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Topic #2090264
Zazny - So, James, have you lied to me? 0 Replies #2090264 7:02PM 05/08/2005
H: Have you lied to us, excluding the cover up when we entered the house
Jan: Did you sell them out
Jam: No I have not lied to you since we made the Sovereign Six

Sarah comes by and wants James to stop talking and join her since there is nothing else for her to do. James says in a minute.
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Topic #2090275
Caribou - James tries to spin that Kaysar gave VERBATIM convos to them, not him or Sarah. Howie knows he's lying and telling him so. NT 0 Replies #2090275 7:03PM 05/08/2005
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Topic #2090287
hoarsewhisperer - Howie is laying out the truth beautifully for James. No lies, no game playing, just pure truth. James continues to balk NT 0 Replies #2090287 7:04PM 05/08/2005
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Topic #2090305
Caribou - James: you guys made a mistake and you wont' admit it. Howie: yea trusting you NT 0 Replies #2090305 7:06PM 05/08/2005
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Topic #2090313
hoarsewhisperer - April, Jen, Rachel and Maggie in kitchen, they can hear Howie upstairs. and Howie is loud! but not angry. NT 2 Replies #2090313 7:06PM 05/08/2005
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amIsane - Oh, yes he IS mad NT #2090352 7:10PM 05/08/2005
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Anonymous - Howie is angry at James and raising his voice. James is in total denial about his back stabbing. NT #2090346 7:09PM 05/08/2005
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Topic #2090331
daveydoo - Howie (& others?) are convinced Eric will be returning! NT 1 Replies #2090331 7:08PM 05/08/2005
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sarah13 - Actually, they decided that they would just prepare for the worst case senario.....so therefore they are acting as if it was a done deal. NT #2095015 6:49AM 06/08/2005
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Topic #2090334
amIsane - How to Jam "James, let me tell you something. I had people from that other side of the house 0 Replies #2090334 7:08PM 05/08/2005
something I said in secrecy VERBATUM..Ver ba tum. Now these walls are not that thin."
James tries to blame Kay for this.
How not buying it. That Iv repeated something How said in private to them verbatum he says.
Jam is still trying to convince otherwise and Jam says "I am just beating a dead horse here"
Jam wants them to explain the bible thing
They tell him, he denys
Jam says they made a big mistake.
How "We did make a mistake by believing you"
How says "How do you think I felt when I heard all of this"
How says he wanted to go to the end with all S6, but it is Jam fault that they are in this position and if Er comes back, Jam fault that they out numbered.
Jan tells Jam she does not believe the crappies arte smart enough to come up with this plan to make up these things to make them turn on James.

still going. Talking fast, angry, all of them.
Jam "I can not believe you believe them over us"
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Topic #2090356
Zazny - Jan: I don't think Maggie's a cop 0 Replies #2090356 7:10PM 05/08/2005
Jan: I don't believe they were smart enough to come up with this
Jam: But Maggie is
Jan: No. And I don't think she's a cop.
Jam: You weren't being sold out

James is going in circles now.

Jam: I can't believe you trusted them over us
H: I don't know who to trust

Rachel announces dinner

James's voice is cracking now.
J: There's no point in Sarah being here anymore if the people we thought were our friends don't trust us

Jam: I wish you talked to me
H: I wish YOU talked to me!
Jan: If you would have admitted it
Jam: Admit what
Jan: You sold us out!
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Topic #2090385
amIsane - Sar crying "If jam leaves this week, I will volunterrily leave. I don't have a single friend in this house. Jam please" 0 Replies #2090385 7:13PM 05/08/2005
She has been at HOH door trying to get Jam to leave HOH room.
They left
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Topic #2090389
Zazny - James leaves, Sarah starts the waterworks, Rachel doesn't believe him 0 Replies #2090389 7:14PM 05/08/2005
R: I don't buy it
Jan: He can sit there and lie lie lie but he sold us out. He sold out Kaysar, he didn't give a crap about him. He was like 'Kaysar?'
H: Who do you think is right? I believe we are
Jan: I do too
R: If we're wrong, we played right into Maggie's hands. I don't believe it.
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Topic #2090391
DebbieInc - Sarah back in HOH begging 0 Replies #2090391 7:14PM 05/08/2005
James to please just drop it! There is nothing else either one of them can say. James continues on denying his involvement in anything bad. Sarah begs some more for him to stop talking for a while, since it's doing no good. James finally agrees and walks out of HoH
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Topic #2090446
Zazny - Sarah and James retreat to gold room 0 Replies #2090446 7:21PM 05/08/2005
S: Are you going to go back up and yell at them so more? I don't want to see those people. Yeah put me up because I'm so smart and have a good strategy. They put me up to get rid of you
J: Do you want me to stay or go?
S: You want me to go
J: No, the people I thought were my friends aren't anymore. So what's the purpose? This alliance doesn't exist. Do you know what I mean?
S: They just screwed themselves.
J: I don't understand how they could make a decision like that. It's pointless.
S crying: I don't want to go back to work in retail. That's not what I want to do
J: We're going to school regardless.
S: I don't want to be without you. There is no way one of us isn't going home this week. There's no way. *sigh*
S: It's so easy to sacrifice us, but we can't try to save ourselves. ***** them. They put us in this situation. It was Howie and their masterplan to get us on their side. Do you think Kaysar knew this was going to happen?
J: No, Kayser trusted us. And I trusted Kaysar, just like I trusted them
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Topic #2090454
Rhea - Sarah: Do you think Kaysar knew this was going to happen? James: No Kay trusted us. NT 0 Replies #2090454 7:21PM 05/08/2005
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Topic #2090469
Anonymous - Sara to James: If i win veto i will take you off. NT 0 Replies #2090469 7:23PM 05/08/2005
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Topic #2090470
Zazny - S: If I win the veto, I'll take you off 0 Replies #2090470 7:23PM 05/08/2005
S: If we don't win the veto, you go home, and I'm stuck here with these horrible people.
J: I think you should talk to them.
S: Who?
J: I can't believe they'd believe Maggie and them.

S: I'm so shocked. When I saw those keys come out
J: I had a feeling something like this was going to happen. I told the DR.
S: I didn't I told the DR how happy I was we worked as a team.
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Topic #2090481
amIsane - Jam /Sar have delusioned themselves. Jam "There is no reason to stay. They are not my friends. " 0 Replies #2090481 7:24PM 05/08/2005
Sar cries she can't go to school now, jam reassures her she will go reguardless. Sar crying she doesn't want to be here without him.
Jam says he does not understand why they(How)turned on them.
Sar "It is so easy to sacrifice us, but we can not save ourselves."
Sar "Do you think Kay knew about this?"
Jam "No, Kay trusted us"

In the background I hear How say "I can't wait to see the tapes"
Sar says that everyone is just afraid of James.
Sar confirms that if she gets veto she will take James off.
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Topic #2090546
Zara - Sarah asking to stay 0 Replies #2090546 7:28PM 05/08/2005
She asked James "should I go this week or should u go so I can get the chance to stay till the end and take some of these jerks out?" (or words to that effect) She is sure that if she leaves, they will aim for James next week so she figures she has a better chance for staying Smart.
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Topic #2090553
Anonymous - James: I think ill pull you off the block. Sarah: i have no reason to stay, i hate these people. NT 0 Replies #2090553 7:29PM 05/08/2005
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Topic #2090585
Caribou - F1/F2: Everyone eating in dining room. House is on lockdown inside. F3/F4: S/J in GR - James can't face living with them so he wants to go home and 0 Replies #2090585 7:31PM 05/08/2005
leave Sarah in. Sarah "can't live with these people" so SHE wants to go home.

They feel they've done nothing wrong. James says he wanted Howie/Rachel to win if he and Sarah didn't. Sarah said the same. Sarah says "just as I was trusting people again" and she's floored by this. James says he's so shocked it hasn't set in yet. James doesnt' even care about Veto tomorrow.

Someone entered GR to tell them there are pork chops. Sarah says throw them out we don't want them. James says he doesn't like/eat pork so no thanks.
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Topic #2090588
Anonymous - James and Sarah 0 Replies #2090588 7:31PM 05/08/2005
James - I think I will take you off the block
Sarah - I think you are the easy target, I am a harder target
if we both stay up
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Topic #2090597
Caribou - James: I can't believe they made that mistake. Sarah: they're being so smug about it too, saying we're so 0 Replies #2090597 7:32PM 05/08/2005
disappointed in you. I really hope Janelle doesnt' sleep in here tonight.

James holds her so she'll stop crying.
Sarah - what the hell do I have? I have nothing. If I leave here, what do I have without you?
James - it's ok we'll get it taken care of alright.

I love yous all around.
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Topic #2090607
Anonymous - Sarah - "if I leave here, what do I have without you?" NT 0 Replies #2090607 7:33PM 05/08/2005
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Topic #2090638
Zara - Sarah think if James was out last week at least he'd have a chance to come back 0 Replies #2090638 7:35PM 05/08/2005
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Topic #2090681
Anonymous - Janelle with Rachelle in HOH room, looking sad 0 Replies #2090681 7:39PM 05/08/2005
They still think they were in the right. They think Sarah would have been more emotional if they had been being honest with them.

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Topic #2090692
PoisonIvy - James completely contradicting himself. 0 Replies #2090692 7:40PM 05/08/2005
J: If we thought R+H were going to put us up, would we not have done the same thing?

1 second later

J: I guess they arnt as thought as smart as we thought they were.

{ed note: what? did you not JUST say that you would have done the same thing?)

J: I'm gonna go pee
S: (like a stubborn schoolgirl) Dont talk to those people.
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