Sarah: hi zach
Zach: this is me, zach bb8 hello everyone
Sarah: what did you end up using to get into chat ?
Zach: next door neighbors computer.

Jokerette: Derrick asks: during the last endurance competition what were you thinking when dick was bitching all that time
Zach: ummm.. actually i wasnt thinking about him at all, i was thinking about being the one to try to take them both down, thinking of my friends, family, dogs, everyone out there, i actually hallucinated a bit bc i had so much going through my mind. But when enough was enough i knew that dick prior had said he hated that spider woman tattoo and i used that a good humor ammo. Lord knows the diff things we could have said at that moment not to mention that, laughing at him was the best solution to that problem. Ever laughed at your gf/bf when they're mad, try it sometimes, see how far it gets you lol. I actually got a HIGH from laughing at him, it gave me some extra adrenaline to keep going
Jokerette: how did you happen to think of laughing? instead of say being enraged?
Zach: i was thinking of my ex's and when we would fight what really riled them. and laughing by far always worked. I know exactly how to get under your skin if i have to.

Jokerette: Have you spoken to dick since you have been out?
Zach: saw him at the reality awards. Mind you i have a story to clear up the misconfusion!
Jokerette: oh really? lay it on us rofl
Zach: at the wrap party he said no hard feelings well i said sure. So up on stage in front of the entire crew and cast, i hit him in the balls hard, as a way of saying no hard feelings lol
Jokerette: roflamoooooooooo
Zach: he sprayed a corona on me
Zach: second, at the awards, i kept being nice feeding him heinikens, and smacking him in the nuts there too i found it to be funny with him
Jokerette: roflmaooooooooooo
Zach: he changes everything. so getting him back the best way i know how. lol it was in all good fun
Jokerette: a little knock in the nuts smoothes everyone out i find, right?
Zach: hell yeah, im from the south, northern fla, you know that always works, a good smack in the nuts
Zach: lol

Jokerette: kidkind asks: Hey zach Whom do you feel would have been better partners for an alliance than the Mrs Robinson group?
Zach: man mrs robinson got rolled into a huge mistake. I made a big error being a part of that, kail and nick ratted
Jokerette: yeah but it seemed like the thing to do at the time? You made it the farthest of anyone in the group
Zach: i should have established good ties with jameka earlier and def tried to set something up with jen, bc she could take the heat well. Its funny how many of the players in the game had strategies that were flawed, and mine everyone thought was something not even played, when in fact it worked adpatively and effectively all teh way to the end. umm.. it was an agreement (mrs robinson) based on nothing, not even knowing your friends in the alliance, it should have taken more time to really get to know your friends in that i think

Jokerette: what would you say was your strategy?
Zach: well at first before i even went into the house, i wanted a girl as a close ally for gender reasons and two meat head guys that were good competitors. That vision made me think of kail, mike, nick but i let that vision get me more than what the people were truly about. Second after that got exposed i knew that laying low, being helpful and biting my tongue on eveyrone's issues was a safe play to secure safety in an environment of players as we had. i can read people very well at least in a gaming env.

Jokerette: Was it hard to hold your tongue?
Zach: not at all, i have lived with frat guys, sorority girls, musicians, dead beats, drug people, hippies, old people, parents, gay dudes, bi chicks, so nothing phases me welcome to LA right ? lol secondly biting my tongue was huge, bc people started dropping like flies, and my strategy was working. The second part of that is by NOT winning HOH i could specifically not win it. and on that note by not winning it i would promise my vote to the HOH as collateral for not being nominated and giving the HOH a vote in their favor. It worked seamlessly for 5 weeks and got me into striking distance to really compete. Did i throw comps, HELL YES but to not win you still win. get me? there are diff ways to win by not winning. Then in the finals i stepped up to compete, trained in the gym for endurance, and won every HOH i could compete in from there on out.

Jokerette: really well done.
Zach: just choked on the damnned jen question LOL. people say i didnt do anything, but sometimes the best solution to a problem is to watch others solve it for you.

Jokerette: what was the hardest comp to throw?
Zach: hmm.. for me when i was the first out on the butter jen and danielle thing, lol that was humiliating but it was the right thing to do. It kept the radar off me, and made people laugh at me, eveyrone knows psychologically if you can laugh about it, you're usually okay and it worked.

Jokerette: Derrick asks: did you have any past regrets you should have nomin
Zach: umm... derrick lets see i thought the wording on the cat scratch veto was messed up, it said you had to have 2 feet on the stump when i did and eric had one to beat me, then america saying he couldnt use the veto, was rediculous,

Jokerette: what did you think of the whole america thing?
Zach: come to think of it, for a national tv show, america's player was a very poor attempt at production creatively coming up with a fun and unique env for the audience to play along, it unbalanced the playing field for all players, the whole point is it to be a game, and that does not balance everyone the same, in an environment and systematically challenged game
Jokerette: from our standpoint, it was kind of fun
Zach: no im sure it was cool
Jokerette: oh it was blast on this end rofl making eric do what he didn't want to do.
Zach: but from a player stand point it upset a lot of outcomes due to people enjoying others pain in the game. He was the right man for the job for sure. Same with father and daughter, you have got to be kidding me. Totally unbalanced in a game of strangers lol It just would have been nice to have everyone on similar ground.
Jokerette: well, at first they didn't get along at all
Zach: thats a lie jokerette, they from hour 1 commited to each other. I witnessed the deal go down.

Jokerette: I didn't think they were THAT good of actors
Zach: they both BOTH said they would commit to each other
Zach: in the bathroom within the first hour
Jokerette: For real?
Zach: yes maam and they both saw each other at the casting interview, "of all the ginn joints, and bars, she walks into mine."

Jokerette: HappyPeanut asks: Zach, you've done BB, if you had to choose another reality show to go on, which would it be and why?
Zach: happy peanuts, i would love to go on amazing race with my dad. My dad is brilliant, and my hero, both him and i have never traveled to europe,asia,australia,southamerica, etc. My intelligence and cont to succeed intellectually is bc of my dad. I would love to do amazing race.

Jokerette: no survivor tho?
Zach: i actually tried out for survivor the first one, and hang out with adam form cook islands alot. It seems like a blast, i would do it, but you said pick one, i would do AMAZING RACE. my dad and i have a bond that viewers would love to watch, he is so funny and sarcastic, and goes above and beyond for people, as i am competitive and love screwing with pple. So get those amazing race people on the line and get them to get dolphincrash and dad on the horn haha

Jokerette: lexie asks: have you kept in touch with Jameka?
Zach: lexie: we talk in email and ill be seeing her on the Rainbow Cruises Online Celeb cruise in march 08. She made her impact on me in the house, and im forever thankful for the tools she instilled with me. Yes jameka i think gained a lot also from the bb8 experience

Jokerette: kidkind asks: Hey Zach do you know any info on BB for this coming up season ?
Zach: and yes i would def do allstars, for bb, it brings a new game to the game that everyone has played before, old tactics dont work, which means its the ultimate of ultimates. I know they are excepting aps still. But i have no idea, been slammed with and the artwork

Jokerette: i had a question about dolphincrash.. how did it come about?
Zach: if you go to my myspace account the 2nd friend on my myspace knows all that stuff you could email him.... designed the logo in college about 8 years ago, got it tattooed 7 years ago and realized it was a dolphin crashing like a wave hence dolphincrash
Jokerette: You have a tattoo of it?
Zach: yes on my back on the right shoulder. Softball in size. I'm getting it touched up before the cruise in march 08.

Zach: not to mention we are doing a dive with dolphincrash doccumentary on that cruise which will be fun also
Jokerette: oh your going on that cruise?
Zach: hell yes, anything tropical and i'm in. Just purchased a 8k underwater cam for my dream of taking pictures underwater and i got the processing down to a master. So now that the clothes are taking off, i can finally pursue my dream of underwater photography and artistically display my work for some purchases, i have met incredibe people through this show which to me is pricxeless

Jokerette: Can u plz ask him waht it was like to live in a house with Evel Dick?
Zach: well remember how i said i lived with all those people above
Jokerette: yes
Zach: he was like none of those at all. He has two sides all the time.
Jokerette: two sides?
Zach: one min he is fun to play games with the next he's all moody and grouchy. It's like dating jekyl and hyde. He seriously has some issues, but who doesnt right? I just think he needs to grow up , come on the ultimate 44 yr old 12 yr old lol

Jokerette: do you happen to know anything about dani and nick's relationship? I am getting asked.
Zach: i know all lol But for me, its hear no evil, speak no evil, say no evil, you'll have to find someone else, but they arent seeing eye to eye for quite some time i think. As for nick he is moving in with me at the beginning of the year. Yes he will room with me, he rocks, we have fun. He is in minn for the holiday. Jenn, nick and i went snow boarding a few weeks back it was fun and last week jenn, jess and me went to palm springs for two days it was fun.

Jokerette: kidkind asks: Zack what houseguests are you most involved with now that the show is over?
Zach: jenn, mike, nick, saw jess last week, jenn is jenn what can i say, jess was good, she was here for dean's graduation. i adore jenn though, we talk everyday

Jokerette: is jess' romance still going?
Zach: no idea, i didnt ask, i dont really care about that sort of stuff, though jess and eric are going on the cruise. i do know if your interested in going on the cruise you can check out my page on myspace or dolphincrash and metion dolphincrash to get a discount on the cruise so far its me, jenn, nick, jess, eric, jameka, dustin, amber ":_ haha
Jokerette: how much is that cruise?
Zach: i think its around 600, but it sounds like a blast, and im a chill person, if you can dive or snorkel you've got me! ill be diving the whole time i cant wait to get some great images.

Jokerette: butt asks: Zack, what's it like having Jenn as a model for your clothing line? Is she a diva?
Zach: butt jenn was great, easy to work, with, very professional, whats a diva?
Jokerette: a diva is sort of high maintenance, thinks she's a goddess.
Zach: i have worked with a lot of models though, from promotions to pictures, to clothing line stuff, to party promoting in hollywood, ive been in that scene for a while. Jenn has great taste. And enjoy the finer things in life but is very generous as well. I liked working with her, and im sure we will have everyone in dolphincrash on the boat.
Jokerette: she did a shoot with our ju photog TheRealDeal, he said she was great like you said, very professional!

Jokerette: Gig_Em_Chad asks: Zach, could you tell us your entire casting process experience from start to finish?
Zach: gig_em: for me i cant provide much, i was a last min arrival, i submitted a picture and a persona and they called me, i went in for the interview and sold it, but thats what i do, i sell myself to accomplish what i need

Jokerette: emilia asks: why didn't you ask jess to model while she was there?
Zach: i saw her for about 2 hours one night , we went to a comedy show. All of us did. ill post the pics on myspace soon. i gave jess a hat, so im sure ill see it soon. im just so busy trying to get all of dolphincrash going, and its all me. No one is helping me.

Jokerette: away asks: Zach, off the topic of BB...what are your feelings on the cheating scandal at FSU that the football team was involved in? I know you wear the hat proudly so I wondered if it makes you upset? I don't know if you follow the team or not, but down here :in FL it's big news. Just wondered your thoughts.
Zach: away: wahts going on,
Jokerette: away, pm me me and tell me
Zach: i guess im too wrapped up in my own crud but the hats look awesome for dc
Jokerette: lol it's new to me also they'll pm me in a second.
Zach: cool jokerette
Jokerette: At least 20 players apparently entered into an online class and the professors gave them answers to tests so at least 20 will be suspended for the bowl game and the first 3 games of next season. Some might also lose their athletic eligibility completely.
Jokerette: sounds right to me.
Zach: away: yikes, i love the noles, so ill still root for em, but we havent performed well in a while but ill still root for my alma matter

Jokerette: ZackFan asks: Zach will you be auctioning anything off on eBay soon?
Zach: zackfan: what did you have in mind, ive kept most of what i want for myself, but i have pictures, some clothes, danielle's gloves lol. I have to wait to get home to see what i still have left,
Jokerette: sell it ALL on ebay rofl
Zach: lol. No i want the key and my house key,

Jokerette: EvelFan asks: Hey Zach, since you been in the big brother house, you feel their needs to be changes in the house such as 2 hoh's at random or a way to steal the veto away from the veto holder?
Zach: evelfan: i think two hoh's is a bad idea, its hard enough with one, stealing the veto, thats kind of a cool idea, but depends how it all goes down, personally i would like to see unique things go down in this env 1. certain house guests return after being voted out, would be cool, or hoh's having restrictions on nominating people, one guy one girl thing, that would make it hard,
Jokerette: that would be great.. forcing their hand so to speak.
Zach: make the food restrictions harder, or make the competitions more physical than qeustions all the time. I play a lot of games, so i can think of a list of better ideas,
Jokerette: go back to pbj? or stick with what's that stuff?
Zach: not even either,
Jokerette: what then? lol
Zach: restrict the restock of food to bare essentials, like half of what is there, forcing ppl to fight for the good stuff and when its gone its gone. That would drive ppl crazy. Seriously being a creator of a reality program which im pitching in the new year, i have a list of ideas having played big brother that would creatively and psychologically make that game intense
Jokerette: such as? Anything you can share?
Zach: hmm.... let me think lol Force ppl to sleep in areas every week that change, the sleeping thing could use major tweeking. The food also.
Jokerette: don't let people sleep ... have an alarm clock
Zach: the hot water situation
Jokerette: goes off at 7 promplty rofl Yes do hot water like they do in australia.. one hour in am and that's it
Zach: no more like force people to randomly be forced into a sleeping sit that is uncomfortable. Lets dangle the rat in front of the snake lol
Jokerette: oh that would be good!

Jokerette: ZackFan asks: Did you keep the bunny suit?
Zach: zachfan: nope they wouldnt let me have it, i wanted it badly

Jokerette: hi asks: Hi Zach, If there was one thing you could change or take back from BB8, what would it be?
Zach: hi: i would have voted dick out against dick vs dustin, forcing jessica to make the call to vote out, since it would have been a tie, if eric was so adament about getting dick out but couldnt vote him out bc of america

Jokerette: Liann asks: What do you want for Christmas?
Zach: liann: honestly family together for once, production denied my brothers entry to the finale and wrap party so being together to talk about the game, with some beers, and friends, thats everything for me for christmas
Liann: That is so great Zack! A wonderful wish

Final remarks Zach made, just hanging out after the chat:
Zach: i love jen she rocks lol

Y-man: Zach, you had the greatest strategy. Everybody laughed but KIss the HOH Ass Strategy damn sure worked
Zach: yup it works when you are an army of 1 lol

Derrick: the tea cup game that looked hard
Zach: it was, 3 hours, of that, thank god for surfing and skateboarding for the tea cup comp!