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Topic #2091370
Caribou - April spent time relaying how Sarah came to them when Maggie was HOH. April told Rach/Jan the truth. NT 0 Replies #2091370 8:37PM 05/08/2005
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Topic #2091387
Caribou - Rach sees whole house coming up to HOH and shushes Janelle and April. Everyone in there except James/Sarah 0 Replies #2091387 8:39PM 05/08/2005
They ask Maggie to recount when James dissed the bible. She does.
Now Beau sharing the bible story, when James asked for it.

Janelle keeps asking if James was pissed that he didn't get Beau's bible. Ivette says yes he was pissed.

Janelle and Rachel are trying to verify stories James told them since he's been nominated. So far, they are telling the truth to Rach and janelle.

Ivette now recounting how James swore on the bible with her in the gym.
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Topic #2091400
Caribou - Ivette tells HOH that James said "real problem here is Rach and Howie, Rach threw HOH". They're all listening to Ivette. NT 0 Replies #2091400 8:40PM 05/08/2005
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Topic #2091418
Caribou - Ivette swears James swore on the bible that if he got HOH he would put up Rachel/Howie. After veto, Ivette asked him again. 0 Replies #2091418 8:42PM 05/08/2005
Ivette says James then said Maggie/Beau. Ivette asked him about swearing on the bible and she says James said it's all null because Maggie tried to turn off his tv.

Maggie says her problems with James existed before the bible thing ever came along.

Ivette says James kept saying Kaysar was after her. Janelle wants to know about that. Janelle amazed at this news.

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Topic #2091489
Caribou - Ivette brings up a crucial support for Janelle's suspicions of James 0 Replies #2091489 8:47PM 05/08/2005
Ivette tells them that when Maggie won HOH he ran right to her on the couch. Janelle jumps on this and says yea I was asking him about that. Ivette now tells them what was said on that couch. Ivette says James was still trying to get into her group up until Howie won HOH.

Howie asks Ivette why when James won the veto that Ivette said her prayers have been answered. Ivette says because at that time I thought Kaysar was shadiest one of them all. Because James was trashing Kaysar to Ivette the whole time so she didn't know what to believe.

Now Ivette shares that James has been telling her from day one that Kaysar wanted her out, that James saved her (Ivette) because she was the main target. James also told Ivette how Kaysar wanted to risk sending Sarah home so all 3 could stay together and what the plan was, but he and Sarah were going to act as if they were going along with it.

Rachel and Howie can see this they tell Ivette. It makes sense now.

So basically, the HGs are giving How/Rach/Jan verbatim convos so they know James really is lying and has been all along. This refutes James claim to Rach/Janelle that he's the only one who knows the truth because the rest are all just offering speculation and suspicion.
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Topic #2091513
rvwinkle - Janelle denies that she did not like Ivette and wanted to get rid of her NT 0 Replies #2091513 8:49PM 05/08/2005
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Topic #2091517
Caribou - Ivette says all of this confusion caused April to go to Kaysar to clue him in. Maggie says yea they all thought 0 Replies #2091517 8:50PM 05/08/2005
Kaysar was behind all this stuff but it was really James.

Ivette says when she was in storage room that James came in and told her that April was scheming with Kaysar when the two were smoking hookah with Beau.
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Topic #2091531
Caribou - Maggie shares with them that Julie Chen asked her how she liked being a cop. They all laugh and think that's great. They all know Maggie is a nurse NT 0 Replies #2091531 8:51PM 05/08/2005
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Topic #2091609
Caribou - Now we understand Ivette's obsessional fear of going up. James has been telling her, almost every second it sounds like, that she is going up. 0 Replies #2091609 8:56PM 05/08/2005
HOH group is sharing stories of James stuff - good convo. Some laughs. All truth as near as I can tell. Some is news to Rach etc.

On F3/F4 can see James wandering the house alone.
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Topic #2091689
Caribou - Howie sitting on a chair in HOH listening. Yawning, stretched out. Rach on bed listening. Jan on chair listening, sometimes she talks. NT 0 Replies #2091689 9:01PM 05/08/2005
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Topic #2091721
Caribou - Ivette realizes Mike busted James on week 1. Mike told Beau and Ivette James struck him as odd and no way was he a teacher. Ivette told james and that 0 Replies #2091721 9:03PM 05/08/2005
is what started James gunning for Mike, which fired everyone up and got Mike out of the house.

Now they're all (crapettes mostly) realizing how James orchestrated every person in the house to be against someone. Janelle enjoying this and laughing. NOt much response from RAch or HOwie.
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Topic #2091724
Anonymous - James says he has figured it out (?) tried to get in the diary room but they would not let him in NT 0 Replies #2091724 9:04PM 05/08/2005
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Topic #2091747
Anonymous - James and Sarah go outside......find the yard set up and laugh because the other houseguests are unaware. they have drinks and say "dumbasses!" 0 Replies #2091747 9:05PM 05/08/2005
they are very happy and excited
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Topic #2091748
Caribou - James/Sarah alone in BY. Lockdown over but everyone still in HOH room. Looks like a big bar outside. 0 Replies #2091748 9:05PM 05/08/2005
Sarah and James enjoying drinks alone in BY and not telling anyone else. Also crayons in BY.
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Topic #2091761
Anonymous - reading notes to houseguests,....they each have a pinata to decorate NT 0 Replies #2091761 9:06PM 05/08/2005
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Topic #2091764
Caribou - Sarah reads BB instruction in BY. Sarah - HGs this is for tomorrow's comp but tonight you have to make your own pinata. Jenn arrives and says WTF? NT 0 Replies #2091764 9:06PM 05/08/2005
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Topic #2091768
Caribou - Pinata must be decorated by each HG, put their names on them, leave pinatas in storage room tonight. Sarah asks Jenn not to go tell them. NT 0 Replies #2091768 9:07PM 05/08/2005
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Topic #2091769
Anonymous - Jennifer comes outside........"WTF????" should we tell everybody? Sarah and James say no......we really dont feel like telling anybody else NT 0 Replies #2091769 9:07PM 05/08/2005
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Topic #2091770
terrybelle - James wants to throw all party food and drinks in garbage before everyone else comes down NT 0 Replies #2091770 9:07PM 05/08/2005
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Topic #2091777
Caribou - Jenn picks her pinata and wants to go tell HOH. Sarah says no. Jenn says ok don't tell them till I go pee. Jenn runs to bathroom. NT 0 Replies #2091777 9:08PM 05/08/2005
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Topic #2091778
terrybelle - Sarah: This is alot of margarita mix to drink before they come down NT 0 Replies #2091778 9:08PM 05/08/2005
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Topic #2091789
Caribou - James: Baby, whatdya say we throw all the food in the garbage? Sarah says no. NT 0 Replies #2091789 9:08PM 05/08/2005
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Topic #2091796
Caribou - Margaritas!!!! HGs on PBJ not allowed to eat or drink any of it. NT 0 Replies #2091796 9:09PM 05/08/2005
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Topic #2091797
terrybelle - Jenn is going to bring her pinata upstairs to show everyone else NT 0 Replies #2091797 9:09PM 05/08/2005
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Topic #2091807
Anonymous - margaritas and food in by.......sarah reads a note saying that houseguests on pb&j will not be allowed to drink or eat any of the food! NT 0 Replies #2091807 9:10PM 05/08/2005
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