Rice Wars

Tonight’s epi began as per usual with a look back at last week and a look at Redemption Island, how Matt is going a little off and of how things were when David showed up. All three of them were talking to find out where their fate stands now.

Over at camp, the old zapa tribe is enjoying the excess of rice and fish while the Ometepe tribe is still heavily rationed on their quanity of food. Phillip watched Zapa eat and realized that Julie had 7 scoops of rice out of the cookpot, meanwhile the Ometepe tribe only gets 2 scoops each.........Phillip was determined to steal some of Zapa’s rice to put into Ometepe’s pot......can we say, he’s loosing it?? So Ralph was off doing something and Steve and Julie went to check for tree mail, Phillip took several coffee mugs worth of rice out of Zappa’s pot.........

When Steve/Julie came back with the tree mail, it said that everyone needs to go to Redemption again to watch the duel. After the tribe gets there and gets settled, in comes Matt, Mike and David. The duel today was the first two to build a house of cards 8 ft. tall wins and remains in the game for the million. Matt had a good early lead but Mike caught up quickly. Matt and Mike remain in the game and David becomes the first member of the jury.

After everyone gets back to camp, Ometepe decide that they want some rice so Andrea finds that there are maggots in their rice. They proceed to dump their rice out on a blanket and sort through it all, dumping the rotten rice into the ocean. Andrea tries to approach the Zappa tribe about the rice getting put into their pot, but Steve and Julie flat out say no. Then WW3 breaks out in camp regarding the storing of the rice in the Zapa’s pot, then racial slurs and innuendo were brought into the fight between Phillip and Steve. It got pretty hot and heavy with the accusations and language..... Later on when Rob and Steve are by the fire, they tell Rob that the old Zappa are voting for Phillip...... In a PI, Steve admits that he thinks Phil is going crazy there and it is time for him to leave.

Rob stated to Andrea that when the other tribe is gone, he thinks the old Phil will be back........meanwhile, Rob and Grant take a walk along the beach and are talking about the fight, of how the racial card came into it and how uncomfortable the two of them were during the fight.

Immunity back up for grabs..........

So tonight’s immunity challenge is 2 puzzles. The first six to finish the first one will go on to complete the second one and the first one completed wins immunity. First they have to unscrew the puzzle base from the post then build the puzzle on the base. Rob, Julie, Ralph, Andrea, Steve and Grant completed the first puzzle and are then able to move onto the next one. It was a real close race and Rob just beat out Steve for the second puzzle.

Back at camp comes the time to figure out who is on the chopping block tonight. As each group is having their own rice, the Ometepe heads off down the beach........Julie gets up and grabs Phillip’s shorts from the line and goes to burry them and place a rock on top...... saying that Phil is right, it is war now. Phillip comes back and goes to the line to find his swim trunks.........they aren’t there so he approached his tribe to find out if any of them seen the trunks. Anyways, Phillip said that if his shorts didn’t show up, he was going to go off........huh.........what’s so different from what he has done all night? LOL.

Up next...........Tribal council

As the tribe came into the council area, Probst was looking pretty amused by Phil’s attire and questioned him as to whether he had another meditation......Phil said that there was a former Zap that thought it was cute to steal his clothes(looking at Steve the whole time). Then the point of the rice came up with regards to how much more rice Zapa had compared to what the rations of the Ometepe were. Then of course the N word came into things and how being called crazy means the N word as far as Phillip was concerned.

I am not going to get more into this as it can be taken numerous ways and I really don’t want to offend anyone as that isn’t my objective here.......but needless to say, the rice/N word argument at camp was brought up in the tribal council.

The only thing that was “resolved” at tribal.....the shorts. Julie admitted to taking the shorts and burying them. When the voting results came in, it was decided that Julie is sent to redemption......on her way out she remarks that there is no way for him to find his shorts now...........LOL.

Well, that’s all tonight, but you can tell that the tension won’t go away as long as Phillip is still in that camp and is on the verge of craziness........LOL

Have a great week everyone and will be back again next week for another instalment.