I was suprised to see how that went down but I knew unfavorable things would happen inside that house

Jokerette: LadyFeetus asks: Did you know Dani said she thinks her BF might leave her?
Nick: I wouldn't be totally against that

Jokerette: MsSas asks: Nick what is your take on what is going on in the house today?
Nick: Sorry ... I really didn't see what happened today ... unless it's the amber/eric thing... and in reference to that I was very surprised at what happened

Jokerette: <TheHustler> ASK: Do you agree with Dani, who thinks that Eric was the one who set you up to be voted out?
Nick: I agree that he was the votes that got me out because those stray votes were thrown upon me

Jokerette: <L34F> Nick it's good to hear you've spoken to Joe... so there's no hard feelings between you two or did you have to iron things out first? (there was speculation that he ignored your handshake at the end, but he might have just not seen your handshake)
Nick: There were never any hard feelings between us... Joe and I were very close inside the house... I just don't think he saw my handshake at the end...that's all...

Lydia: can someone please ask if he has looked at youtube?
Nick: and yes ...I do appreciate my fans... I have looked at youtube... lot's of cool videos put together on there for me so nice

Jokerette: if you could ask him if he plans on trying out for Amazing Race, or would he consider it
Nick: I've heard about the Amazing Race thing... I would love to try that if it came up
Jokerette: you'd be KILLER on it to be sure
Caren: You and Janie!!!
Jokerette: if you had to take someone from BB on tar, who would you take?
Jokerette: dani maybe?
Nick: oh I totally would... me and Janie (couple of Minnesotans right)

Jokerette: <chrstina> hey nick, what have you been up to after you left the big brother house
Nick: I have been trying to respond to all of my emails

Caren: Ok, I've got a question for you, Nick. What did you think of America's Player?
Caren: The idea, not the person, lol
Nick: The America's Player thing was very suprising ...
Caren: Indeed, we're surprised at how much controversy it's caused in the house recently

Caren: Sask: Dani said last night she wants to travel for a month after BB. Minnesota perhaps?
Nick: Minnesota would be great for her to come to

Tara: Do you think America's Player should just stick with prank? It seems the BB edits the show for certain votes.
Nick: Um.... I guess I'm biased w/ the Eric thing because it worked against me and got me out of the house... whatever the producers want though I'm sure it will be fine
Nick: I miss Dani too