A Quad Duel, Family Love, and Immunity on the Line

Tonight’s epi began with the usual rundown from last week....... Then we catch up with the guys on Redemption, and the realization that not only was Ralph voted out but so was Steve. As the group of four sat around the fire and talked, the final 6 arrived back at their camp and it was a mental breakdown time for Natalie. As Rob stated, sometimes Natalie acts waaay beyond her years, other times, not so much. As Rob stated in his PI, he only has eight days to get through and keep everyone happy........as long as they don’t start talking together, he’ll be alright.

The next day, tree mail arrives in the form of a Sprint videos from home.....everyone on Redemption and at the main tribal beach each had a family member sending them a video. As per usual at this time, it was definitely an emotional event which culminated in them all arriving at the forum for the four way duel. Each of the four guys have four tiles in front of them, they toss balls at the tiles, one at a time to break their tiles........the first one to break all their tiles, wins quality time with their loved one. Mike was the winner of the duel, but it carried on to include Matt and Ralph as being the final 3 to carry on in the game. This left Steve heading to the Jury. You’d think that would be the end........not so fast, as Mike has a major decision to make. 1) Keep the quality time with his mom 2) give up his quality time so the other two guys on Redemption can have theirs 3) give up his quality time so the other six still in the game can have their time with their loved ones. Mike chose option 3 in hopes that it would buy him some favors for later on.

When Ralph, Matt and Mike get back to camp, Ralph is quite ticked at Mike for choosing option 3 versus option 2 as he should of which of course would of given Ralph some time with his buddy. Obviously he has second doubts, but also feels good in his heart of the decision.

Over at the main tribal beach, all contestants and friends/family are getting re-aquainted. First up was Ashley getting to talk and show her mom where she’s been living, then there was Andrea and her father joking about her hair.....then was Grant and his brother in law having a good laugh........then Natalie and her mom, it was very obvious how much they are missing one another........Then Phillip and his sister, and of him enlightening her as to him acting like a wacko so he can dominate over the rest of them.........okay, what ever Phillip...........LOL. Then Rob and his sister and how he see’s everyone right now and his game plan for the remainder of their days on the island. In a PI, Rob was talking of how there are some that are thinking more of home after this visit, others that are starting to loose it in the game, but with him, he is more determined than ever to survive the final eight days and win Survivor as he has been trying to do it for the last ten years.

Tree mail arrives the next morning and it is obviously an immunity challenge.......Feeling pressure to step it up? Is strategy on the rise? It’s an uphill battle, no matter how you tread, when immunity’s the prize. Rob states in a PI of how anyone but Andrea must win........she’s good at the challenges, smart when it comes to the game and someone that he feels better getting rid of versus letting her stay.

Immunity is back up for grabs..................

The idea of the challenge is to untie your 3 sets of boards that are placed onto the platforms to make your steps....you can only put one board on at a time. The first one to complete all three sections of steps, wins immunity. It was a really brutal challenge and completely exhausted everyone........especially Mariano who was the eventual winner.

As the tribe gets back to the beach, Rob and his crew there except for Andrea are talking about voting out Andrea.....when she gets back into the group and Phillip leaves, the talk is that they are voting out Phillip. Then wacko Phillip goes back onto his crazy bandwagon and making things weird again.......why doesn’t that guy just shut up........LOL. Phillip then goes over to steal some of the “roofing” from the one side of their shelter to place onto the fire......when reminded that someone will eventually come back from Redemption, then Phillips answer is that they will have to fix their roof then.......like I said earlier...........Wacko Phillip on the rampage.......sheesh.
Rob and Grant then head off for their chat.......the idea that maybe they should vote out Phillip tonight as Rob is double thinking things and maybe taking Phillip to the end is the wrong decision.........

Up next.................Tribal Council

As the group arrives at tribal and settles down, the Jury members are then brought in. Probst tries to play devils advocate once again by asking Andrea first if she’s worried that she might be going home. Then Phillip was brought into the conversation and how he wanted to act like he is the threat on the tribe........Probst was trying to make him out to not be the enemy on the tribe. It is very obvious that Rob is paying great attention to what everyone is saying.....

When the votes were counted, Andrea was blindsided and sent to Redemption............

Well, that’s all for this week. Hope you enjoyed the blog and will be back for another one next week..........have a great week everyone!!