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Topic #2089859
gcarlet - Umm...yeah. Still fish. NT 0 Replies #2089859 6:25PM 05/08/2005
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Topic #2089870
Anonymous - One full hour of fish!! NT 0 Replies #2089870 6:26PM 05/08/2005
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Topic #2090013
amIsane - James...you won magg you won. S "They think it ishysteracle" NT 0 Replies #2090013 6:38PM 05/08/2005
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Topic #2090019
Zazny - Feeds back; Sounds like James/Sarah up -- wants to talk w/ Howie "nothing bad," fussing with Apr NT 0 Replies #2090019 6:38PM 05/08/2005
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Topic #2090020
amIsane - James is pissed NT 0 Replies #2090020 6:38PM 05/08/2005
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Topic #2090026
Awesome_Possum - James: "You won Maggie" 0 Replies #2090026 6:39PM 05/08/2005
James must have been nominated. He is telling Maggie she won. April says he had it coming for all the things he did last week.
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Topic #2090034
amIsane - James/Sar went to HOH to talk w/How. F'in BB has all 4 feeds on BY NT 0 Replies #2090034 6:40PM 05/08/2005
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Topic #2090071
Anonymous - James and Sarah up NT 0 Replies #2090071 6:44PM 05/08/2005
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Topic #2090078
Anonymous - Maggie taking it in stride 0 Replies #2090078 6:46PM 05/08/2005
Maggie was expresssionless and taking it all in; April on the other hand was gloating and downright giddy
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Topic #2090094
amIsane - How is reeming James. Calling them out 0 Replies #2090094 6:48PM 05/08/2005
How"Jam, you shot yourself in the foot with your credibility"
Jam says I hope they give you ytour safety. They better.
Sar saying the crapettes are lying, they told Sar/Jam that S6 are telling them stuff.
Jam says he is disappointed in How and Howie says I am tooo, because yopu turned on us.
How "If I made the wrong decision I might regret it. But you gave me your word"
Jam says he was not dumb enough to go to the other side.
Sar wants to know what the crapette said about her.
How says you crossed to many lines. You can not take on the whole house.
Sar says How will feel like crap when he gets out and see's the tapes.
Lot of talking over each other.
Jam "No ***** How you didnt do the right thing. F@CK!!"

alot of talking over each other. James says he is so dissappointed in you guys(S6)
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Topic #2090097
rvwinkle - James and Sarah doing some serious backpeddling in the HOH NT 0 Replies #2090097 6:48PM 05/08/2005
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Topic #2090104
Cali2Jax - James just said he didn't swear on the bible to evict Rachel and Howie NT 0 Replies #2090104 6:49PM 05/08/2005
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Topic #2090106
Venusjems - James: you think i would really swear on the bible? NT 0 Replies #2090106 6:50PM 05/08/2005
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Topic #2090113
rvwinkle - OMG James just denied his swearing on the bible to evict How&Rach NT 0 Replies #2090113 6:50PM 05/08/2005
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Topic #2090117
Zazny - James/Sarah in HOH 0 Replies #2090117 6:50PM 05/08/2005
H: I came to you and said to you that you and Sarah want to be together, have money for college, be together. If you made that deal with Maggie for me but come back to me

S: Howie we did not make a deal, did you not see her shut my TV

H: You shot yourself in the foot with credibility. You went to too many people. You are a dominant player in the game, but you add ...trechery. You swear that you fight for us then betray us to the wolves. Promise to put up Howie, backdoor Howie

S: They said the same thing to us about you guys

J: You made this decision for you. We made that pact, that trust is there. You believed them, I hope they give you your safety, but that pact never happened

H: You hurt my game tremendously. We swore to stick together. Now I have to
worry about my own team turning on me?

J: You made a mistake by nominating us and believing them.

H: If I'm wrong, God I apologize. If you come back, get HOH, you can get me out. I'm aware of that. Sometimes you regret your decisions. I might regret it as soon as tomorrow.

J: I'm disappointed

H: I'm disappointed too; I can be out of this house as early as next week. If I made the wrong decision, I'll live it. To me it's a game. [We all want to win the money]. Don't tell me

J: There was no point you were ever given up. I thought you and Rach were a good team from day one. The fact that the six of us was fighting together [made me confident]. Just as

H: The tapes will tell the truth. You're gonna say you never promised me and Rachel.

S: What he does, is what he does. I want to know for myself if they said the same about me

H: Sarah, you were a part of his plan. I don't discredit you. You had a good game, but shot yourself in the foot. You crossed too many lies. You have your own house against you.

S: Howie, [game aside], you will feel like crap after you hear what I said about you.

S: Do you believe if I won HOH, I'd put you up

H: No.

S: FYI, if we leave this week, you and Rachel are the next target.

J: I can't believe you believed them.

S: They are not coming after me. They'll go after the next power couple.

...Rachel, Jan join
J: I'm not angry, I'm just disappointed
Jan: What about the bible?
J: Do you think I'd swear on the bible in front of the whole team?
Jan: That's what they're saying.
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Topic #2090166
hoarsewhisperer - reply to James when he told her she'd won, Her reply was, when did this game become just you and me? NT 0 Replies #2090166 6:54PM 05/08/2005
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Topic #2090169
rvwinkle - Howie to James: I just don't believe you...you can't be trusted NT 0 Replies #2090169 6:55PM 05/08/2005
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Topic #2090173
amIsane - Arguing in HOH 0 Replies #2090173 6:55PM 05/08/2005
Sar keeps saying she can not wait until they see tapes.
Racvh "What about the bible, you swore"
Jam "I read the bible in the storage..work out room. It calms me. I never swore anything on a bible. Why would I do that?"
Jam is very pissed, saying all the crapettes lied to them.
Sar is pissed, she says "At least say we are stretigic players, instead that we lied to you"
How says you can not take on the whole house.
Jam says there is no reason to stay here, our team turned on us.
Rach says you swore on the bible.
Jam saracastically says "Yea, I swore in front of everybody"
How pissed "You f@cked up our whole team, you screwed us"
(I can not do this word for word, talk is very very fast. James, Sar are piussed big time. Trying to convince them they are wrong. How is pissed and Rach. Not believing them.) How "Bro, I just don't believe you."

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Topic #2090183
amIsane - Jam(mad) "You guys f@cked the entire team" NT 1 Replies #2090183 6:56PM 05/08/2005
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amIsane - James voice quivering, looks like he is about to cry. NT #2090192 6:57PM 05/08/2005
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Topic #2090201
Anonymous - James just said that if he can't trust the 5 people he thought he could 0 Replies #2090201 6:57PM 05/08/2005
There's no reason for him to remain in the house.

He keeps telling Howie that he'll see after he leaves the house just how wrong he was
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Topic #2090202
Zazny - James with Howie/Jan in HOH 0 Replies #2090202 6:57PM 05/08/2005
Jan: I don't think they're smart enough to come up with this. We checked, it made sense.
Jam: I am in this mess because I kept my word to Ivette
H: I don't believe you anymore, but if I'm wrong, I'm truly sorry. I love you, and I would like to see you in the real world, but
Jam: You'll find out...we thought
Jan: That's how we felt!
Jam: We agreed it was stupid for any one of us to go against the team
H: We had a strong 5, but now because you 2 can't be trusted, we cut in half in one week. Now where do we stand in numbers.
Jam: Then this idea was not a good decision. They're out there laughing their ass off
H: The odds are stacked against us. We thought about this for many hours.
Jam: I wish you came to talk to me
H: I asked you directly a few times...you told me without telling me. I am usually a good judge of that.
Jam: You guys screwed the entire team.
Jan: Are you sure it was us?
H: I don't know if I believe that yet.

Howie is pacing during this, James has "defensive body language" on one of the seats.
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Topic #2090213
Caribou - Howing pacing and giving back to James, telling him straight up he knows he's lying and about his game 0 Replies #2090213 6:58PM 05/08/2005
James keeps saying you guys stabbed us in the back. Janelle says no, you did this.

Sarah left the room a bit ago - apparently disgusted.

Howie holding his ground telling James he doesn't believe a word he says now and Janelle agrees.
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Topic #2090238
hoarsewhisperer - James says he can't trust his team anymore: Howie refuting James' statements well. 0 Replies #2090238 7:00PM 05/08/2005
Howie saying he only had two hours sleep last night...he was in a beautiful room with a beautiful woman, listening to beautiful music and he'd never been more depressed in this house than he'd ever been due to making this decision. James shows no empathy, just argumentative and self redeeming statements
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Topic #2090253
amIsane - James to How "You guys have stabbed us in the back" 0 Replies #2090253 7:01PM 05/08/2005
How to Jan "Do tyou believe that Janie?"
Jan "No, I am sorry Jam I do not believe anything you say"
How is pissed He says he was more destressed last night than he has ever been.
Sar comes in and says to Jam "Can you just come down stairs. Can we just stop talking about it."
Jam says he will be down in a minute.
Jam repeatedly says he can not wait until they see the tapes and see the mistake How has made. That he will regret.
How says that he believes that when he see's the show, he believes his beliefs will be confirmed.
Jam still going....
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Topic #2090258
Caribou - Sarah comes back to HOH to get James. Asks him to leave and join her downstairs 0 Replies #2090258 7:02PM 05/08/2005
James says he'll be down in a minute.

Howie asked him point blank, you never lied to me since we first came in the door? James says he hasn't lied once since S6 got together.

Howie holding his ground and telling James he knows he lied. This has been the worst day for Howie.

James keeps saying what is he supposed to do now, what is the point of him staying in the house? To try and go back to the other side? To the people who stabbed him in the back?

James keeps coming up with angles, trying to prove they stabbed him and Sarah. Janelle and James keep cutting him off at the knees and telling him that he stabbed them in the back and he is the one responsible for this.
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