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Topic #2082621
Caribou - Rachel - if Sarah gets HOH, we're screwed. 0 Replies #2082621 1:55AM 05/08/2005
Rachel - if she loses James though she'll be pretty flustered. she'll want to go home the next week because that'll be the last person to go before the sequester house.

Howie - i do not want to get taken out of this game by him because i'll be pissed off. he's a piece of ***** player.

Rachel - i know but we have a better chance... if eric comes back i guarantee you he'll work with james. look i don't think james stands much of a chance. maggie goes home, whichever one comes back, they'll be gunning for james.

Howie wonders if eric will be after him for getting maggie out? Rachel says just tell Eric it was James idea, someone had to go, sorry Eric. It's strategic. There's nothing to hold against us as much as there is against James.

Howie wonders about veto. Rachel says veto maggie and put up james.
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Topic #2082655
Caribou - Howie - when we tell Maggie what our intentions are, we're gonna let her know the whole object is to get rid of James correct? Rachel - yes NT 0 Replies #2082655 2:02AM 05/08/2005
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Topic #2082661
Caribou - Janelle still at breakfast bar reading the bible alone. NT 0 Replies #2082661 2:03AM 05/08/2005
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Topic #2082666
Caribou - Rachel going to sleep. Howie laying in bed with his headphones on. NT 0 Replies #2082666 2:04AM 05/08/2005
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Topic #2082668
Caribou - Janelle in bathroom now putting cream on her face, brushing teeth, etc. NT 0 Replies #2082668 2:06AM 05/08/2005
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Topic #2082697
Caribou - Janelle now laying on lounger in LR reading bible. Howie out of bed in HOH. Cant' see what he's doing. NT 0 Replies #2082697 2:13AM 05/08/2005
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Topic #2082703
Caribou - Howie back in bed. He and Rachel back to back but talking. 0 Replies #2082703 2:17AM 05/08/2005
Rachel has a gut feeling they are going after couples. She feels to vote James out would be stupid this week. They'll have entire house to help them get him out the following week.

Howie - i don't know. i just promised the whole house they're safe? they'll come after me. i don't know. think i have to stick with it. f***. i want to evict James just cause he f'd the whole thing up. we'd be strong right now. he f'd it.

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Topic #2082725
Caribou - Howie - what if Eric was still here? (verbatim) 0 Replies #2082725 2:24AM 05/08/2005
Rachel - no eric needed to go. MIKE needs to come back.
Howie wants that too. Would love to see the girls drop out of the house if Mike comes back.

Rachel - if eric comes back and his camp is strong we're screwed. doesn't matter about any deals we made. just think on that and get some sleep.

Howie - he's our biggest loose cannon but at the same time he's our biggest ally
Rachel - exactly. exactly.

Rachel - Kaysar thinks getting James out is the smartest thing. I don't agree.
Howie - I agree (with you)

Rachel - if Eric comes back, he's going after James. he hates James. it was nasty. After James wore that hat for him.... If we screw James he will run to the other side.
Howie - alright we gotta keep him. i gotta talk to james in the morning. i mean you're not allowed to tell people what you're doing. but i also have to let maggie and her side know that i'm not being a backstabbing liar. alright?
RAchel - alright. that means you have to let James play for veto so he can win it
Howie - you just put a big target on my head. they're gonna hate me forever. i don't know why you dont' see that. i'll be a james to them, the whole f'n house
Rachel - alright just calm down. nothing is done yet.
Howie - i just promised everybody james on a silver platter
Rachel - i can't believe you promised that. we were supposed to keep that secret.
Howie - janelle was in here and she started that. jenn and april came in and i told janie she can talk freely. so it's her fault, she let it swing. i was not gonna say one word. so she's the one who did it.
RAchel - put her up (rachel is pissed at this)

Rachel - some people in this house need to learn how to shut up and listen and not spill. we're screwed. we're screwed now. they'll go back and tell james. now i'm MAD! I cannot believe you guys. i should have stayed uphere.

Howie - don't know why the ***** you left
Rachel - i thought you could handle it

Rachel - james is so paranoid he's trying to BS everything. should just put his ass up on the block and say screw it. otherwise the whole house will hate us instead of two people hating us.
Howie - your'e right. gives us two weeks of protection to work on another strategy. there's still a week. you and janie are stronger than all of them. they got people power

Rachel - i want to go grab janelle right now ask her what the hell she was doing. god dammit i'm never gonna get sleep. you thought i was a cranky bitch...
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Topic #2082738
Caribou - Howie and Rachel still discussing 0 Replies #2082738 2:27AM 05/08/2005
Rachel so pissed now she can't sleep she says. Mad at Janelle.

Rachel - i'm gonna stop telling you guys things
Howie - you should feel partially responsible. i don't know why you left the room. i was here to listen to people. and then janie got in the convo
Rachel - i'm not the HOH
Howie - well then i should jsut do what i wanna do and not take your input
RAchel -alright scenario, you're HOH, what are you gonna do?
Howie - i mean even Ivette came in and offered to go up as a pawn. going in a couple days ago i said if i won it we would put up ivette and april and backdoor james. i told kaysar and janie. james' credibility is gone. he's the closest thing we have to family. they want him gone. now if i betray the whole house like he did, they'll all come after me.
RAchel - ok. just hope eric doesn't come back
Howie - maggie was outnumbered last week and she won
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Topic #2082740
Caribou - F3: Janelle crawling into bed in GR alone in the dark. Everyone else asleep in house except Rachel/Howie in HOH NT 0 Replies #2082740 2:28AM 05/08/2005
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Topic #2082742
Caribou - Howie jokes about doing a DOR tomorrow. Rachel tells him she hates him (little laugh) NT 0 Replies #2082742 2:28AM 05/08/2005
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Topic #2082764
Caribou - Howie - it's horrible of them to give him a great room with a hot chick and be depressed too. 0 Replies #2082764 2:39AM 05/08/2005
RAchel - she's pissed at you too so she wouldn't do you anyway

Rachel - we'll pull maggie in here tomorrow. get her input and see what she thinks.
Howie - if our word means nothing after this
Rachel - i know
Howie - eric and maggie are worst players
Rachel - yea but they could be good allies.

Now they reason that if they do oust James, and eric comes back, he'll be glad to see that Rachel kept her word.

Rachel - this is a just a big mess Howie
Howie - i know. we take out james and sarah we got two weeks to revamp. i almost just want to evict james because he's the one who f'd us up. we got an alliance but he's not in it.
Rachel - right. (she's still mad) i'm sorry...woulda shoulda coulda...can't change anything. i'll figure it out.

Howie - you fix it you f'd it up
Rachel - i didn't ***** it up
Howie - then janie opened her big mouth
Rachel - i should have won HOH (big sigh)
Howie - big sigh...don't bring cappy back please america. i love him but please bring mike back. he was so good at destroying this house. i loved it when he was here.
Rachel - i know. they could see him terrorize everybody else. can't believe Ashlea left sequester. what a dumbass.
Howie - the funny thing is Janelle asked Julie point blank on national tv. and she said "she left sequester". i love ya Ashlea but what the hell you doing. jsut wish i was her right now. (they laugh about Ashlea) what do you think she did? asked or just left and caught a flight?
Rachel - probably just said i dont' want to do this. screw janie. she didn't even know if janelle was still in the house. probably figured she wasn't. it's terrible.

RAchel - right now we got 5, they got 5. if one leaves, who would you prefer.... (she's running scenarios)

Howie - there's a better chance that one of them will win HOH just due to more people
Rachel - it will be your ass if James wins veto. it's your ass AND mine. if sarah goes home
Howie - maybe we should just get rid of him and take on the house, see if we can do it. what up kaysar??? Big Brother, can't you give me till wednesday to do this crap? I wanna sleep. *****.
Rachel - i'm sorry. i should never have left you alone with maggie. i am sorry.
Howie - she considers herself an individual. she said i can't speak for anyone i speak for me. i said i haven't talked to my people yet, i gotta talk to them.
Rachel - i just hope James hasn't been outside the door listening to this convo.
(ed.note. he hasn't. he's in bed asleep)
Howie - i don't think so

Howie get up to check. Rachel laughs.

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Topic #2082766
Caribou - Howie - f' it. maybe i wont' wake up tomorrow. Rachel - oh stop it. just relax. get some sleep. NT 0 Replies #2082766 2:40AM 05/08/2005
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Topic #2082768
Caribou - Howie - did you tell Sarah we were married? 0 Replies #2082768 2:43AM 05/08/2005
Rachel - i told her i was joking. i was teasing.

Rachel - so you told everybody about your plan? Howie says yea.

Howie - next week they'll put up me and james.
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Topic #2082779
Caribou - Rachel rolls over and they lay face to face but with about a pillow's space between them. Rachel says "you're sleeping in the middle of the bed?" 0 Replies #2082779 2:46AM 05/08/2005
Howie says sorry and moves over. Then says to her "your'e such a pain in the ass for a non-girlfriend. i'd still bang ya though"

No response from Rachel.
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Topic #2082784
Caribou - LOLOL Howie starts to talk again and Rachel hisses reallllly loud SSSSHHHHHHH. She's trying to get to sleep and he won't stop running 0 Replies #2082784 2:47AM 05/08/2005

Rachel - i'm giving my DOR and leaving your ass here
Howie - are you really? i might too
(they laugh a bit at this)

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Topic #2082787
Caribou - Rachel - this is going to be double edged sword. i'm gonna kill ya. just want you to know 0 Replies #2082787 2:49AM 05/08/2005
Howie - i'd rather get stabbed when i know where it's coming from.
RAchel - it's 3 a.m.
Howie - alright i'm going to sleep and shut the ***** up

Howie rolls over.
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Topic #2082792
Caribou - Howie - are you still up?? Rachel whimpers 0 Replies #2082792 2:51AM 05/08/2005
Howie doesn't understand why everyone so in love with Eric when he wasn't here long. Rachel says i'm telling ya, Eric is coming back. You didn't think about that at all when you were talking to them? Howie says yea i did.

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Topic #2082805
Caribou - Howie - can i ask you one more thing? Rachel - mmmmm what? 0 Replies #2082805 2:55AM 05/08/2005
Howie - i gotta put it in words so it's legal. i've been reminded before that someone will not always win a veto.
Rachel - who said that
Howie - it was reminded to me before
Rachel - recently?
Howie - yea
Rachel - like if you went to a teacher all the time and they sat you down and told ya stuff?
Howie - something like that. and that's a big hint don't you think?
Rachel - that would help. well you know we put james and sarah up it makes the game more interesting for us. you are my number 1 target now.

They joke together.

Rachel trying to get more info on this hint on the veto. They're going to read it tomorrow. It might always be played but can't always be won. Rachel wants to know if thats a strong reminder or ??? HOwie says yea. BB always hints things for a reason.
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Topic #2082810
Caribou - Howie - there's not gonna be one this week 0 Replies #2082810 2:57AM 05/08/2005
Rachel - a veto comp? there has to be
Howie - no, there's not gonna be a winner

Howie - we'll worry about it in the morning
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Topic #2082856
Chunga - Rachel and Howie still awake. Rachel is mad at the situation they're in. NT 0 Replies #2082856 3:12AM 05/08/2005
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Topic #2082867
Caribou - Howie - i'm not worried about friends. it's about strategical words. 0 Replies #2082867 3:24AM 05/08/2005
Rachel - i know. dammit janelle. i'm sorry i should never have left you (with maggie et al) i'm sorry

Right before this, Howie told Rachel she's cute when she's mad.

Howie - Sara, i don't like her either, she's a piece of *****.
Howie says if they both go up and he gets veto, she gets voted out. then the house goes after him.
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Topic #2082875
Caribou - Howie - are you still up or no? Rachel - Howwwwwwieeeeeeee 1 Replies #2082875 3:31AM 05/08/2005
Howie running idea by Rachel.. to keep them safe next week, sacrifice Janelle next week if Mag's group gets HOH next week.

Rachel figures Sarah will want to go home if they get James out.

Howie thought he heard something so he's turning on spycam.
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Caribou - They see nothing on spycam. Rachel - god dammit we're not going to get any sleep. #2082877 3:34AM 05/08/2005
Howie - I know how President Bush feels.

Howie gets up, opens HOH door, checks outside, then gets back into bed.

Rachel - if you turn the handle the door won't slam.

Howie turns off spycam.
They wish they had tranquilizers.
Howie - i'm so fat. (he's opening snacks)
Rachel - is it 4 a.m yet? HOwie - NO eating. i might as well get up now and get ready for the food comp. i could never date you because i can't sleep in a bed with you (she laughs at this)
Howie - i'm good looking though
Rachel laughs a bit
Howie's in the bathroom
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Topic #2082879
Chunga - Rachel to Howie 0 Replies #2082879 3:34AM 05/08/2005
Rachel: "I could never date you because you're terrible to sleep in a bed with"


She can't sleep at all and is pondering just getting up now.
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Topic #2082881
Caribou - Rachel says to herself - I should have NEVER let him get HOH. Dammit! (Howie in the bathroom, Rachel in bed) NT 0 Replies #2082881 3:34AM 05/08/2005
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