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Topic #2085274
seezall - Food comp 0 Replies #2085274 11:25AM 05/08/2005
two teams -each must eat anything that comes off conveyer belt -anything not eaten drops in bucket -lightest bucket at the end of comp wins
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Topic #2085332
LizziBrown - FISH NT 0 Replies #2085332 11:31AM 05/08/2005
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Topic #2085370
Zazny - Food comp starts with hershey kisses, then cookies 1 Replies #2085370 11:36AM 05/08/2005
next comes cake and cupcakes

April has a huge stock of food in her hands. Maggie has a big stack of brownies.

Blue (Friendship+Jan) team strategy is to trade off light food and put it down in place of heavy food.
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JessicaRabbit - One of the last things to come out was about 6 two tiered cakes. #2085539 11:57AM 05/08/2005
They look like wedding cakes with a big part on the bottom and small part on top. Very funny!!!
Janelle smashed it with her arm and started to inhale it!
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Topic #2085407
Zazny - The food gets bigger... 0 Replies #2085407 11:41AM 05/08/2005
Now it looks like doughnuts are coming down

Howie wretching in the background. Janelle is taking huge bites. Maggie looks upset.

Ivette keeps saying "this is heavy as hell." and is helping Janelle with strategy.

Now biggish wedding cakes are coming down
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Topic #2085425
Zazny - Comp is over, blue team thanks Jan for "taking one for the team" ...results pending NT 0 Replies #2085425 11:44AM 05/08/2005
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Topic #2085434
Sharky - Janelle did a great job eating the entire time (even though she has the pbj pass) I heard earlier that rachel was going to be on the opposite team of 0 Replies #2085434 11:45AM 05/08/2005
janelle so that she or janelle could use the pbj pass
brownies, cakes, etc. kept coming down the conveyor belt and hg would pick up; hold and eat as much as possible. when buzzer rang, they had to set everything down and it went into a bucket. lightest bucket will win.
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Topic #2085455
ktan - Blue team's bucket = 35.50 pounds NT 0 Replies #2085455 11:49AM 05/08/2005
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Topic #2085459
ShannanCGC - Blue team bucket is 35.5 pounds NT 0 Replies #2085459 11:49AM 05/08/2005
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Topic #2085480
ShannanCGC - Red team = 35.15 VERY VERY close NT 0 Replies #2085480 11:52AM 05/08/2005
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Topic #2085485
ktan - Red team's bucket = 35.15 pounds. Red team wins! NT 0 Replies #2085485 11:52AM 05/08/2005
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Topic #2085487
Zazny - Red Team eats - (Rachel, Jen, Sarah, Howie, James) 0 Replies #2085487 11:52AM 05/08/2005
Howie says awkwardly, "Blue team, you have, un, a bucket, uh of eaten food, uh of 35, uh, point 5-0 pounds"

35.5 lbs for Blue team

(I guess talking to one of the BB guys)
J: Dammit Dan
H: There's Danny
S: Stalker

H: Let's see how the red team did
R: C'mon red team!

Red team's total is 35.15

Blue team is unhappy with the result and force him to move the bucket to the middle to be sure
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Topic #2085498
ShannanCGC - Maggie and someone else April said put it in the middle, complaining about the bucket 0 Replies #2085498 11:54AM 05/08/2005
not being on the scale right... James said "You're going to go out like that" so Howie fixes it, and it still was 35.15. Red team won.

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Topic #2085507
ShannanCGC - Janie keeps PB&J Pass for herself.... NT 0 Replies #2085507 11:54AM 05/08/2005
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Topic #2085508
ktan - Janelle chooses not to give the PB&J pass to anyone else, so she gets to eat food. NT 0 Replies #2085508 11:54AM 05/08/2005
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Topic #2085777
Zazny - Maggie walked up to HOH's WC 0 Replies #2085777 12:19PM 05/08/2005
...and we got the delightful audio of her barfing the food comp stuff.

Feed switched (much too late for my tastes) to How/Rach rehashing their strategy for dealing with Maggie in the BY
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Topic #2085789
Zazny - H: So far in this game, except for week 1, winning HOH was not a good thing NT 0 Replies #2085789 12:21PM 05/08/2005
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Topic #2085817
callmejenn - H/R in backyard. Jan comes outside and tells them that she didn't eat a thing during food competition... 0 Replies #2085817 12:24PM 05/08/2005
She said she smashed the food into her face, but really didn't eat anything.

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Topic #2085819
Nantucket - Ivette & Beau laying in bed together worrying about going up. Ivette says whatever happens, happens. She gets up to go to the BR. NT 0 Replies #2085819 12:24PM 05/08/2005
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Topic #2085825
Zazny - Jan reveals she threw food comp 0 Replies #2085825 12:25PM 05/08/2005
H: Whatever you think is best for us is what I'm going to do
R: You're in this game too, I don't have to make all the decisions...Maggie's freaking out right now, I know she is. As long as James and Sarah are in this house, they are not going to go after us right away.

Janie comes out
Jan: I wasn't trying to win. I didn't eat anything [but I put my face in it].
R: Good for you
H: laughs "Oh I guess I'm gonna keep my pass this week."

H: My booxom bosom blonde is so smart
R: buxom!
J: buxom!
H: My buxom blonde is so smart

BB announces indoor lockdown
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Topic #2085836
Nantucket - Feeds switch to James. He now asked Howie if he can come up to his hoh room and play. He said sure. NT 0 Replies #2085836 12:26PM 05/08/2005
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Topic #2085850
Nantucket - Howie is called to the DR. Beau is laying in bed worrying. April is in the kitchen. NT 0 Replies #2085850 12:27PM 05/08/2005
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Topic #2085877
Zazny - James and Jan on HOH bed, Maggie still in HOH bathroom (she's lactose intolerant) 0 Replies #2085877 12:29PM 05/08/2005
Jam whisper: Maggie needs to hurry up and leave
Jan whispers to him how she threw the food comp
Jam [re Maggie]: So we can make fun of you

Jam: I ate a lot. Half the top of wedding cake, 2 cookies, a brownie, a gingerbread man.
Jan: You ate a lot
Jam: I'm not going on PB&J! Howie didn't eat a lot because he can't and Jenny was drinking all the milk.

Jan motions to the BR (meaning Maggie) and clasps her chest and starts breathing hard (like saying she was not looking well or acting sick)

Jan looks at herself in the mirror with Howie's new swimming goggles. Then says ew when she picks up Howie's new speedos.

Maggie comes out
Jam: How you feeling
Jan: Are you ok?
M: [feeling sick, saying lactose intolerant]
Jam: So if you eat any kind of milk products it throws your system off?
M: Yes
Jan: I'm gonna take some kind of laxative
Jam: Can you see if there's some Pepto?

outside, feed follows James
Iv: Is Maggie sick
Jam: She says she might be. She doesn't look too well

Ivette now joins Maggie in HOH
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Topic #2085888
callmejenn - James whispered to Jan in HOH: Maggie needs to hurry up and go... 0 Replies #2085888 12:30PM 05/08/2005
she must still be in HOH bathroom.

James is talking about all of the stuff that he ate...the entire top of the wedding cake, fruit tart...etc.
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Topic #2085902
fgjadfg - James and Janelle on HOH bed 0 Replies #2085902 12:32PM 05/08/2005
James whispers that Maggie needs to hurry up and leave so we can make fun of her. Janelle giggles and says yeah. ( jerks )
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Topic #2085975
callmejenn - James: You feeling any better Janie...she says NO...I ate too much... 0 Replies #2085975 12:39PM 05/08/2005
An inside joke because she didn't eat anything during the competition.
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