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Topic #2086672
Anonymous - April talking to Jannelle trying to get her to convince Howie to put up James NT 0 Replies #2086672 1:40PM 05/08/2005
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Topic #2086700
Zazny - Rachel called to DR as she and Jan were ready to start exercising NT 0 Replies #2086700 1:43PM 05/08/2005
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Topic #2086713
ccquilter - Quick April and Ivette convo then fish 0 Replies #2086713 1:45PM 05/08/2005
Ivette talking with April in the bathroom - wants to know what April has been up to

A asks Ivette through the water closet door if James was talking with her in the room

A - stop f***ing talking to him
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Topic #2086720
Anonymous - Ivette and April says she won't trust H and R and wants to know if April UNDERRSTANDSWHATSHESSAYING NT 0 Replies #2086720 1:45PM 05/08/2005
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Topic #2086729
RealitySwan - While Ivette was in the WC, April asked her if she had just been talking to James... 0 Replies #2086729 1:46PM 05/08/2005
April told her to "stop f*cking talking to him."
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Topic #2086735
Anonymous - April says if she goes up as a pawn she might not go after James next week - she just had said she swore on her life that James would be her target NT 0 Replies #2086735 1:47PM 05/08/2005
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Topic #2086747
Anonymous - April wants to know ahead of time if she is going up as a pawn. She keeps saying this to everyone NT 0 Replies #2086747 1:48PM 05/08/2005
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Topic #2086754
Anonymous - April is already backstabbing R and H - SURPRISE EVERYONE NT 0 Replies #2086754 1:48PM 05/08/2005
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Topic #2086782
Zazny - A: If I go up as a pawn, I won't go after James next week 0 Replies #2086782 1:50PM 05/08/2005
A: There's no need for a pawn!

I says that Jan playing with them and being friendly is too in your face, she doesn't put it above anybody to screw them over.

A: He's gonna put them up if he gets HOH!
I: What did Janelle say
A: Janelle wants to do the backdoor deal
I: [So what happened to it being a definite]
A: If you and I go up and you leave, I'll go right after those mother ***** next week, doyouseewhatI'msaying?
I: Nothing's guaranteed here, it's okay
A: I just want to be warned if I'm going up, doyouseewhatI'msaying?
...Rachel is a straight up bitch
I: I know she is
A: She's trying to wheel and deal.
I: I am more worried about Rachel than I am about Howie and Janelle.
A: Maggie's like I can understand you want that and I was like I'm sorry I can't make that deal because planning 3 weeks are going to bite you in the ass.
I: They have a 2:1 chance [of one of their people coming back]. That's why I said don't push anything. The game has proven that when you make stupid mistakes, it comes and bites you in the ass.
A: If they don't put Sarah and James up, I'm not making any promises! James is shitting in his pants! [ed: pot, kettle, black!?]
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Topic #2086785
ccquilter - Ivette and April outside 0 Replies #2086785 1:50PM 05/08/2005
Ivette is not trusting anyone but her group in this game

She won't feel comfortable until after the veto ceremony

Ivette won't go up to HOH and beg

Ivette thinks they could be playing us - she doesn't trust Janelle

Feels they're too giddy

April worried about being a pawn and then she'll be upset

April conveying they're scared of him coming after them if he doesn't go

Ivette - he may work something out - wants to know what Janelle thinks

April says Janelle wants the backdoor

April says she'll go after them if they use her as a pawn

April saying Rachael is a straight up b**tch because she's looking for a long term deal

They are more worried about Rachael

April conveys that they're worried about Cappy coming back

Ivette says don't say anything - if you say stupid things it comes back and bites you in the a$$ - the game has proven it time and again

April - James is sh**ing in his pants

Ivette - I don't want to talk to James about it anymore

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Topic #2086794
Anonymous - April says if they put her up as a pawn the MOFOS can go F themselves next week NT 0 Replies #2086794 1:51PM 05/08/2005
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Topic #2086820
Anonymous - Ivette is telling April that she needs to be passive - she says she could give 3 sh!ts if they put her up as a pawn - NT 0 Replies #2086820 1:53PM 05/08/2005
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Topic #2086821
ccquilter - April wants to see James cry 0 Replies #2086821 1:53PM 05/08/2005
Once again April conveys that if they put her up as a pawn blah, blah, blah

She's really worried

Rachael is a straight up - and pauses

April says she wants out of here - she wants to see James leave

Ivette says she's passive

April - you think you're passive (incredulously)

Ivette - I could give 3 sh**s about eating pb&j and goes through a bunch of other things
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Topic #2086832
Anonymous - Maggie is STILL in HOH trying to deal her way out of last week's decisions NT 0 Replies #2086832 1:54PM 05/08/2005
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Topic #2086833
Zazny - Ivette is passive 0 Replies #2086833 1:54PM 05/08/2005
A: You think you're passive?
I: I don't stress about things
A: You think *you're* a passive person...
I: I could give 3 ***** that I'm eating PB&J. I could give 3 ***** that I'll be used as a pawn. I don't care to ask anybody or approach anybody. If this game is for the evil person to win, then let them, because I won't be that evil person. DoyouhearwhatI'm saying?
A: I just want to see James gone
I: Did you see how I answered James?
A: What
I: I had a cookie and was going to weigh it and he said make sure you center it and I said that wasn't even ***** me so shut the ***** up
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Topic #2086861
ccquilter - More HOH 0 Replies #2086861 1:56PM 05/08/2005
Maggie still doesn't feel good

Howie says this game su**s

Taling about how if James didn't have a nervous disorder he does now

Maggie says she has no sympathy - lost it when she lost her partner

All Maggie wants is for them not to win (S&J)

Howie worried about the trend of HOH getting only one more week - Rachael is the only exception to the rule
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Topic #2086931
ccquilter - In HOH - Maggie - you know what I want 0 Replies #2086931 2:02PM 05/08/2005
Howie - I know what everybody wants - I just want to do things strategically

Howie - I don't play the way he does - the house will hate me if he stays/wins - not sure which he said here sorry

Maggie - how do we assure you - everyone knows how I feel about Sarah

Howie - hopefully we make the right move

Maggie - hasn't everyone in the house agreed to getting them out? Is there one person who hasn't agreed to that

Howie - no - hates being HOH

Maggie - last week I didn't have Eric to talk to - she can't believe there was the miscommunciation with Rachael - it surprises her

Maggie - you don't want to know how people will feel if you don't get rid of them

Maggie doesn't know what to say to convince him - if what she's said isn't enough to convince him she doesn't know

Howie - he needs to sort it out with Rachale and Janelle - if it doesn't work out he'll see them in a couple months as he'll be out of the house

Maggie - she wants to know if he'll talk to the DR - he asks her if she can't ask them herself. She's going to leave so he can talk to Janelle
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Topic #2086950
ShannanCGC - Jan goes into HOH with Jen and How, and says "Can we talk ALONE" and he says yes..Jen leaves NT 0 Replies #2086950 2:04PM 05/08/2005
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Topic #2086991
ccquilter - Janelle in HOH with Howie 0 Replies #2086991 2:07PM 05/08/2005
Janelle comes in and asks to speak to Howie alone

Jennie has to leave

Oh Howie

Oh Janie

They do a peck on the check

J - these people are like leaches - what are you going to do

H - if I don't put those 2 up I'm target #1 - goes through some more really quickly

H - can't play a 5 week plan

H - we do this week

J - believes if Eric comes back that they can beat them

H - feels if Eric comes back he would divide the house

H believes if they can execute on J and S they have 2 more weeks

Talks about if Eric comes back he should be put up with Ivette to see if she's go for him or for the money

Janelle talking about being threatened if one of them is put up for a pawn
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Topic #2087001
Zazny - Howie tells Jan he's going Sarah/James 0 Replies #2087001 2:08PM 05/08/2005
H: If I really don't put them up, then I'm target no. 1, and if I put them up then it cleanses the house. I can give us 2 weeks.
J: You can?
H: I start the job today, they finish it next week. Then we play ball next week.
J: As long as Eric doesn't come back in, then it is numbers.
H: Maggie was outnumbered last week

H: Bottom line we're only safe if we win HOH. We'll have to be the underdog. It will be you, me, and Rachel. We have to win it. Then we can start breaking them up again.

H: If Eric comes back and we put him up with one of his people over there. No? I have to go with the options I have
J: Oh God
H: If we don't do this, we screw things up
J: Howie...
...they're threatening me. Oh God.
H: We're ***** either way.
...I'd rather face Cappy than James.
J: So we're getting rid of James?
H: You look at my point of view. The whole house will hate me. I'm public enemy number 1

J: This is so risky I hate this stuff

A: If the pawn thing falls through, don't you think whoever's partner will be...
H: I know that
A: Do you know what I'm sayin
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Topic #2087073
Zazny - Jan sees Rachel and sends April out, Rachel in 0 Replies #2087073 2:14PM 05/08/2005
H: If we start the project and we get rid of them, the only reason we go out the door is if we don't win HOH. So far the underdog has prevailed. If we win HOH, we put up Cappy and a Beau. Who is Ivette gonna vote for? Does she want a million or hang out with Cappy?
J: Cappy. If he comes back we have so many more people [to go through]
R: I asked James after Maggie who he'd go after next and he said Jenny. Pshaw

H: I'd rather he come after me than the whole house. I'd stand no chance
BB: Maggie, please come to the DR
H: Putting them up buys us two more weeks.
R: I don't want them to think I'm playing to get to the sequester house. There's no way I want James in there voting.
H: The 3 of us are stronger than all of them except for James. They will have to vote each other off if we win HOH's.
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Topic #2087148
Anonymous - Howie, Rachel & Janie in HOH...Howie practicing his Nomination 0 Replies #2087148 2:19PM 05/08/2005
speech. (Putting up James & Sarah)
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Topic #2087311
Chrisha - Ivette & Beau arguing about who is friends in the house w/ whom 0 Replies #2087311 2:32PM 05/08/2005
she is saying that everyone can talk to eveyone else but she can't talk to anyone w/out everyone thinking she's sketchy. (For Ivette blaming Janie for being me, me, me all the time, Ivette is all about Ivette today).

Jenn is there too. Ivette doesn't want to trust anyone but Beau.
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Topic #2087397
Mareenie - Iv on a rant about hating this game, playing only when she needs to and that's it. 0 Replies #2087397 2:36PM 05/08/2005
Jenn asks why she's yelling at them? (her and Beau) She quiets down and starts complaining about Rachel. She hates Rachel, she will keep Janelle and Howie over Rachel. She's over this game and can just shut herself off. (why doesn't she shut up then!)
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Topic #2087414
ccquilter - Ivette is stressing in the backyard 0 Replies #2087414 2:38PM 05/08/2005
She apologizes for her potty mouth

She complains about how she is like those people who come into the restaurant with lots of complaints

She tells Beau and Jen to expect the worst

She says she thinks Rachael thinks she's playing her

She may shut down and just sleep
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