A Surprise Tribal Council vote Sends the Last Zapa Packing

Tonight’s epi began with the usual look back at last week, and as everyone got back to their beach after tribal, we get a look at Steve trying to make amends to Phillip by extending an “olive branch” handshake, and let all bygones be by gones.........Something tells me that it’s not going to extend Steve’s lifeline on the island. Of course Phillip doesn’t believe him........ As Rob stated in a PI, as long as Phillip keeps up his stupid antics, he’ll be coming with him to the finals.

The next day we see Ralph and Steve eating fish that they caught/cooked. Phillip is heading off to his big rock for his daily ritual and during his meditation, he finds out where his shorts are hid...........gratefully he finds his shorts and we are spared the sight of those pink “panties” of his.........good lordy, those things are totally hard to deal with.

Meanwhile over at Redemption, we see a very somber looking Matt as he is really having a hard time with things and mostly at his breaking point now. Mike and Julie are talking about the things that Matt has had to endure out there while Matt is down at the ocean having his quiet time. Since Matt is very religious, he often takes private time during an episode.

Redemption Duel.............Shuffleboard

After the tribe gets settled, the Redemption Island crew are brought into the forum for today’s duel.....Probst begins with Matt, and says that he has been at redemption for 21 days, Probst is trying to figure out where Matt stands right now. It was obvious from the way Matt was talking, he was definitely down and ready to go home if that is what God wanted him to do...........

Survivor Shuffleboard.......the goal is to slide the puck through the obstacle to the end zone.....the first two to have any part of their three pucks into the end zone, wins and stays on Redemption. The order goes, Matt, Mike, then Julie. Mike scores first...........Matt was the first to get all 3 into the end zone. In the end, Matt and Mike are the winners and Julie puts her buff into the fire as she walks out as she is the 2nd jury member. As Mike and Matt head back to Redemption, everyone else heads back to their beach.

When they arrive back at their beach, Andrea was saying to Natalie and Ashley how bad she was feeling about Matt and how she played a part in getting him put back onto Redemption.........during the whole conversation, Rob was listening intently and you can see it all registering with him. Rob and Grant try to make her feel better about it but later when the two of them head off for a walk on the beach, they begin to re-assess who should be voted out next.

Immunity back up for grabs

The concept of the immunity challenge today is that the tribesmembers will be matched up for an old fashioned log roll challenge.........the winner of each match up will move onto the second round, the looser is out. The challenge today is also for reward........Chocolate Cake and ice cold milk. Grant/Rob, first challengers. Grant wins. Next match up is Andrea and Ashley........Ashley is the winner. Next is Ralph/Steve with Ralph the winner. The final matchup is Natalie and Phillip. Phillip is the winner. SECOND ROUND: Grant/Ashley matched up.......Grant the winner. Final match up is Phillip and Ralph. Ralph wins. The final round matchup is Grant/Ralph with Grant winning. Grant chooses Rob and Andrea to join him for the food immunity. Grant states in a PI of how he chose Andrea to make her feel safe within their group as when the timing is right, she’ll be the first one gone and he doesn’t want her to get suspicious.

Once everyone gets back to the beach, they all try to figure out what the twist will be. Ralph and Steve are discussing what the twist will be and which one of them will be picked on first tonight. Then we get a PI from Rob discussing how Ralph’s head is into the game more so maybe he should be gone first, then work on Steve.
Later, his group are off talking and they decide that it will be Ralph first, then Andrea maybe.....Rob makes up his mind to change things and decide that if two are going tonight, get the Zapa out first, then Andrea.

Meanwhile, Steve approaches Natalie and Ashley and says that he and Ralph were voting for Rob so if the three girls jumped on board with that, then Rob would be gone, and they’d sort things out later. So of course the girls go running to Rob and tell him what’s happening. So of course with Steve having his second win, maybe now he should get rid of Zapa completely tonight if given a chance and worry about Andrea later..........

Up next..............Tribal Council

Rob is the first one that Jeff picks on tonight asking him if the Zapa group will be voted out tonight. Then Steve was approached by Jeff to find out where he thinks things are going. Probst tries to bring controversy into things and playing devils advocate as per usual.........then Steve brings up Rob and his usual game plan of how Rob asked Lex to save Amber and then cut Lex’s throat as soon as he could...........again, the devil’s advocate Jeff steps in. LOL.

When the votes are in, it is Ralph that is sent packing...................but wait, remember the twist...........tonight there will be two members of the tribe voted out. The second immunity challenge of the day is at hand: Probst will give the tribe a puzzle of sorts by giving each tribe member 8 picture pieces and a puzzle to remember.......canteen, hook, pot, fire, canteen, pot, fire. The people that went out in order are: Natalie, Phillip, Grant, Andrea, Ashley and Steve which leaves Rob as the winner. When the votes were all in this time, Steve was the one sent packing to Redemption Island, leaving the final six of Ometepe still in the game.

Well, that’s everything for tonight folks.........hope you enjoyed my blog. I will be back again next week for another instalment. Have a great week everyone!