Caren: Welcome to Joker's
MikeBB8: thank you very much for having me
Caren: We've got a bunch of questions for you from everyone
MikeBB8: its no problem my pleasure to answer any questions you may have brewing in your heads
Liann: Will you marry me?
MikeBB8: haha
Liann: lol, kidding
MikeBB8: great first question lol
Caren: I'm sure a lot want to know that one
MikeBB8: im sure haha im not looking to get married anytime soon lol

Caren: Speaking of....enquiring minds want to know if you're seeing Sarah from BB6?
MikeBB8: ahhh, I knew this one was coming No, we are not dating....we did meet each other during finale week and we had a great time together
Caren: You two would make an adorable couple for sure
MikeBB8: oh well thank you she is an adorable person

Caren: Shelley asks: Mike, do you think Dick would have acted differently towards Jen or any of the other women in the house, had you stayed in the game? Do you think your presence might have detered him from being so verbal with them?
MikeBB8: Its quite possible, I was one person who just never was intimidated by his outlandish with that type of presence in the house it may have been very possible that it acted as a deterrent
Caren: I think it could have affected the game in a big way if there was some strong male presence in the house to the end
MikeBB8: yes, a strong male presence was certainly lacking in the end game. Boy after watching everyone I dont know who really to trust lol, but I would have certainly aligned myself with Jen. Her views were on point with mine for the most part

Caren: Have you been able to hang out with any of the other houseguests since the end of the show?
MikeBB8: i really wanted to remain unaligned for as long as possible though
Caren: i think that's a smart strategy, keeps the target off your back
MikeBB8: yes certainly...I've hung out with both Jen and Zach. They live close to me and obviously a lot of us hung out during finale week after finale night. It was finally a chance to see everyones real side
Caren: Yeah I'm sure it's different when you're in real life, but with a busy schedule its been quite sometime since ive hung out with either of the two

Caren: Gig_Em_Chad asks: What was your experience in the casting process? What was it like?
MikeBB8: well it all happened very rapidly. i submitted to a casting for a reality show, not knowing exactly what one. i was called immediately to come in for an interview, and found out it was BB
Caren: Had you been a fan prior to that? (of the show)
MikeBB8: I had watched season 6 and part of 7 in the past so was willing to go through the casting process to see if by chance i could make it on the show. I was advanced very quickly from one round to the next and from my first submission to finally making it on the show was a total time of about one month
Caren: wow, That's not bad at all
MikeBB8: no, it certainly changed my plans for the summer , lol
Caren: lol
MikeBB8: i hadnt planned on this happening

Caren: Any advice for those looking to get on BB9? I know there are a lot of people who are hoping it will be early this year
MikeBB8: well all i can tell you is what i did.... which is be very confident in the casting room, own it, elaborate on questions, ideas, experiences. Be colorful and creative, tell stories. The producers seemed to love it
Caren: I bet
MikeBB8: and working out doesnt hurt either lol
Caren: I think a lot of people felt we never really got to see you on the show, like you never fully made it out of your shell
Caren: Well yeah..... lol that definitely doesn't hurt
MikeBB8: well unfortunately it is the way it was edited, and due to the short time on the show, yeah there wasnt a whole lot of me. i was quite surprised to watch and notice how many interactive moments, discussions, ideas hadnt been i was a mystery. Maybe thats what BB wanted?

Caren: Brn2Wander asks: Will you be going on the Cruise with the others....Jen, Zach, Eric, Jess and Dustin?
MikeBB8: If I'm asked I may consider it
Caren: Dick and Jen monopolized the TV shows this season, luckily Feeders got to see everything
MikeBB8: I believe there are 8 of them so far planning on going
Caren: Well I hope they invite you lol
MikeBB8: It could be fun yeah. I wouldnt complain to be on a cruise in the Gulf
Caren: Cruises are great!
MikeBB8: yes it was monopolized by them, but that is obviously where the drama was

Caren: cr1keeper asks: mike, what do you think of eric and jess' relationship?
MikeBB8: not a whole lot to be quite honest. i wish them luck. Meeting in a fantasy land might not be the best foundation to start on, but guess everyone will see
Caren: very true, all past relationships haven't worked out
MikeBB8: certainly not, just like the latest and greatest Nick and Dani breakup
Caren: LOL yep

Caren: Shelley asks: Mike, what did you think of the America's Choice twist? Do you think it gave an unfair advantage to some and perhaps a disadvantage to others?
MikeBB8: Well, I thought the twist itself was an ok idea, but it allowed outside influences (being the audience) to manipulate inside ideas, so it may have been an unfair advantage if you look at it from that perspective
Caren: Definitely, I don't think Dick would have made it very far had it not been for America
MikeBB8: very true

Caren: Jaime82 asks: how did you feel about the anti-semetic remarks made by amber and the homophobic remarks made by you think they have regrets?
MikeBB8: oh well im sure they would, they probably want to crawl in a cave for awhile after watching themselves say things like that on tv. it was in the moment, unfortunatley for them captured on film, and obviously going to be aired to create controversy
Caren: For sure, America loooooves the drama
MikeBB8: well thats what brings in the ratings, so if it wasnt for drama who would honestly watch the show?
Caren: Very true

Caren: GAbb7fan asks: if you could do one thing over, what would it be?
MikeBB8: decline the alliance Kail wanted me to be in. I just entered it fearing that if i did not, she would view me as a threat that first week and vote me out
Caren: heat of the moment thing, that makes sense
MikeBB8: but talking to here after the show, she wasnt even on that page, so I guess I could have done it anyways and been free and clear, who knew? Guess it all happened for a reason
Caren: there's always the woulda, coulda, shoulda
MikeBB8: right

Caren: Shelley asks: Mike, other than yourself, who would you have liked (based on strategy) to win the game?
MikeBB8: Well to be honest, I didnt see a whole lot of strategy in the was more one person hiding behind the next...the techniques wernt very stong, but i do think Eric did a good job with some of the obstacles he had to face to stay in the game so he would have been a good candidate
Caren: Good choice, Eric was definitely a strong player
MikeBB8: yeah, and he was casted without knowing this is what he was getting himself into, so his strategy that he wanted to go in there with was thorwn out and he had to completely regroup day by day
Caren: hahahah, yep! and as time went on...america certainly did NOT make that easy for him

Caren: cr1keeper asks: mike, tell us about the cup against the door? did you know you were caught?
MikeBB8: cup against the door? Hmm well i never had a cup against the door but I did try listening through the door one night and yes i knew i had been caught
Caren: one of my favorite moments on the feeds lol
MikeBB8: that was the one and only time i tried that lol
MikeBB8: oh really? lol Glad you had some laughs over it
Caren: yep

Caren: OMAR asks: what did you miss the most while on BB8
MikeBB8: speaking to my family and friends
MikeBB8: yeah its hard to be cut off from communications with everyone, people that you trust and confide in not being there...especially when you want their advice, opinions, and/or support

Caren: Brn2Wander asks: Was slop really that bad?
MikeBB8: slop wasnt bad at all ! It was a protein enriched oatmeal, so unless you dont like oatmeal then anyone could eat it....its really played up
Caren: I'd much rather have PB&J any day lol
MikeBB8: well that has a little more flavor yeah and me too i might add. And fortunately i always got to eat regular food !
Caren: You seemed to have a very good appetite
MikeBB8: certainly, i eat like a horse, lol
Caren: hehehe

Caren: Ok...I gotta ask this one
MikeBB8: ok
Caren: Jaime82 asks: boxers or briefs? :-D
MikeBB8: i mix it up lol
Caren: Woowoo
MikeBB8: haha

Caren: OMAR asks: were you embrassed after you saw yourself dressed up as a big baby on tv
MikeBB8: no, i thought it was funny! At least I had a good laugh while doing it haha. I dont mind throwing myself out there like that. If i made one person laugh besides myself then it was worth it!
Caren: lol
MikeBB8: see caren is laughing it was worth it
Caren: you are making me blush!
MikeBB8: lol

Caren: Brn2Wander asks: Tell the truth did Amber drive you nuts on your date with her. LOL
MikeBB8: yes! The stories she told mad me wonder who in the world would be saying this on national tv?
Caren: she definitely did tell some stories, non-stop!
MikeBB8: yeah, i started tuning out after a little while. And thought about the outside world, lol
Caren: i think we all tuned her out too :X
MikeBB8: haha

Caren: Jokerette asks: hi Mike, this is Jokerette. What was the most meaningful part of BB, to you? Something you'll never forget?
MikeBB8: Well probably the fanmail I received after the show where it was expressed to me that I was such an inspiration to many, that I became some peoples role models and heroes. That made the whole BB experience awesome and totally worth it!
Jokerette: do you remember any of those fan mails? What did they say?
Caren: truly wonderful
MikeBB8: oh gosh, i wish i did but there has been so much its all a blur, lol. I thought about searching through all of those types of messages and posting them on my myspace page for people to view in the future, because they truely are great to read and I think should be shared with all of you
Caren: just don't post my letters, ok? :P
MikeBB8: Haha

Caren: Brn2Wander asks: Mike, did you ever watch any of the repeat live feeds? or the show for that matter?
MikeBB8: I didnt watch any repeat live for the show i was able to catch about half a dozen after I was evicted due to my busy schedule. I have them all recorded and some day will view all of them, lol
Jokerette: so you never caught all the shows?
MikeBB8: no
Jokerette: oh interesting!
Caren: That's common though, lots don't watch their season
Jokerette: is there a reason you didn't watch? or just too busy?
MikeBB8: Yeah, it was a real whirlwind of events after the show with being extremely busy and not having much time for anything, so my schedule was packed with things which prevented me from finding time to watch

Caren: So, now that BB is there anything new you can tell us about? Any TV shows or magazines we might be seeing you in soon?
MikeBB8: Well I've done quite a few modeling shoots since then...some for product packaging, some for designers, Chevy commercial, music videos, been in contact with multiple producers and advertising agencies for future movies/ when things are out it will be posted on my myspace page
Caren: That's great news, can't wait to hear more
MikeBB8: Yeah, I dont really direct anyone to watch for anything until I know it is out to the public for viewing, so it just takes some time once the shoots are completed for things to actually get into catalogs, on shelves, in magazines,
<caren> If you don't mind I'm going to open this up for everyone to say good night before you go
MikeBB8: Ok Caren it was a real pleasure to chat...thanks to all of you who joined....they were great questions! I hope you all have happy holidays! Take care and thanks for being fans!
<mikebb8> Absolutely