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Topic #2082254
Caribou - Maggie, Ivette, Beau 0 Replies #2082254 12:51AM 05/08/2005
Maggie telling them Ivette's actions tonight sealed the deal to get james/sarah. Ivette believes this. Beau backs up Maggie. They're pleased that Howie is going to do the work to get james/sarah out.
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Topic #2082263
Caribou - Maggie says she bets James was the one who voted to keep Kaysar and evict Janelle, to stir up stuff. NT 0 Replies #2082263 12:52AM 05/08/2005
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Topic #2082276
Caribou - Ivette says she put her support behind plan to oust James because of Maggie and Cappy. To save them both in case James got HOH. 0 Replies #2082276 12:54AM 05/08/2005
Ivette very pleased it seems that she was the reason the deal is going through.

Maggie - i'm all paranoid about f'n up with these people
Maggie - i feel like i'm being disciplined
Ivette agrees
Sounds like they're talking about BB voice, telling them to windex, mean voice about microphones etc.

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Topic #2082306
Caribou - Maggies says Howie told her James is doing a really good job of making her and all of them look like *****. 0 Replies #2082306 1:00AM 05/08/2005
Beau brings up the bible thing, that he initially withheld it from james.

Maggie says non-game related mean attacks on people is what James is and has been doing. Maggies' really proud of who she is and what she does for a living. Seems James throwing her occupation into question has irritated her.

Ivette wants to know things Howie said that James said about them. Maggie shares the cop belief thing that James is throwing around.

Maggie shares that Howie knows James did the damage to Eric. Ivette pleased at this. Ivette is still all about avenging Eric.

April returns from scamming snacks from HOH. Rachel only gave her a bit. Rachel wouldnt' give them twinkies or other cupcakes because they're Howie's and he was in the DR.

Sarah passes barracks on her way into GR and says "goodnight guys" and they all call out "goodnight sarah"

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Topic #2082318
Caribou - Ivette - people spaz here about the smallest thing sometimes. 0 Replies #2082318 1:02AM 05/08/2005
She's saying this because April called out to Janelle to wash the GR sheets tomorrow because Howie farted in the bed every morning. Ivette finds this ridiculous, farts don't stay in sheets. Others say they do.
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Topic #2082326
Caribou - Maggie gets up from her own bed in barracks to lay beside Jennifer on a bed in barracks. No idea why. NT 0 Replies #2082326 1:03AM 05/08/2005
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Topic #2082337
Caribou - Rachel returns to her bed in barracks because Howie still in DR and she can't get to sleep if he's going to shower late etc. NT 0 Replies #2082337 1:05AM 05/08/2005
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Topic #2082345
Caribou - Janelle laying in a bed in the barracks. She just farted and they're all cracking up laughing NT 0 Replies #2082345 1:05AM 05/08/2005
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Topic #2082370
Caribou - Lights out in barracks, per Rachel. Everyone tired anyway. Janelle back in GR laughing about farting in a bed out there. 0 Replies #2082370 1:09AM 05/08/2005
Ivette says shes' very sad today. Beau says because she got reprimanded.

Lights out in GR too. James and Sarah in bed.

Janelle left GR with her bag of clothes.
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Topic #2082384
Caribou - James and Sarah in bed in GR, whispering in the dark, but BB has no sound on that feed of those two. NT 0 Replies #2082384 1:11AM 05/08/2005
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Topic #2082414
Caribou - Jennnifer went to Janelle (who is in bathroom apparently) to offer a barracks bed if she wants it. Jennifer reports back that Janelle said she doesn't 0 Replies #2082414 1:15AM 05/08/2005
want to sleep with them in the barracks.

April and Ivette whispering about something someone told her about things she's saying. They're laughing. Sounds like Ivette got reprimanded by BB in the DR. Ivette tells Beau she's not over it but she cant' talk about it to anyone.

Rachel back in HOH with Howie. Rachel pissy now because she wants to go to sleep and they're all laughing and chattering.

janelle arrives in barracks again. Sitting on a bed. They're all laughing with her about something again (maybe farting)
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Topic #2082415
Zazny - Rachel is in a bad mood 0 Replies #2082415 1:15AM 05/08/2005
Rachel asks How if he doesn't have a 30 minute limit on the spyscreen because her instructions said she did.

R: I'm pissy right now because I want to go to sleep and everybody wants to stay up and talk

R: I'm sure they're gonna be up till 3 am talking and laughing.
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Topic #2082434
Caribou - Howie to Rachel, planning what he'll say to Maggie 0 Replies #2082434 1:18AM 05/08/2005
Say that he has to be strategic. That he can't put James up directly. Also that he can't tell her directly if she's gonna be nom'd because that's illegal.

Howie tells Rachel she's cranky. He'll throw her out of HOH room.
LIghts out in HOH.

Rachel told HOwie that spycam only allowed to be on for half an hour. Howie says since when? Rachel says that's what they told her. He says they're just messing with him.

Howie and Rachel leave HOH now. Rachel concerned because all in barracks are talking loudly and she wants to sleep. Howie says the door will be closed so don't worry about it.

Finally sound on GR with james/sarah but they might be done talking. Howie in bathroom on main floor with Rachel; he came down to get his stuff.
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Topic #2082445
Caribou - Rachel/HOwie back in HOH. Howie goes in bath to wash up. 0 Replies #2082445 1:20AM 05/08/2005
Lights are out but they're talking. Talk about HOH comp, fun stuff.

Rachel wants Howie to shut up and go take his shower so she can go to sleep.

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Topic #2082452
Caribou - Howie - I gotta talk to maggie then she's gotta talk to her people. 0 Replies #2082452 1:21AM 05/08/2005
Rachel - dont' worry about it. she's got to understand. just take your shower and we'll talk about it.

Howie not as concerned about hurt feelings as he is about breaking his word.
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Topic #2082471
Zazny - H: Are you gonna go right to sleep; R: I'll wait; H: I need feedback 0 Replies #2082471 1:24AM 05/08/2005
They go downstairs to move things to the bathrooom upstairs
H: Where's my Janie? I miss my Janie. Weird I used to stay down here till like 3 in the morning with Janie and Kaysar
R: Why? What'd you do? Just talk?
H: *****
R: We're gonna be fine.

R: It's like a girlscout camp down there.
H: God you're a moody bitch today
R: I know
H: I love you, but God you're a moody bitch

H: They were happy for me [when I won HOH]. Why was that?
R: Duh
H: I know

I gotta talk to Maggie tomorrow. She's got to talk to the rest of her people.
R: Don't worry about it
H: I don't worry about hurting people's feelings or saying one thing and doing another.
R: She's gotta understand. Take your shower and we'll talk about it.
H: I don't care
R: You care. What you said was really good
H: I told her I'd tell her if plans changed
R: I know

H: I didn't want to give away our plans, but someone coming back changes everything.
R: Changed everything.
H: *****. Kaysar could've gave us the good advice if he knew about it
R: Kaysar's probably saying the same thing, ***** *****. But Kaysar knows we're smart.

H: Big Brother did a great job [with my HOH goodies]. The only thing wrong was no lightsabre. Guess I have to win HOH again.

[The bathroom light can't be lit separately, it turns on the light in the HOH bedroom too. Howie is taking a shower now in the dark for Rachel's sake as she lays in bed]

Cameras move

R: Seriously with these cameras, do you people really think something's going to happen?

Rachel starts playing with the spycam
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Topic #2082474
Caribou - Howie tells Rachel to cover her face because he's trying to find his stuff and he needed the light on. Rachel says "awww" she appreciates that. 0 Replies #2082474 1:24AM 05/08/2005
Howie also apologized for leaving his stuff all over but he can't find anything.

Howie now voices his aggravation about the game -someone coming back in threw all his plans out. Rachel and Howie say Kaysar is probably saying the same thing.

Howie - god i'm so fat. i'm fatter than you right now. BB did great. ONly flaw was no light saber. Means I gotta win HOH again.
Rachel laughs and says yea.

Howie realizes he can't have just the bathroom light on but Rachel tells him go ahead and sticks her head under the blankets. Guess Howie is cleaning up for bed in a dark bathroom out of deference to Rachel.

Camera moving around and Rachel says "seriously, these cameras, like people really think something is gonna happen. crazy."

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Topic #2082476
Caribou - Sarah tells james she doesnt' care about the money only staying with him in the game. He says same for him. NT 0 Replies #2082476 1:26AM 05/08/2005
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Topic #2082486
Caribou - Janelle sitting at breakfast bar in kitchen by herself now. Doing her nails looks like. Barracks all asleep or close to it. NT 0 Replies #2082486 1:28AM 05/08/2005
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Topic #2082497
Caribou - April joins Janelle in kitchen. Talking about Janelle's PBJ pass. April needs to eat. She's gaining weight though. 0 Replies #2082497 1:31AM 05/08/2005
April admits she smoked way more than Janelle even before BB.

Janelle tells April that when you're sequestered you can get whatever you want. April says but then it will be 2 weeks since she smoked and she won't go back then.

April goes to bed. Says she'll stay up late tomorrow night. Janelle says ok goodnight.
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Topic #2082501
Caribou - Janelle opens up bible to read at breakfast bar, as her nails dry. NT 0 Replies #2082501 1:32AM 05/08/2005
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Topic #2082537
Zazny - James: I wish Kaysar would come back NT 0 Replies #2082537 1:37AM 05/08/2005
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Topic #2082539
allieeeeee - james just whispered to sarah "i wish kayser would come back" NT 0 Replies #2082539 1:37AM 05/08/2005
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Topic #2082606
Caribou - Howie out of shower and in bed with Rachel. They joke about sex. Rachel won't do anything remotely like that on tv. Now they talk game.(verbatim) 0 Replies #2082606 1:51AM 05/08/2005
Howie trying out his reasoning on what he's gonna tell Maggie. He seems to realize the let's all be friends game isn't going to work and plans to say that. Rachel interjects.

Rach - if we backdoor James and Eric comes back...they're gonna convince Eric to say go for Sarah
Howie - i'm not worried about that. they'll take her out before they come after us
Rach - they say that. everybody says a lot of things in this house. iknow how much you want him out. but if we evict maggie and eric comes back, eric and james will clash and that will be great. if we evict maggie and kaysar comes back, we're all going after james anyway. james doesn't stand a chance to get HOH next week

Howie - vote maggie out? cripes every week you're different (in game strategy)
Rachel - no i'm not.

Rachel running different scenarios. Tells HOwie not to stress. Howie says no decisions without you me and janie. He wishes Kay was here. Rach says no we're very intelligent. Rach wishes Howie hadn't shaken Maggies' hand but says not to worry about that now.

Howie says it will be mike or eric not kaysar coming back, because they stirred the house up. Nope now he thinks anyone of them could come back.

Rachel - if eric comes back...that's a nightmare
Howie - we do have to look at life after... he f'd us majorly. she showed she's pretty smart today.

Rachel - start thinking about life after them. somebody is coming back. it works in our favour either way. if eric comes back he's going after james. same with mike or kaysar. he's public enemy #1. if eric comes back and maggie is still here....christ

Howie - we'll be back where we started from
Rachel - exactly. exactly. if you put james and sarah on block, he gets veto and takes himself off, james and eric will team up no matter what happened in the past. eric knowing he can't win without james will take him back. eric's getting a second chance. you have to think of that too.

Howie - can't you be HOH this week? I wanted it. I was fine with it. Until I made decisions... i'm learning. It's going to get me evicted next week (laughs)
Rachel - no. i still say maggie's got to go.
Howie - you've loved her for all these weeks and now you say
Rachel - no i never said i loved her. she's controlling that camp. altho james is awfully friendly towards ivette no matter what he says.
Howie - ivette gives her word she's cutting all ties to him but whatever, what is that worth

Rachel - put maggie up against april or ivette. let james think we'll vote her off and don't. vote off ivette instead and keep maggie here.
Howie - he voted for kaysar. he's the one vote. i knew it was him right away.
Rach - he's shady
Howie - i knew it to create dissention
Rach - he's such an *****. he's such an ass. but in this game i can't blame him. he's doing whatever he can to stay alive. now we gotta work around that.
Howie - America loves him
Rach - ok but we cannot put him off. he'll get off with veto. we can't risk that. maggie's gotta see that. it's already happened twice. you can't put him up it's as simple as that. if we can't backdoor him out, worst case, maggie goes out. eric comes back, he's gunning for james, james never knew we were putting him up. better case, kaysar or mike comes back, we're gunning for james, so is rest of house, it's win win.
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Topic #2082611
Caribou - Howie - now me and you have big targets on our backs. NT 0 Replies #2082611 1:52AM 05/08/2005
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