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Topic #2181070
CruiseCritic - Kay gets close and whispers in Janies ear and she laughs and says 1 Replies #2181070 3:56AM 15/08/2005
I am sorry. she is just looking at him now. he asks what is wrong with your ankle? he tells her she is such a mess.
She said she fell putting on makeup (at work)? now whispering really quietly and cannot hear her.
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Starlady - she was telling Kaysar about how she was at work and was in the bathroom putting on makeup with other girls and they were supposed to be out on the #2181087 4:01AM 15/08/2005
floor at 11:00 and it was 11:30 and the boss came up and they got scared (couldnt'hear the next sentence) and then she said there was water on the floor and she slipped - he came in and said "what are you doing, you have a table...?" and she said there was blood everywhere... Then FISH
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Topic #2181072
CruiseCritic - FISH - maybe BB telling them to go to bed!! NT 0 Replies #2181072 3:56AM 15/08/2005
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Topic #2181077
CruiseCritic - Back to the couch with Janie and Kay..he sighs and she is staring into space 0 Replies #2181077 3:58AM 15/08/2005
Kay says they played like 6 games of chess today. he is going to throw up. she she is sorry. he says she cheated. she says she is sorry.
she says she wants to go to bed. he said go. he has to pray but has to wait like 45 minutes BC it is not the right time.
why asks janie
he says - because it isnt. she is going to bed....
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Topic #2181079
CruiseCritic - Silence now as Janie is in the barracks getting ready for bed and Kay is pacing 0 Replies #2181079 3:59AM 15/08/2005
around twirling his hair.
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Topic #2181082
CruiseCritic - Everyone in bed except for Kaysar - he just looked at a bed 0 Replies #2181082 4:00AM 15/08/2005
and now has gotten under the covers. All quiet now....
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Topic #2181088
CruiseCritic - Kay laying in bed facing the ceiling with hands on eachother on his belly and 0 Replies #2181088 4:02AM 15/08/2005
just staring around.
Jenn just rolled over in the HoH bed.
No other movement.
Kay has his eyes open - he is on two feeds
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Topic #2181089
janka - Kaysar thinks something might be up since Jenny told him, "You better be nice to me or else.." 0 Replies #2181089 4:22AM 15/08/2005
K: We need to focus as a team. I feel like we're losing ground. Was Rachel like this last week
J: How do you mean?
K: Before she was all against trash talking and this week...
J: Oh yeah, last week...

Janelle recaps the "tell me your gut feeling" incident with Rachel, Jen and April in the gym.

K: She talked to her like she was retarded! Oh my god.
J: Yeah and Jen came and told me I don't like the way Rachel talked to my partner.
K: See that's the point, you can't yell at them, they just don't get it. And if you yell at them they cry and you feel bad.

J: Why are they here?
K: Comic relief
J: But they're not funny.
K: No people are not laughing with them, they're laughing at them. What person in their right mind is going to spell gay with their legs. What person in their right mind is goin to turned the HOH room into a hostile. They moved all thier *****. There's beds downstairs and they're gonna sleep on the floor. Do you realize they don't tell us half the stuff they are talkng about?
J: April does talk alot about sex with her husband and stuff.
K: Can you imagine, she's talking about intimate details about her relationship with random people and millions of viewers. I feel bad for her husband. He must be very smart for the position he holds, what the hell is she doing? What is she thinking? I've been here for six weeks, well five and these people stress me out.
J: I know.
K: Five weeks. It's sad. So sad.

J: Was Eric getting alot of airtime?
K: We can't talk about this. (mouths) I don't know.

Kaysar whispers something in her ear. They laugh and Janelle apologizes. They talk about an accident Janelle had at work, so we get....FISH.

K: We played like six games of chess today.
J: I'm sorry.
K: No it was fine.
J: What are you complaining about.
K: Well you cheated the first three times, then I got use to losing. And then you beat me the next two times.
J: I'm sorry.
K: I don't like losing to you.
J: Pfft. Get over it.

J: I'm gonna go to bed.
K: Go.
J: I will! Aren't you tired?
K: I have to pray but I have to wait like 45mins.
J: Do you really?
K: Yes.
J: Why?
K: Because it's not the right time.
J: Why?
K: It's just isn't.
J: Goodnight Kaysar I'll see you in the morning.
K: Goodnight.


Janell retires to the GR. Kaysar walks around the barracks with no clue to do with himself. He decides to lie down and ponder "What the hell was I thinking, Dumbass!"

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Topic #2181091
Skamito - Kaysar- The funny thing is, they think that we're the ones who are f-ed up! 1 Replies #2181091 4:26AM 15/08/2005
Janelle and Kaysar discuss the friendship. He suspects they are backdooring him.

Kaysar talks about them being pathetic camera whores.
Kaysar- Oh, if we yell a lot we'll get cameratime.

The friendship took a picture of them spelling GAY with their legs and think it's going to be all over the place. Kaysar jokes that they think that snapshot will be all over, in Times Square jumbo tron, them spelling Gay with our legs. Accuses them of being obsessed with fame.

Kaysar- What's wrong with these people? Unbelievable. I can't believe I have to talk to them. I have to lower myself to talk to them because they'll treat me like crap. How sad is that. They want us to follow them around and give them compliments. Jennifer, can I follow you around and kiss your ass? Do you want to know how you can ***** us over really bad so you can become famous? What a crackhead.

Kaysar- We need to focus as a team, we're losing ground. We can't bicker. Was Rachel like this last week?
Janelle- What do you mean?
Kaysar- She didn't want to talk crap and yet she won't stop talking crap.

Janelle tells him that Rachel yelled at April and April got upset. She does April impression reenacting the convo.

Kaysar- She has to talk to her like she's retarded? Oh my God.

Janelle tells him that then Jen said, "Rachel was yelling at April. I don't appreciate that."

Kaysar- These people are stupid. You can't yell at them, they don't get it. They crawl into a corner and cry, and you feel bad. You just have to ignore them. They're overgrown kids. It's so sad.
Janelle- Why would they put them on a show? They're total duds.
Kaysar- They put them on this show because they need incompetent people to be there and say stupid things, it's comic relief.
Janelle- They're not funny.
Kaysar- No, people are not laughing with them, they're laughing AT them. I mean look at them, they turned the HOH room into a hostile... there's beds downstairs and they're sleeping on the FLOOR.

They talk about April being gross and farting and wonder what her husband's thinking. Then they go off the subject.

Kaysar also really suspects that something isn't right. He will not be surprised when he is nominated.
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Karenell - Hostel, not hostile. He's comparing the HOH to the cheap inns used typically by students in Europe (hostels). NT #2181569 6:53AM 15/08/2005
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Topic #2181512
amIsane - All HG sleeping NT 0 Replies #2181512 6:39AM 15/08/2005
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Topic #2181656
pooh5983 - howie is up NT 0 Replies #2181656 7:05AM 15/08/2005
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Topic #2181697
pooh5983 - Well he went back to bed now everyone asleep NT 0 Replies #2181697 7:14AM 15/08/2005
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Topic #2182030
pooh5983 - Everyone is still in bed NT 0 Replies #2182030 8:12AM 15/08/2005
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Topic #2182142
pooh5983 - reachel is up dong her moring thing NT 0 Replies #2182142 8:30AM 15/08/2005
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Topic #2182181
Nikki254 - Ivette went to BY to sit on lounge chair. It looks like she is going back to sleep NT 0 Replies #2182181 8:37AM 15/08/2005
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Topic #2182191
Nikki254 - Rachel walking on the treadmill NT 0 Replies #2182191 8:38AM 15/08/2005
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Topic #2182259
Neesha - Ivette in BY eating breakfast 0 Replies #2182259 8:49AM 15/08/2005
Looks like it's a rainy morning.
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Topic #2182293
Neesha - Rach in kitchen talking to herself NT 0 Replies #2182293 8:56AM 15/08/2005
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Topic #2182360
Neesha - Rachel now in BY with Ivette 0 Replies #2182360 9:07AM 15/08/2005
Small talk about the rain. Iv is dozing off and on in the patio chair.
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Topic #2182442
Neesha - More small talk 0 Replies #2182442 9:16AM 15/08/2005
Rach: Surprised you're not laying in the hammock
Iv: The hammock is wet though
Rach: Oh is it? It doesn't smell like it's going to rain though.
I couldn't understand Ivette's reply.
Silence again.
Rach sitting back in serious deep thought, the whole time while she ate she was thinking to herself, lots of weird faces and grunting.
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Topic #2182482
Neesha - Rach going inside, she grabs her dishes as well as Iv's NT 0 Replies #2182482 9:20AM 15/08/2005
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Topic #2182550
Mel - Rachel is in the big bedroom; can't seem to decide what to wear today. NT 0 Replies #2182550 9:30AM 15/08/2005
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Topic #2182570
Neesha - Rach in shower, IV asleep in BY all others still in bed NT 0 Replies #2182570 9:32AM 15/08/2005
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Topic #2182870
Neesha - BB: ATTN Houseguests, the veto ceremony will begin in 90 minutes NT 0 Replies #2182870 10:13AM 15/08/2005
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Topic #2182898
Neesha - James is now awake, asking Rach and Iv if the coffee is fresh NT 0 Replies #2182898 10:17AM 15/08/2005
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Topic #2183009
terrybelle - Rach in front of mirror using the curling iron and seems to be having 0 Replies #2183009 10:27AM 15/08/2005
one of her mental conversations with herself
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