Russell Hanzt Bites The Dust

Tonight’s epi began with a look back on last week........How Russell’s tribe threw the challenge and Russell was sent to Redemption Island. At the island when Russell arrived, both Russell and Matt were Russell is totally ticked that his tribe lied to him with regards to them telling him that it was Francesca on the island and of course he went there chuckling thinking that he can easily beat her and wipe out his previous tribe, one at a time...................wrong again Russell...........Matt is there waiting for you...........LOL.

Back at Ometepe, Phillip is doing his best at ticking everyone off in his tribe as he is the first one up, banging around and making noise in the camp first thing in the morning..........not a great way to earn brownie points. Rob starts things off in the interviews regarding Phillip.............who goes around in their pink tighty whities with their stuff hanging out..........not only is it not wanted, but it’s disgusting...........I can’t argue with the guy there as we are all seeing the disgusted faces of the other campmates.........LOL. Phillip is back to his crab stabbing times and as he says in a PI, everyone of the “kids” there just don’t get him.........

Meanwhile over at Zapatera, we see Steph and Krista laying on the beach sunning themselves and talking about Russell and of how he will win his way back into the game and demolish all the other people in their tribe............kinda think not. IMO, Russell is the kind of guy that needs to keep a hands on situation in order to keep the lead in the tribe........with him all on his lonesome on Redemption, kinda hard for him to do that IF he even makes it through the challenges there...........just sayin. Ralph and Steve are really keeping their eyes on those two.... Back at camp, Ralph shows the other five in his alliance that he has the idol.

Back at Ometepe beach, Phillip is off to get the mail and after reading it to the rest of the tribe, they pick Phillip and Kristina to go to watch the duel between Russell and Matt. Phillip really wants to go so he can get some “intel” to win the game.........good grief.

Over at Zapatera, it is decided that Sarita and Ralph will be the ones to watch the duel from their tribe. Sarita is saying that watching Russell loose is like winning her million......LOL

Russell is saying that if it was the real world, he would be cheering on Matt, it’s not, it’s survivor. Meanwhile Matt is really feeling good about today’s challenge.

Once the visiting tribe members enter the forum and settle down, Russell and Matt enter to find Probst there waiting for them. Today’s duel is to take their blocks and place them along a track so when released, they will ultimately fall like domino’s. There are trip wires placed along the tracks and touching one of those lines will make that track shake and might make the domino’s fall prematurely. The first one to create the perfect domino track and release their ball and smash their tile first, wins. Matt is the first one to try his track, and his domino’s fell short so Matt hurries to re-stack the blocks......meanwhile, Russell tries his blocks, and he too falls short. Russell re-stacks his blocks and in the meantime, Matt lets his blocks fall and he wins the duel. Right after the duel, Russell begins to cry. When Jeff asks Russell why he is emotional, Russell smartens up and says that it is hard to play the game when his tribe wasn’t worried about the numbers and Boston Rob, when you have peewee leagers on his team...........he has to do it all for the tribe as they aren’t strong enough without him. I guess we’ll see where that goes. Ralph immediately pipes up saying that he doesn’t think so..........also claimed that Russell wouldn’t show him the clue, denied he had it, wouldn’t show him where the idol was hidden.......then went on to claim that within 15 seconds of the game beginning, Ralph found the idol with NO clue. Russell tried to bait him to show him the idol........Ralph didn’t bite and claimed that he faked out Russell.........meanwhile, Phillip said that Ralph does have the idol and he’s going to have to use it at some point if he has anything to do with the testosterone is flowing on both sides of the forum............great, just what we need.......LOL. Bottom line, Russell is gone from the game and on his way out of the forum, drops his buff into the fire. In a PI, Russell states that it is terrible to play with people that didn’t actually come to play the game, but came just for the money or the fame, Russell also admits that this will be his last time playing the game. He did give Matt props for beating him though.....

Back at Ometepe, Rob is thinking that he needs to use that clue to find the idol before Kristina comes back and finds it herself. He plans a game with the other tribesmates there that will place them further down the beach, away from camp and the other end of the beach that he thinks the idol is at. The group heads down where Rob wants them to be and the whole while, Rob is complaining that he is constipated, so when Rob gets them where he wants them, claims he has to go to the bathroom, and runs off back to hunt for the idol. After moving lots of rocks and digging at the bases of the tree’s, he finally finds the idol hiding in the crook of a tree. Then quickly heads back up the beach to the others before they have a chance to get suspicious and look for him.

Over at Zapatera, Ralph and Sarita are back at camp and telling the tribe what happened at the duel and of how Russell broke down when he lost. This of course sends Stephanie and Krista into a tailspin as they always hoped if they just hung on, Russell would be back and the two of them would be back in business.........once they had heard enough of what Russell and Sarita were saying, they told them that they had gone too far......LOL. Mike said that he thought that Matt was pretty tough, then Stephanie piped up again saying how people will do dumb stuff like throwing challenges and not worrying about the numbers game. That of course met with major disagreement from Mike as he went on of how Russell was bringing the group integrity down and that was hurting the tribe more.

Meanwhile, Phillip and Kristina head back to their beach, all the while, Phillip is trying to convince Kristina to shut up back at camp, he’ll tell Rob what he wants and hopefully gets Rob to guarantee to be good to Kristina...............yea right, that will go over like a lead balloon. In a PI, Kristina says that the specialist(AKA Phillip) thinks he’s running the show, when in reality he’s a huge windbag.........LOL. Meanwhile, Phillip, Rob and Grant head off down the beach to talk and Phillip thinks he is bringing so much intel to Rob..........which Rob of course has already figured things out in his head by watching all the reactions that he just isn’t falling for much of what Phillip claims........LOL.

On Zapatera’s beach, Krysta reads out the new tree mail which Zapa agrees, they are building something. As both tribes enter the challenge beach, Jeff is there waiting for them..........After Ometepe hands back the tribe idol, Jeff explains that one teammate will make their way over the balance beam, find the crowbar, open the box to find a shovel, dig to find an axe, use the axe to chop through a rope to release two saws of which you will use to saw out your planks to build the ramp to the top of which you will untie knots to release a hammer of which you will use to hammer nails through the planks to the tiles, break all tiles and place your toolbox ontop of the platform........the first team to complete all, wins immunity and a reward of food/bbq set. Krysta sits out for Zapatera. Zapatera won immunity and the food.............they head back to camp. Zapatera wasted NO time getting to their reward part and as fast as they could, cooked that food and ate.

Over at Ometepe..........Phillip was trying to take control. They had a “meeting” by could see the tribe going Oh shut their own minds. Meanwhile Phillip is also ticking off teh people at camp...........Natalie is talking to Rob about the possibility of Kristina having the idol and they all decide to get rid of Kristina tonight. Grant and Ashley are talking about getting rid of Phillip.......then Grant tries to talk to Rob. The result is that Kristina leaves tonight and Phillip after that. As Rob says, hopefully his alliance “will do as their are told”............hmmmmmmmmm.

As they all come in for tribal, Probst is waiting for them again. Jeff confronts Kristina first, then Natalie. Rob pipes in with his comment that he doesn’t know if it is too late for Kristina in this tribe right now. Then Probst brings Kristina back into the conversation and tries to find out what she feels should be done. She replies that the best thing to do is to keep the tribe strong and vote out the weakest link of which is Phillip as he is pretty disruptive....... After the votes were tallied, Phillip had 3, Kristina had 4 and is heading to Redemption.