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Topic #2086015
Zazny - James and Janey play chess; Janey campaigning for Michael to win AC 0 Replies #2086015 12:42PM 05/08/2005
She wants to be in sequester with him in Mexico and (wink, wink) no cameras.
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Topic #2086049
Anonymous - Jan and James playing Chess. Jan humming the tune to Clocks (By ColdPlay) and Fish NT 0 Replies #2086049 12:45PM 05/08/2005
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Topic #2086188
babyd - Mag will not leave HOH. April comes in to talk, Howie , Rac ,Ap talking NT 0 Replies #2086188 12:57PM 05/08/2005
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Topic #2086261
babyd - Howie and Rac on bed April and Mag giving doubeltime bs. NT 0 Replies #2086261 1:04PM 05/08/2005
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Topic #2086287
KinkyLilBlackDress - April, Howie, Maggie and Rachel HoH convo, nutshell version. 1 Replies #2086287 1:07PM 05/08/2005
April comes to the HoH, with Maggie, Howie, and Rachel there. She asks if the plan has changed (putting up J&S). When Howie says that he doesn't want to talk about it, April asks that if she is going to be on the block, she wants to know ahead of time. Rachel calls her out, saying things like, "You guys screwed up last week.", and "What can you guarentee us if Eric comes back?" April and Maggie continue to dodge the questions. Howie reminds April and maggie that they have a bond, and when J&S are out of the picture, Maggie's side will come back after them. Maggie and April try to do damage control, Rachel keeps calling them out on their lies, backstabbing, and screwups.
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KinkyLilBlackDress - Maggie continues to push J&S on the block, Rachel insisting on using 'back door' strategy. NT #2086307 1:08PM 05/08/2005
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Topic #2086324
Zazny - Rachel/Howie and April/Maggie in HOH 0 Replies #2086324 1:09PM 05/08/2005
Rachel is blunt, and says what she wanted Howie to say: that they screwed it up last week and they don't want to take the hit for it this week. April basically goes into the same exact speech she gave Howie yesterday after he won HOH. Howie tells her some of the scenarios they've discussed if James wins veto. April says she isn't really in an agreement and that she likes everybody equally, but James is dividing the house.

R: She knew she should have put up both of them if she wanted James up. She screwed up the veto game. I'm not saying they're bad people, but they messed it up.

April ask when did she ever go bad on her word. She says if Eric comes back he will go after Sarah. She swears on her life that if she wins HOH she will go after Sarah.

A: We're all risking it. I don't want this to be a numbers game.

Maggie says that they didn't know Kaysar was having trouble with James's trust when she made the nominations.

H: We took a hit because of this. We can't play this game for one week

M: Do you want a guarantee for the 3rd and 4th week? I'll give you what you want
H: If we do this and Eric comes back, you'll tell him he'll take care of the problem, and you've developed a bond, then if James goes, the next target is Rachel, Howie, and Janelle and the numbers are dramatically reduced.
R: James is out there freaking out right now. We know he' bad
M: I don't like the way he plays
H: I don't either
R: The way I see it, we're screwed. We have a double edged sword, we have to figure out which is the sharpest. We are worried about ourselves. If Eric comes back, why would he go after Sarah?
M: Because that's an agreement we made.

M says it may be a double eviction or a week with no veto because someone is coming back

James is called to DR

M: I want James and Sarah gone. If you want me to say something or do something because that is what I want, than I will.
R: We want the same outcome.
M: Don't think it's a numbers game.
A: If he won next week, most likely he'd come after y'all.
R: He wants you out.
H: [He wants Maggie and me gone because we're strong] He wants to dominate the house.

A: You understand, the minute he's nominated, he'll come and ask us to take us off.
R: As soon as he goes up he will become the angriest man you saw
A: He'll still wheel and deal
R: I told you James was responsible for all of that [Eric]
A: We figured that out. That's why I told Kaysar, do you understand what this guy's doing.
M: I did not I had anybody's support but the people on my side
R: I thought you knew you had mine because of what I said to Eric
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Topic #2086334
Anonymous - April saying how James was telling Ivette stuff and Ivette was telling Crappettes. Maggie seems to feel better suddenly NT 0 Replies #2086334 1:10PM 05/08/2005
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Topic #2086339
Anonymous - Howie says that his most stressful time in the house was last night - maggie says they will promise anythng that they ask if it is fair NT 0 Replies #2086339 1:11PM 05/08/2005
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Topic #2086357
Anonymous - Don't fall for it Rachel! April says Sarah wouldn't speak to her if James put up NT 0 Replies #2086357 1:12PM 05/08/2005
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Topic #2086358
Zazny - Maggie says yes to a few deals 0 Replies #2086358 1:13PM 05/08/2005
R: Howie and I are playing for each other.
M: But there are people you are playing with. My partner's gone, but [I surround myself with people I can trust]
H: I'll tell you now, my most stressful time was last night
A: What has to happen to get that mo-fo out of here
M: You can't ask for the rest of the game, because it's not fair
R: [Sequester.]
M: That's what you want? DONE!
R: Minimally. If someone comes back in, we want to be safe

April runs through Eric possibility, say he will agree to do whatever they say.

A: Ya'll have to swear to us that you won't vote us off and keep Sarah
M: She came up here and did James's work
A: We can still be civil

Jen joins the fray

A: I don't want to look at him because of what he's done to everybody in this house!
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Topic #2086387
Anonymous - Maggie says that she can't blame them for asking for 3 weeks - NT 0 Replies #2086387 1:15PM 05/08/2005
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Topic #2086401
Anonymous - Howie is listening to what everyone is saying about getting rid of James - Rachel says that if James wins POV then it scares the sh!t out of her NT 0 Replies #2086401 1:16PM 05/08/2005
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Topic #2086415
Anonymous - A, R, H and M trying to decide if Eric comes back, what he will do - Rachel is being honest about from she and Howie's pt of view they are screwed NT 0 Replies #2086415 1:17PM 05/08/2005
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Topic #2086448
Anonymous - R says James is in his own group and is floating to whoeverr NT 0 Replies #2086448 1:20PM 05/08/2005
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Topic #2086461
Anonymous - April asks Maggie what everyne guarenteed her and she didn't answer since doorbell rang NT 0 Replies #2086461 1:21PM 05/08/2005
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Topic #2086467
Anonymous - James comes in the entire conversation about him ends. NT 0 Replies #2086467 1:22PM 05/08/2005
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Topic #2086474
Anonymous - Maggie says she doesn't blame them for wanting something but says she can't speak for the group and April keeps saying don't call us a group (HAHA) NT 0 Replies #2086474 1:23PM 05/08/2005
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Topic #2086482
Anonymous - Beau comes back in to be useless as usual NT 0 Replies #2086482 1:23PM 05/08/2005
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Topic #2086498
Anonymous - Maggie said that Ivette proved she was against James when she took him out of HOH yesterday NT 0 Replies #2086498 1:25PM 05/08/2005
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Topic #2086546
ccquilter - General conversation in Howie's room 0 Replies #2086546 1:30PM 05/08/2005
Rachael, Maggie, April, Howie, Beau, and Jennifer (R, M, A, H, B and J)

R & H have been selling for 2 weeks - one for James to go and one for Sarah to go

Others unwilling to commit because that means one of them going up

Discussion about Ivette and her closeness to James

Talking about who might be coming back and what if's

M says she and Eric should have been talking game at the end rather than say hi to x, say hi to y

They're bonding a bit talking about if you go up you fight your butt off - don't put people up because of what they said about someone

M - if we don't put him up he wins

H - I told you from day 1 I'm a strategical player - its not about likability

A - we never said we were going to put you up - they said they were going to put you up

A - James has Sarah doing her dirty work

M - I want a deal to be a deal - I want honesty
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Topic #2086599
Anonymous - James back in and everyone stops talking again - Maggie says she feels bad again - sudden illness again NT 0 Replies #2086599 1:36PM 05/08/2005
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Topic #2086603
ccquilter - More chatter with Howie's Harem 0 Replies #2086603 1:36PM 05/08/2005
Janelle joins the group and Howie and Rachael joke with her telling her its her turn to go

Janelle presses for what they're talking about

Rachael says its about the two that are sh**ing in their pants

All talking about how they're going to go after people

Rachael - talks about how they want to back door him, but they can't guarantee that

They're talking about how its a risk

Maggie - you are a great competitor (to Howie)

Maggie - I understand the pawn situation, it wouldn't be that bad a thing if Sarah went home

Maggie - its a bad situation no matter how you slice it

Howie asks BB if he can step down

Now they're talking again about what-if's with the returning players - really fast

All these folks are around the bed except for Creepy who is over on a chair

A going on about getting James and Sarah back to back and how if they do it now they won't be in sequester with any of them

James comes in - asks Maggie how she's doing
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Topic #2086606
Zazny - James interrupts another long session 0 Replies #2086606 1:36PM 05/08/2005
R: Be ready for a storm of ***** if he goes up
M: We'll take it
H: But he'll come after us
A: He'll be angry for a minute, but then he'll wheel and deal
M: He'll give someone up.
A: That's what he does. If we can get him out, then the house won't be numbers. It will be a clean, fair game. He is a shady SOB

R: What if Kaysar comes back?
M: I don't care, I'd rather lose to him than James
R: Thank you, I was waiting for you to say that
M: I'll go out with my morals. If he gets HOH, then he can put my ass up, I'll try to save myself, I won't lie, but I feel so much better about the game. Put me up because I'm a good player. That's how I want to play. Put someone up for what they've done, not for what someone said.

H: I told you I'm a strategical player. If you go up, it's not going to be because of a bad day, it'll be because it'd put me and Rachel at a strategical advantage.
M: I want people who can actually give me their word. I want a deal to be a deal. I want honesty to be honest

Janie comes in
H: Hi Janie, they want your PB&J pass

BB calls Ivette to DR

Janie has apparently burned herself with the iron.

Jan: What are you guys talking about
H: If we put Janie up this week...we're gunning for you
R: We're talking about the biggest problems in this house. Who are downstairs probably shitting in their pants.
M: He hates all of us.
R: We said how we wanted to backdoor him, said it's not a guarantee
A: What if it's double eviction this week
R: It's not double eviction. It's a risk. He'll be coming after us, it's a risk.
B: As long as we are on the same page
Jan: Who would go up as a pawn
M: I understand about the pawn situation, but if Sarah goes home, then it wouldn't be a bad thing...it's a bad situation any way
H: Can I step down from HOH this week?
A: If you put both up, at least you know one is going home and only one of them will be competing for HOH next week, does that make sense?
Jan: What if Eric comes back?

I tune them out a bit and James comes back in and things slow down considerably
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Topic #2086658
Zazny - Maggie asks Howie to tell the DR she needs to stay inside during lockdown b/c she's sick NT 0 Replies #2086658 1:40PM 05/08/2005
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Topic #2086664
ccquilter - Group disperses a bit, but more conversation in the HOH 0 Replies #2086664 1:40PM 05/08/2005
Maggie is staying close to the toilet for a while more

Rachael has gone to walk some more - she's tryng to walk 3 times a day - 2 times wasn't working for her

Maggie is both sh**ing and throwing up

There are things she could take, but they would make her drowsy and she thinks BB won't give her anything with sedative properties in it. She has to go again and asks around to see if anyone has to use the facilities

She asks if Howie minds - he's very considerate - and talks about what he'd do

Maggie - asks Howie to ask BB if she can be locked in the water closet if they do an outside lockdown - she'll sit blindfolded on the toilet - she can't be away from a toilet
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