Tribes are Divided and one More Bites the Dust

Tonightís epi began with a look back at last week as per usual, and at what happened when Stephanie arrived at Redemption.

Over at Zapa beach, the tribe is just returning after voting out Stephanie, and Steve is doing a PI regarding Davidís betrayal of the group and how if David doesnít step up to the plate and try to work as a member of the team, there will be problems.

Over at Redemption, Stephanie the mouthpiece is quickly over-staying her welcome at Redemption and Matt says in a PI of how he is really looking forward to the duel to get rid of her..........LOL.

At Ometepeís beach, tree mail arrives and Andrea is the one to retrieve and read it out. It is discovered that today is another duel day and after Andrea reads out the mail, Phillip is really quick to say that heís going.........Rob joins him as Rob states in a PI, he doesnít trust Phillip at all. Ometepeís mouthpiece Ė AKA Phillip, was at his ďjobĒ again. WOW, that guy can talk about absolute nonsense........LOL. As Rob states in a PI, Phillip isnít allowed to go without a chaperone, so he has to babysit Phil for the day..........he canít be trusted at all and is the most un-aware person that he has ever met.

At Redemption, Phillip and Rob are there for Ometepe, and Ralph and David are there for Zapatera. As everyone settles into the forum, Probst explains what todayís duel is about. As Jeff carries on to explain that one of the most difficult aspects of the game of Survivor is the mental aspect of it and the mental with that in mind, scattered in the forum is puzzle pieces in pairs......meaning if one were to find the fire icon, there will be one more that needs to be matched up to that one in order to get a point.......the first one to five points wins. After a paper, rock, scissors start, Stephanie won it and chose for Matt to go first. Matt picked a tile to find a skull and flipped over another one and found another skull........Stephanie did the same thing with the crocodile tile.........then Matt missed his.........Stephanie missed hers.........Matt went next and won his next one. Stephanie went next and missed again. When all was said and done, Matt won 5-3 and Stephanie is out of the game forever. Stephanie took this time to out some people in the game.........She called out Sarita to Ralph naming her as the weakest link on their tribe, then told Ralph that David was the one to keep for the puzzle factor. Then she told Rob to watch his back as they will try to take him out as they took out Russell......She also suggested to Rob to try to win Matt back as he is definitely tough to beat. Then after Stephanie left the forum, Probst brought Phillip into the conversation and asked what he thought of Matt.......All Phillip muttered on about was the samurai code and how he thought Matt was a samurai or something to that effect..........somehow when Phillip speaks, my ears get tuned out.........LOL. As Phillip and Rob leave the Redemption forum, Rob says in a PI of how when the merge comes, Phillip is ready to make a big move, meaning how to get Rob out...........

As Rob and Phillip are heading back to camp, Phillip asks Rob what he wants him to say and if they were going to keep anything from the group........Rob replies how heís been playing it straight so far and will continue to do so. Secretly in a PI, Rob stated how he desperately wanted Phillip to say something along those lines so he could use it against Phillip in the future..........guess he got what he wanted...........LOL. When they got back to the beach, Rob was the first one to talk about what happened at the duel, of how Stephanie was given the chance to speak and how she told Rob to watch out as he will be voted out if the other tribe has anything to say about it. After Phillip leaves to get some water, Rob then tells the rest of the group of Phillipís sneaky back play.........of how he approached Rob and wanted to know how Rob wanted to play things so when they get back to camp, Phillip will tell the group what Rob wanted the group to can tell the rest of the tribe has definitely had enough of Phillip and are definitely wanting their chance to get rid of him. And the group agrees that if they loose immunity, Phillip will be the next one booted to Redemption.

Over at Zapatera, Ralph and David arrived back at camp and Steve asked if Stephanie got nasty with her final comments.......Ralph stated that she told them to try hard to beat them. David tries to correct what Ralph said, but when Davidís back was turned, Ralph stated that David will jump ship and head to the other side if given a chance.........not to mention that Matt couldnít be relied on to jump ship from his tribe......... David makes his way back to the hut and suggests that they should go fishing.....meanwhile the rest of the tribe knows that fishing when it is muddy/mucky wonít work and are reluctant to do the fishing at that time. This of course doesnít sit well with David.

Back at Ometepe, the tribe is digging into the cooked Rob isnít there at the moment, the group as a whole set some rice aside for Rob.........all except for Phillip that is and when he wanted to go back for more.......specifically the browned rice in the pan(which is always the better rice if you were to listen to Phillip), the group told him that what was left was Robís portion.........well, that didnít sit so well with Phillip. Sergeant Phillip went off on a rampage regarding the crispy, does this guy ever quit?? Then we are ďtreatedĒ to another one of his PIís where he goes on to say that the girls sleep in his underwear at night, in his bed, the ladies are in Robís back pocket so to speak........he gets all the preferential other you want some cheese with your whine Phillip?? Then Phillip takes his whining one step further and starts on the rampage about how he is a 52 year old man, the senior member of their tribe and he should be treated better than he is instead of being treated like the red haired stepchild that is happening........oh lordy........this guy is mentally loosing it for sure!!

Up next...................Immunity and Reward are back up for grabs

As both tribes enter the immunity beach area, Probst tells them what their obstacle course will be made up of today............Since the challenge is six on six, no one will be sitting out. Both tribes race through the bales of hay, grab a bag of balls, a stick setup, more balls, rope course, more balls, then netting area, then brick walls to the ball throw area........first tribe to get six balls into their netting wins. They win immunity and reward..........the reward is a heli ride to the top of an active volcano where a picnic will be waiting for them. Both tribes were neck and neck through the majority of the challenge, but Ometepe got their six balls in the net quicker. It is obvious from Saritaís face that she feels she is the next one going home. As Zapatera heads back to camp to ponder their fate, Ometepe gets picked up in the heli for their reward.

As the heli lands on the edge of the volcano, the tribe gets out and is amazed by the scenery and what is awaiting them for the afternoon. As they all dig into their feast, Rob seeís the cylindrical cookies, Rob thinks the clue is there and of course finds the clue........which he hides in his pocket. Then during the PI, he is telling us how he felt the clue had to be in that jar disguised as a clue, finds it and then proceeds to throw the clue into the volcano......what a guy. Hmmm, I know some donít like him, but I find his irritating way to be wrapped up in humour so I manage to find a way of ignoring some of the more irritating comments that he makes.........but thatís just me.

Meanwhile at Zapatera when the tribe gets back to their beach..........David and Ralph take off to find firewood, leaving the rest of the tribe at the beach talking about what they should do tonight. At that time, Sarita chimes in with how David canít be trusted and will flip, meanwhile she can be trusted to do as the tribe wants........hmmmmm. When Sarita gets a chance to talk to Ralph, she re-iterates how she can be trusted and David canít, then tries to find out how Ralph will vote. In a PI, Sarita confides that she will be voting for David considering the last tribal he voted for her and she just doesnít trust the guy. In a PI, David knows that there is a distinct possibility that he will go home if the tribe is more interested in trust versus keeping the tribe strong........will be interesting as far as he is concerned. In a PI, we get Mike saying how the tribe can go one of two ways........Sarita, very trustworthy but not good in challenges...........David, good in challenges but definitely not trustworthy.

Up Next............Tribal Council

As the tribe files into the council area, Ralph gets picked on quickly by Jeff in his quest to find out what happened to Zapatera tribe. As Probst states, maybe it isnít a issue with strength but maybe the tribe isnít very cohesive. Of course this sends Ralph into a tailspin as he didnít understand what Probst means. Jeff quickly figures out that the votes will be between David and Sarita and thus tries to get to what he figures will be the crux of the situation. As David and Sarita have a spat of sorts, it is obvious that it will be Sarita leaving, even though one of the tribes members was obviously undecided.

Well, thatís all for this week..........hope you all enjoyed reading. Take care, have a great week, and Iíll be back next Wednesday to do it all over again........