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Topic #2090702
Anonymous - sarah-lets call them out on being married James says no NT 0 Replies #2090702 7:41PM 05/08/2005
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Topic #2090716
Anonymous - James just told Jan & Rach that he's playing veto tomorrow 0 Replies #2090716 7:43PM 05/08/2005
and taking Sarah off the block. He says he doesn't want to be there if he can't trust people he thought he could.

He's being quite humble now asking them to take care of Sarah.
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Topic #2090720
Venusjems - James to Jan and Rac... If i win veto i will take her off.. Please take care of her NT 0 Replies #2090720 7:43PM 05/08/2005
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Topic #2090740
Caribou - Rachel and Janelle in HOH. Rachel - we had to choose the lesser of two evils, because Howie made promises he shouldn't have 0 Replies #2090740 7:44PM 05/08/2005
Rachel says in this game you don't know who to trust. If we were wrong we're wrong. But we had no choice.

Janelle says if Sarah and James had NOT betrayed them, Sarah would be balling, extremely upset, she'd have lost it. So Janelle doesn't believe them. They weren't even surprised at what they heard so it must be true, what James and Sara did.

James arrives in HOH asking them to protect Sarah because he's going to play for Veto to use it to take Sarah off the block so he goes out.

Rachel tells James it's not personal. James says he understands and it was a wrong decision.

Rachel asks why wouldn't he take himself off the block if he won pov? He says he doesn't want to fight every week. There's no point in fighting to stay if Sarah is not here. James says he thought they were his friends. Rachel says that's what they thought.

James trying to work the sympathy/friendship vote it sounds like.
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Topic #2090763
Anonymous - [paraphrased] James: And to think...the only others I'd want to see in the end was Howie & Rachel. NT 0 Replies #2090763 7:46PM 05/08/2005
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Topic #2090776
bringkaysarback - James is saying one lie after the other in HOH to Jan & Rach... 0 Replies #2090776 7:47PM 05/08/2005
he obviously doesn't care that they'll see the facts when BB is over.
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Topic #2090830
Anonymous - Jmaes I have no words for how I felt, Its unimaginable! I dont want Sarah 0 Replies #2090830 7:51PM 05/08/2005
to go through all this.
(note: I truly believe last week, James was trying to save himself,i dont think that he would of truly meant to out his team)
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Topic #2090847
Caribou - James tries to place guilt on Rachel and Janelle. Janelle cuts him down, telling him when we didn't have power last week you two ran to them and sold 0 Replies #2090847 7:52PM 05/08/2005
us out. James denies Sarah went to Maggie at all.

James keeps saying there's nothing he can do yet he won't stop trying to tell them they're wrong and why and how.

James says he's only there because if they will not look after Sarah if he goes then he will save himself and send her home. Because James won't put her through this if they're not going to look after her.

Rachel telling James again what she believes. James tries to spin that Kaysar is somehow responsible for this. They say nooooo. James trying anything to avoid accountability for his and Sarah's actions, denying them outright etc.
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Topic #2090877
Caribou - Rachel admits to James that this got screwed up 100%, this is NOT what she wanted to do. 0 Replies #2090877 7:56PM 05/08/2005
Rachel says I haven't heard you confront any of them. James says because they are not my friends. There's no reason to create stinks or anything because if I stay another week the people I thought were my friends are not.

Rachel sees his point. Rachel says he has no idea what occurred. James upset that they didn't talk to him first. Janelle not saying much at all.
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Topic #2090943
Caribou - James won't stop beating a dead horse - they should have talked to him first, they made a mistake. 0 Replies #2090943 8:01PM 05/08/2005
Rachel buying into it somewhat but still, both her and Janelle say how were they to know what to believe? And everything added up. Now James throwing the numbers at them. Janelle and Rachel tell them they know but they didn't trust him. So James goes back to wanting to go home and the people he thought were his friends. They fire that right back at him. James says he knows but all their info is based on hearsay. James working hard to place doubt in their minds. And throws in maybe you and howie will go home next week and your friends will tell you you're f'n idiots.

James is basically trashing them to their faces, using a normal tone.

James said this could be worse than Marcellas' decision and they'll always be fools.

James says only people who knows the truth is him and they are just going off hearsay and speculation.
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Topic #2090987
Caribou - James - i can't be mad because i understand why you guys did it but i'm disappointed. that's why i'm still up here. trying to understand because 0 Replies #2090987 8:04PM 05/08/2005
i just can't believe this.

Janelle - then why isn't Sarah up here talking to us?
James - she's in bathroom crying her eyes out...oh also i think she got called to the DR

James playing the friendship/trust card hard. Rachel keeps throwing it back at him. Rachel finally says that's right you are the only one that knows the truth.

James now wants them to come talk to them in the GR. He won't deal with the rest of the people in the house. Rachel said they were going to but wanted to respect their time alone.

James continually denying he ever swore on the bible.
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Topic #2090991
dayzdnconfuzd - James is denying swearing on the bible that he would nom howie and rachel NT 0 Replies #2090991 8:04PM 05/08/2005
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Topic #2091010
Caribou - Janelle busts James on his anger over Beau not lending his bible. 0 Replies #2091010 8:06PM 05/08/2005
Janelle - so why were you so angry? why didn't you bring your own bible?
james - because i didn't think religion was important to me.
Janelle - why were you ballistic over not getting his bible? I would just laugh about it.

James trying to cover his story.
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Topic #2091014
SizzleRI - Janelle's Eye gestures are priceless as she and Rachel 0 Replies #2091014 8:06PM 05/08/2005
listen to James digging his and Sara's grave even deeper.
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Topic #2091121
Caribou - Janelle busted James on him sitting with Maggie, Beau, Ivette when she won HOH. James tried to cover. Janelle adamant she remembers correctly. 0 Replies #2091121 8:15PM 05/08/2005
Then James says when it sinks in, he's going to be very mad at them and apologizes in advance.

Sarah comes to get James. Says she's sorry to Rachel and Jan but she doesn't want to be in there right now. Sarah and james go down to GR. Sarah says why do you keep talking to them? James says because he doesn't understand.

Sarah says they've been up late every night and they must have been planning this. James says you are so right. James - i'm going to bust them out on that if they come in here. (Just before this, in HOH, Rachel and janelle already told James their noms were a result of 4 days to a week of knowing what he did)

Sarah starts talking about her DR so we got fish.

Feeds back. Sarah says to James if you want to stay just say you want to stay. He says he doesn't want to stay.

Sarah mad she didn't really try for HOH because she had faith in them. She could have tried harder. No more tears for Sarah btw, she seems fine now, just mad.
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Topic #2091143
jlplsss - Sarah thinks she's going to be stuck in the house with a bunch of people who all hater her NT 0 Replies #2091143 8:17PM 05/08/2005
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Topic #2091144
PoisonIvy - james: ivette should be in jail with the rest of her f##cking family NT 1 Replies #2091144 8:17PM 05/08/2005
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17seas - Sarah says, "Stop." NT #2091154 8:18PM 05/08/2005
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Topic #2091147
Mirage - J just said to S that his biggest mistake was trusting I and she should be in jail like her f***ing family. NT 1 Replies #2091147 8:17PM 05/08/2005
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17seas - Then, Sarah tells him to stop. NT #2091165 8:19PM 05/08/2005
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Topic #2091158
Caribou - Sarah: You can tell Howie doesn't even care if he goes up. I hope Eric comes back now. 0 Replies #2091158 8:18PM 05/08/2005
James - whole mistake was trusting ivette, she should be in prison like the rest of the f'n family.

Sarah can't bear living there knowing every person in the house hates her. James says they don't hate you they hate me. Sarah says they hate me and what the hell did I do?
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Topic #2091192
Anonymous - Sarah: (POV) We both choose week players. I win, take you off, we're safe. April, Beau & Ivette were mentioned as possible picks. NT 0 Replies #2091192 8:21PM 05/08/2005
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Topic #2091208
Caribou - James tells Sarah he asked Rach/Jan to be her friend if she stays next week. Sarah asks what they said. James says he just went on explaining more. 0 Replies #2091208 8:22PM 05/08/2005
Sarah realizes they didn't offer friendship. Now she talks like Eric used to, they don't care about friendship. Sarah busts out into tears.

Sarah can't stand seeing how smug Maggie is now.
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Topic #2091228
Caribou - Sarah tells James that he should have played quiet like she said. Then if he'd been out week 2 he'd have a chance coming back. 1 Replies #2091228 8:24PM 05/08/2005
Sarah - part of me wants to stay just to tear down this f'n house.
James - if you dont' get HOH then you have to live here

They both agree to fight hard for Veto so that they have the decision of who stays and who goes.
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citanul - She said she told James to be the "Drew," to stay quiet and let it happen. ;) NT #2091296 8:29PM 05/08/2005
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Topic #2091241
Caribou - Sarah wants to go call them out. James says Howie still in DR. NT 0 Replies #2091241 8:25PM 05/08/2005
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Topic #2091277
Caribou - April in HOH talking at Rach/Janelle. April wants to know if James has admitted to anything. 0 Replies #2091277 8:27PM 05/08/2005
Rachel - well, not in so many words
Janelle - he's upset
April - well yea how did he think people wouldn't find out? if could admit that's great but he's lying
Janelle - i would love it if he would admit
April - yea
And April goes off rambling again against James. They ask her to clarify the bible thing.

April tells them about James requesting Beau's bible and Beau saying no. April says Beau denied it to him because the day before or so James had trashed the bible.
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Topic #2091302
Caribou - Janelle getting proof on how she busted James, from April of all people. 0 Replies #2091302 8:30PM 05/08/2005
Janelle wants to know if james went ballistic or what? April says no he just said ok fine and left. So that busts one james lie (from a few minutes ago) which Janelle is happy about it seems.

April says he swore on the bible to ivette, downstairs in the gym.
Now April saying other times he offered up Rachel and Howie. Janelle does remember one incident because James told them that she says. Rachel doesnt' remember it.

April continuing on with things James has said and when, where etc.
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