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Topic #2183026
terrybelle - James cozying up to Ivette for convo in the BY NT 0 Replies #2183026 10:29AM 15/08/2005
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Topic #2183052
Neesha - Conversation outside (James, Iv, and Rach) 0 Replies #2183052 10:32AM 15/08/2005
James discussing last night's conversation with Rach saying it was his first "real" conversation with her. Commenting on wanting pictures of dog and coworkers. Saying she broke up with last guy because she has too much ambition. Rachel walks outside and James immediately changes the topic to towels. No they are making small talk about the weather, gymnastics, olympics etc.
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Topic #2183102
LizziBrown - FISH NT 0 Replies #2183102 10:36AM 15/08/2005
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Topic #2183105
Mel - James mentions 2 guys he knew in the Secret Service who went undercover at the Olympics and we get Fish. NT 0 Replies #2183105 10:36AM 15/08/2005
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Topic #2183212
Neesha - Feeds back, everyone awake NT 0 Replies #2183212 10:45AM 15/08/2005
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Topic #2183282
Neesha - Rachel and Howie talk in the GR 0 Replies #2183282 10:51AM 15/08/2005
Rachel saying she is not the stupid one in the house. Talking about a conversation telling someone she may not use the VETO. (Howie whispering, I can't hear well) Rach again complaining about wanting to hear country music.
No she is telling Howie "What do you think about me taking Janelle off?"
Rach: "I'm just trying to comprehend, would you?"
How: "It's getting personal this week"
Rach: "You can't let it get personal"
How: "It is personal this week"
Rach: "They swore on their fng lives, they better do it, or it's gonna get personal"
Rachel now talking about people back home, Kaysar walks in, Rahcel changes topic to Kaysars comfort level while he was asleep.

(Feeds came back in the middle of this conversation)
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Topic #2183320
Neesha - Non game related chatter in the GR 0 Replies #2183320 10:54AM 15/08/2005
Howie farting, blaming it on birthday cake. Rachel apologizes to Kaysar. Topic switched to whether or not the sleeping bags has been washed, bed bugs. Now they are discussing the song they played this morning. And we got FISH.
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Topic #2183322
SassyPrncess - Rachel states the song BB played this morning was entitled, "Stupid Girl" NT 1 Replies #2183322 10:54AM 15/08/2005
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SassyPrncess - Song is by "Garbage" lyrics will be posted in Discussion (must read) NT #2183362 10:57AM 15/08/2005
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Topic #2183375
Neesha - Ivette: "Janelle if you stay on the block, I won't vote you off if that matters" NT 0 Replies #2183375 10:59AM 15/08/2005
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Topic #2183385
memyselfandi - Ivette/Jan/Mag sitting at BY table 0 Replies #2183385 11:00AM 15/08/2005
They seem to be discussing the coasters veto comp.

Maggie was saying something about them initially discussing the chance that no one would get POV this week if there was a tie, but it seems that a tiebreaker was used to give Rachel the victory.

Ivette is upset but discussing how their contracts say that CBS can change the rules at any time. Ivette is trying to get Janelle pissed off at Rachel for getting the POV and saying she needs to fight for herself.

Ivette: "F--- everybody I can't put a bigger target on my back."

She tells Janelle that even if Jan stays on the block although she'll be tempted to vote her off, she won't (joking about it).

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Topic #2183421
memyselfandi - Janelle sharing that she threw the veto comp so Rachel would win 0 Replies #2183421 11:04AM 15/08/2005
Ivette is trying to make Janelle wonder why Rachel wanted to win it so bad and make her feel bad that Rachel isn't going to use the veto save Janelle.
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Topic #2183432
smileycute - Jenn: I am pissed, you know I am HOH and they play "stupid girl" they are trying to F#% with me NT 0 Replies #2183432 11:05AM 15/08/2005
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Topic #2183445
memyselfandi - Jen takes offense that the morning wake-up song was "Stupid Girl" 0 Replies #2183445 11:06AM 15/08/2005
J: I'm a girl and I'm HOH what do you think it's about?

Ivette and Maggie trying to reassure her that the song is not about that, but Jen isn't having any of it. She is cursing up a storm and VERY angry.

J: It's not about Rachel, even though she's a stupid girl.

They're just mad because I don't tell them sh!t (talking about BB)

I make for good TV, f'ers!
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Topic #2183448
Mareenie - Jenn is SO PO'd about the song Stupid Girl that they played. She knows it was directed at her. (lol) 0 Replies #2183448 11:06AM 15/08/2005
Jenn in the shower. I hate them, I f'n hate them (BB). Maggie and Iv are telling her it could be about anyone, not just her. She's saying, well it's not about Rachel. She's so pissed. Jenn says, I was making for good t.v. f'ers. Mag, Iv, Beau are saying they can hear her all over the house. They dont' think Jan got the reason for the song.

The sound goes through the drain.

(too funny)
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Topic #2183454
smileycute - Jen : I was not thinking for good TV F$&ker 0 Replies #2183454 11:06AM 15/08/2005
Ivette was telling Jenn that Rach may change her mind about veto
Jenn : if she wants to be stupid...
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Topic #2183478
Neesha - Iv rehashing James and Rachel's conversation 0 Replies #2183478 11:08AM 15/08/2005
Ivette telling the clan that James was talking about Rachel this morning, about her ex boyfriend and what pictures she wanted, then she complains that Rachel walked out in the middle of the conversation.
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Topic #2183484
smileycute - Ivette is telling April, Beau, Jenn about James telling her that he and Rach had a 0 Replies #2183484 11:09AM 15/08/2005
nice convo last night. Rach opened up to James and told him about her ex etc. They are not happy to hear this
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Topic #2183498
memyselfandi - Beau/April/Ivette discussing convo with Janelle earlier 0 Replies #2183498 11:10AM 15/08/2005
They think Janelle and Rachel don't get along well.

Ivette is sharing details about Rachel's relationship with her exboyfriend she seems to have gotten out of James.

Ivette and April saying they told Janelle if they were pawns to backdoor James why does it matter if Janelle got the veto. Trying to plant seeds of concern that Rachel wanted the veto for herself

Ivette: If it comes down to them (the S4), they're going to can her first (talking about Jan).
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Topic #2183579
memyselfandi - BB: Jennifer, please put on your microphone. then... 0 Replies #2183579 11:17AM 15/08/2005
She flips off BB. Then she thinks that playing "Stupid Girl" could have tipped off the other side that the deal was broken.

Now they are saying that it could be about Rachel deciding to save Jan. If that happened April wants Jen to put up James instead of Kaysar in their place

Then Jen is questioning whether the song could be saying that she's stupid for not getting rid of James.

"I'm not going to ask them why they played that song, I'm going to hate them"

Jen is very concerned about what makes for good TV and thinks she knows what makes for good TV better than BB does.
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Topic #2183585
SassyPrncess - Jen: Wouldn't it make for good TV if I didn't even tell the DR what I was going to do? 0 Replies #2183585 11:17AM 15/08/2005
Note: Does she not realize that BB sees EVERYTHING and saw her confession last night? That BB is more than the DR? Wow.
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Topic #2183615
memyselfandi - Jen/Ivette/April/Beau still talking in bathroom 0 Replies #2183615 11:19AM 15/08/2005
J: "Is everything still the same?"

They say yes.

April tells her to keep speech simple and just tell them it was for strategy.

Jen is going to say something about everyone in this house doesn't trust james, but I've been doing a lot of thinking but my group can do better if Kaysar is gone.
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Topic #2183656
Mareenie - jenn called everyone to HOH room. She's upset about the song. 0 Replies #2183656 11:21AM 15/08/2005
She's mad because why wouldn't the other team wonder why they were playing Stupid Girl. Iv, Beau, Mag, Ap all say they didn't think twice about the song. Jenn says why wouldn't they think twice about that song. Ap says if Rachel takes Janelle off the block, they should put up James and vote off Rachel because they dont' want to PO Kaysar.

Jenn said that someone was clapping when the song was over. It was Ivette. April thinks that Jenn is seeing subliminal messages in this song. Jenn thinks that CBS is saying she's stupid for taking off Kaysar instead of James.

Jenn says isn't it better t.v. if America doesn't know what she's going to do until the last minute. Iv thinks they just do it to eff around because everyone wonders who the song is for.

Maggie tells her not to let it affect her game playing. Jenn says it just makes her want to do it more.

Apparently Rachel started doing a f'n whore dance, according to Ivette, when the song was played.

April says to keep the noms speech short. Just say she's putting Kaysar up for pure strategy.

Jenn is going to say in her nom speech "everyone in this house doesnt' trust James, but she's done a lot of thinking and heard a lot of reasons that she should put up both of them. Kaysar got a group together and admitted it himself that his group fell apart last week and that's why she decided to nominate him."

more of the same............
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Topic #2183685
memyselfandi - Maggie trashing Kaysar for being a self-proclaimed leader 0 Replies #2183685 11:23AM 15/08/2005
She says there's a diff between leader and self-proclaimed leader after she joins them in the bathroom.

Jen: They're weak without him. They'll f up.

April: The more you piss them off, the more f'd up they'll get.

Ivette thinks Rachel is upset with her.

April warning Jen about Kaysar wanting to talk to her later, they're discussing whether they'd all come together to go up to HOH and be a barrier from Kaysar. Jen says she'll only talk to the other side after the nomination with all her group present.

April saying they should make it clear that it's a group decision (to protect her partner from the fallout). Maggie is Ok with them saying and thinking it's her idea.
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Topic #2183710
memyselfandi - April telling Jen she is just reading too much into things 0 Replies #2183710 11:25AM 15/08/2005
Jen is freaking out about the song and everything else. April reassuring her, telling her she can cuss out BB later for playing "Stupid Girl."
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Topic #2183722
SassyPrncess - Maggie suggests F5 surround Jen after ceremony & then they go straight up to HoH..... 0 Replies #2183722 11:26AM 15/08/2005
They also are going to "make sure Jen always has one of us with her."
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