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Topic #2180821
kylatay - Janie: April was upset because Kaysar and Maggie got Kmart things too nt NT 0 Replies #2180821 2:00AM 15/08/2005
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Topic #2180833
janka - F1 - Janelle and Kaysar are playing chess in BY 0 Replies #2180833 2:02AM 15/08/2005
Not much talking going on as they are concentrating on the game. Most comments are on moves.

K: You're so annoying.
J: What?
K: Why do you do this to me.
J: Wait I want to take this move back.
K: You serious?
J: No, I'm kidding.
K: That would be the dumbest move.
J: I was joking.
K: I hate you.
J: Why?
K: For doing this to me.
J: Oh Kaysar you're so cute.
K: No I'm not.
J: Yeah you are.
K: Okay I am.
J: You know it
K: Why do you have to do this. Okay so I'm going to..decide on something
J: Huh?
K: I'm talking to myself hold on a second. (mumbling)

Howie comes out.

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Topic #2180903
janka - H: Only once has there been a couple on the block? Only Maggie and Eric right? 0 Replies #2180903 2:24AM 15/08/2005
K: Yeah
H: Do you think it's cold out? I think it's stabilized, it was colder last night.
K: Check. It's kind of cold.
H: So you gotta jump a player to get him out.
K: Yeah pretty much

J: Your funny Howie
H: Thank you
J: You're cute too Howie.
H: Thank you Janie, but I'm not you're type.
J: I know.
H: You're cute but you're not my type either. I like them small and petite and younger. Like 19
J: What makes you think I would date an old man like you.
H: I date 19 & 20 year olds all the time
J: You're way too old for 19 year olds.
H: I don't think so, when you are as cute as me. I'd still bang you though.
J: Well guess what the feeling is not mutual
H: (jokingly) I hate you Janie, I'm not talking to you
J: And I hate you too Howie.
H: That's it I'm not talking to you for the rest of our stay here.
J: You big jerk.
H: I'm not talking to you, I'm calling Ashlea.
J: Are you really.

J: I can't.
H: It's as annoying as ***** (Howie's doing his own annoying nightly flossing routine.)
J: Shut up.
K: What?
H: Grinding her teeth.
K: You can hear it?
J: Yeah, it's louder than Danielle's in S3
J: I'm thinking!

H: Do you think Denna's watching you?
J: Yeah
H: Do you think she likes me?
J: Eh she think's you're okay.
H: I hate you don't talk to me...
J: Well I love you Howie.
H: Aww I love you Janie.
K: (chuckling) You guys are so weird.
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Topic #2180914
janka - J: You son of a bitch. Oh god, I hate you. 0 Replies #2180914 2:29AM 15/08/2005
K: I just killed your last _________.
J: I know I hate you.

Howie looks up....

H: It's gotta be raining outside..yep it's raining.
K: It's probably drizzle.
H: ***** the second time is 6 weeks, it's like a few drops.
K: That's how it is.
H: It really doesn't rain, wow and when it does, I spit more than it rains.
J: Who's move is it.
K: Yours but I can go it you want though.
J: Excuse me speak for yourself.
H: (mocking Janelle) Excuse me.
J: I want to take my move back
K: No. You can't keep taking your moves back.
H: Cheater!
J: Shut up.
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Topic #2180934
janka - H: I want you to win this week's HoH for him(Michael). 0 Replies #2180934 2:40AM 15/08/2005
J: I will
H: You can grab that key and say Michael this is for you.

H: So you were at the front door and ready to go up with Cappy and did she (Julie) announce it on the speaker..
K: Yeah
H: What did she say exactly?
K: Kaysar you're America's choice please proceed to the BB house.
H: So does Cappy just stand there?
K: He just stands there and waits. He put his head down.
H: He didn't look at you? That's gotta be worse, it's like he's a step closer.
K: He keeps getting defeated. He just can't win.
H: The house wanted him out and America wanted him out.
K: Exactly. Because he's probably in the back of his mind.."I got wronged, America's knows I got wronged" and America doesn't want him back, makes him feel like..
H: Especially since you and James put him out and he's standing toe to toe with you again.

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Topic #2180959
janka - Howie ask Kaysar about the James in the bathroom while Eric is selling him out story that Maggie told Howie last week. 0 Replies #2180959 2:50AM 15/08/2005
Kaysar: That never happened, it's completely made up.

They go to the LR because it's raining. Chess playing resumes.

J: Check bitch.
K: You're such a dork.

Howie watches

J: You're so stupid. I ***** hate you. I'm going to shoot myself.
K: Check
J: Wait. You motherf****r. Give me that piece back.
K: No you took back like ten moves.
J: Give it back, everyone deserves a second chance. I'm just the buxom blonde.
K: No shut up.

H: We need to get rid of the nerd herd. Is Michael any good at this game chess?
J: No he's sucks.

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Topic #2180996
janka - J: Why don't we liven up the chess, every 30mins we change sides, and I play yours and you play mines. 0 Replies #2180996 3:12AM 15/08/2005
K: What if the game only last 30 mins.
J: What about 15mins
K: Five
J: Ten
K: Okay set it up I'll get the clock. You probably just want to screw up my side.
J: Not true.

Kaysar leaves

J: You're so big and strong. Hi Howie, you look really muscular today.
(Howie hugs her) You been working out?
H: Yeah
J: You look it.

Kaysar's back

H: Thanks. Your boobies look full today too Janie.
J: Thanks I'm getting my period soon.
H: Are you really?
J: Mmmmhmmm
H: You have your period panties?
J: No not yet.
H: Ohhh
K: That's so gross.
H: What are you doing with the alarm? Are you sleeping out here?
K: No I'm just..we're...we're like..I don't know she came up with a retarded idea, I don't even know why I'm following.

H: I'll bet you this thing went off the other day as a quirk or whatever you call it that you were coming back. It went off at 5am.
K: On which day.
H: Monday, Tues, Wed.
K: Polls closed on Wednesay. Maybe.
H: I'll ask Rachel if she remembers tomorrow.

They go over the Eric bathroom thing. And they realize that it's just James making up more lies.

K: You can tell them anything and they'll believe it.
J: That's true.
H: Janie make sure you get to bed by 3am.
J: I will.

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Topic #2181022
CruiseCritic - Kaysar and Janie in LR on couch and Janie tells him "you are doing fine, 1 Replies #2181022 3:32AM 15/08/2005
snap out of it". Kay - things will be better if we get thru this week.
I just feel like before it was like i was fighting for something. id did not want the trash talk and anyone to play dirty.
Kay tells janie she is ruining his life. she says she is sorry and starts to cry. he tells her not to cry
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carly - fake crying. - teasing.. NT #2181028 3:34AM 15/08/2005
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Topic #2181024
carly - Kaysar feels bad. Jan tries to reassure him He says he feels like he wanted to play a certain way - without trashtalking 0 Replies #2181024 3:33AM 15/08/2005
and he feels like he's been trashtalking for the last three days.
Janelle says "We have?"
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Topic #2181025
CruiseCritic - Kay has big smile on his face as he looks and talks to Janie - 0 Replies #2181025 3:33AM 15/08/2005
he says you are going to get us in trouble, dont get us in trouble again.
he called her a little beeatch.
Janie is cuddling with the fur blanket on couch.
Kay says there is a lot of liars in this game. janie says why and kay says that this is what the game is all about.
Kay says that he and Janie have not lied
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Topic #2181031
CruiseCritic - Kaysar says as much as you should not have done that it is almost like a 0 Replies #2181031 3:35AM 15/08/2005
white lie. she didint really burn/hurt? someone. he says - we all talk trash BC its so emotional and all that.
Kay - they all sit there and you talk to them and its like, its like the oppsite of me and you. Talking about asking for deals and how they Fd him over. Can you imagine Howie doing that? rach doing that? NO...they are so dirty...all of them
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Topic #2181032
carly - Kay is talking about all the lying - he says all of them lie - they think that's all the game is about is lying.. 0 Replies #2181032 3:36AM 15/08/2005
Jan says no - Kay saying they don't know any other way to play the game other than lying.
Saying how dirty they are.
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Topic #2181033
CruiseCritic - Kay now has legs covered up with flowered blanket talking to Janie saying 0 Replies #2181033 3:36AM 15/08/2005
that all THEY know how to do is backdoor somebody. give me a break/ they are quiet now.
all they want to do is lie all day long -KAY
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Topic #2181036
CruiseCritic - they think they are smart, they really do and that is the sad thing about it 1 Replies #2181036 3:38AM 15/08/2005
I try not to underestimate anybody, but with them they over estimate themselves. kay says he cannot sit there and have a conversation with them.
Kay says he is not sure what is going on...
its like freaken kindergarted to figure it out, i am not like you
Magie always has this dumb look on her face
Janie chuckles
she looks tired
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Karenell - He's talking about using any kind of strategy besides backdooring the person you want out. He tried to explain this to Maggie but she didn't #2181063 3:53AM 15/08/2005
understand what he was trying to say to her.
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Topic #2181040
carly - "I've been playing this game wrong" Kaysar - "Ever since I got back" 0 Replies #2181040 3:39AM 15/08/2005
Jan says no - Kaysar: "Starting tomorrow, I'm changing."
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Topic #2181042
CruiseCritic - Kaysar says starting tommorw things will be changing. then he ask Janie 0 Replies #2181042 3:40AM 15/08/2005
what the hell are you doing. and she says - looking at my nails.
SHe is trying to keep her nails long. Kay telling her to drink milk. they are talking and looking at her fingernails now.
her nails are rigid and that is why they break.
I say two things to you and you get POd - KAY
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Topic #2181046
CruiseCritic - Janie says - i am tired lets go to bed. Kay still sitting there and now 0 Replies #2181046 3:42AM 15/08/2005
he is talking how he felt bad and made a deal and Jen told him that he better not Pi*s her off. jan says why. Kay- I see james walking up ther and i know he is trying to make deals. She said you better not p me off or you are gong up. talking about the weird look she gives him with a smile. he looked away cuz jen was freaking him out
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Topic #2181047
carly - Jan- "They better not f'ing nominate you tomorrow" Kay laughs a little and says "How sad would that be? 0 Replies #2181047 3:42AM 15/08/2005
Hey guys? I'm here for week and then goodbye"
"And the sad thing is, I gave her HoH because I felt bad."
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Topic #2181050
CruiseCritic - Now they chit chat more about April and Jen and saying something that 0 Replies #2181050 3:44AM 15/08/2005
she probably wont come to the wrap party (not sure who they are talking about)
Kay saying -she is a little obsessed i think. she and april, talk about aps husband.
Both saying that Maggie is a strange person....sounds like Kay just said that both her parents are MDs.
Kay saying that Beau is socially incompetent and Ivette (jan chuckles0 and mention about her being a lesbian. Kay says B is flaming and cannot control himself..he drinks every single day.
Jan laughs and says He doooess.
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Topic #2181051
CruiseCritic - Kay says "they think we are Fd up, we are the ones that dont play fair, 0 Replies #2181051 3:45AM 15/08/2005
we are the ones that dont want to be included in all the fun"
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Topic #2181052
janka - Chess is finally over. Janelle remembers her laundry comes back to Kaysar lying on the LR floor. 0 Replies #2181052 3:46AM 15/08/2005
J: Kaysar are you asleep? What are you doing?
K: Thinking.
J: About?
K: How I'm playing this game.
J: What do you think about?
K: I've just been disappointed.
J: In me?
K: In myself.
J: Why?
K: And how I've played it since I've gotten back.
J: Why are you disappointed?
K: (sigh) I just don't think I've done a good job.
J: Why?
K: My mentality. What I've done. What I've said. How I..
J: What did you do?
K: I..I gave up the HOH. I...don't know. It just doesn't feel right. Things that I..when I talk to Maggie. When I talk to Jenny. It just doesn't feel right.
J: What'd you say?
K: Something's off.
J: You think they are trying to trick us?
K: I don't know...maybe it's something off with me.
J: I don't think it's you.

Long silence. Kaysar deep in thought.

K: Aren't you tired? Go to bed.
J: All right, are you going to go to bed too?
K: I don't know.
J: What's wrong?
K: I'm just thinking. Bothered. I feel like my brain isn't working well.
J: I don't know if I believe that.
K: I feel like ever since I got back..it's just been..messed up. I think I haven't been thinking clearly, you know.
J: You're doing fine.
K: No I'm not.
J: Snap out of it.
K: I guess it will be better if I get through this week.
J: What?
K: I think if will be better if we get through this week.
J: It will be. Definately.
K: Like before it felt like we were fighting for something. I didn't want the trash talk and I didn't want to play dirty. And I'm not playing dirty but I feel like I've been trash talking for the past three days.
J: You do?
K: Yeah.
J: Just blame it one me.
K: Okay. Fine. It's your fault.
Janie nods.
K: You're ruining my life.
J: I'm sorry.
They laugh. Janelle put her face in her hands.
K: It's okay, don't cry.

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Topic #2181053
CruiseCritic - Kay- what is this world coming to? and they honestly believe that yelling and 0 Replies #2181053 3:47AM 15/08/2005
all this stupid sht will get them somewhere. they are laughing about snapshots of the pics. Janie says the pics will be online. Talking about the jumbotron in NYC with the word GAY
Whats wrong with these ppl says kay...unbelievable
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Topic #2181054
CruiseCritic - kay says he has to lower himself to talk to those ppl NT 0 Replies #2181054 3:47AM 15/08/2005
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Topic #2181057
CruiseCritic - Kay calls her a crackhead (JENN) BC she wants to become famous 0 Replies #2181057 3:49AM 15/08/2005
Kay smiling as he watches Janie and shs is being quiet now. Kay says we have to focus as a team so we dont lose any ground. we cannot play their game and bicker
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Topic #2181059
CruiseCritic - kay twirling hair as he says "these ppl are stupid, they just dont get it 0 Replies #2181059 3:51AM 15/08/2005
if you yell at them they go into a corner and cry"
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