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Topic #2179882
memyselfandi - Now the Friendship is spying on Rachel on the feeds 1 Replies #2179882 12:04AM 15/08/2005
Talking trash about her briefly.

Jen says that her getting rid of Kaysar is better than Kaysar getting rid of Eric because K's intentions were malicious, hers are strategic. Again complaining about Howie's spying under the guise of stretching.

(Ed: can someone update what Howie and Kaysar are talking about on F3-F4?)
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Jeff3178 - hot tub talk #2179947 12:10AM 15/08/2005
I just switched to it. They are bitching about Jen and April. Howie says he'd rather do Beau than April and that she's nasty. Janelle tells Howie to shut up because that's disgusting. They seem pissed off but have no clue as to whats coming.
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Topic #2180002
memyselfandi - Maggie went to school under the influence but had 4.0 0 Replies #2180002 12:14AM 15/08/2005
Came into the conversation late but...

Ivette said she liked the "maryjane"

And Maggie was saying she got in trouble for coming to school under the influence.

Maggie says in high school she had alot of fun but had rough experiences in college.
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Topic #2180011
Snuffles - Jan tells Kaysar Mag is closer to Jen than Ivette 0 Replies #2180011 12:15AM 15/08/2005
He was surprised since he thought Mag was closer with Iv and Beau...

Kay says also that he doesn't trust Maggie, Jan surprised at that. He says it has to do with how she answers his questions
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Topic #2180030
Snuffles - Jan, Kay and Howie trying to figure out how many votes 0 Replies #2180030 12:17AM 15/08/2005
Seems they still believe Jen will nom James and James will be voted out. They are going over gameplan for after James is gone.

Kay says to go after Jen and Mag, he wants Jen to pay for not honoring her promise. Howie, a few minutes ago, went off on a strong-languaged rant about Jen and April.
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Topic #2180038
Snuffles - Jan, Kay and Howie can't believe the others would want to keep James NT 0 Replies #2180038 12:18AM 15/08/2005
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Topic #2180070
lurker542 - H: Jennie better do the right thing or that picture of Dan will disappear... 0 Replies #2180070 12:21AM 15/08/2005
I'll see to it myself.
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Topic #2180103
memyselfandi - Lights are out in the HOH room but the girls at the slumber party still gabbing 0 Replies #2180103 12:24AM 15/08/2005
Beau is telling some long boring story about his life that is putting everyone but Ivette to sleep.

Ivette is SHOUTING but April/Maggie/Janelle have their eyes shut in bed like they want to go to sleep. That has to be annoying.
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Topic #2180170
memyselfandi - Ivette talking about her brother in jail 0 Replies #2180170 12:29AM 15/08/2005
She says they ship people from Puerto Rico to a "base camp" federal prison that one of her brother is in for white collar crime. He doesn't have bars or a fence, he's on an air force base that although it's fenced in you could walk out if you wanted to.

He's at FPC federal air force base. He isn't allowed to leave the camp and visit her. She includes drug dealing in a litany of "white collar crimes" that people like her brother would have committed to be in jail with him.

She says she doesn't know all the details because she doesn't like asking him about it.

April doesn't understand why someone wouldn't just walk out.

Ivette says they'd go to a worse prison if they were caught escaping.

Ivette says he has two more years if he gets off for boot camp and good behavior.

She says the prisoners help maintain the air force base so that's cheaper.

Maggie says prisoners should be doing labor.

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Topic #2180257
memyselfandi - Howie doesn't understand why Friendship makes things so personal. 0 Replies #2180257 12:39AM 15/08/2005
As Janie disses Jennifer for not getting parts in commercials and for coming on BB in the hopes of being a movie star, Kaysar calls her a moron, and Howie says she's a bitch.

Janelle is really pissed at Jennifer.

(Ed: I had been watching the Friendship so I don't know if they finally discovered that Jen is not keeping the deal or what)

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Topic #2180294
memyselfandi - Fish on all feeds for last five minutes NT 0 Replies #2180294 12:42AM 15/08/2005
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Topic #2180313
Time2getLost - Janelle was talking about Jens thrist for fame 0 Replies #2180313 12:44AM 15/08/2005
J was telling Howie and Kaysar about commercials she has done such as an Axe body spray commercial and a cell phone (?) commercial which she still recieves money for. And how she wants to rub it in Jens face cause Jen was bragging about being an extra.
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Topic #2180335
memyselfandi - Feeds are back FOE on F1, F2 and James/Rach on F3, F4 NT 0 Replies #2180335 12:45AM 15/08/2005
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Topic #2180339
joannadanna - Kas and Jan and How saying "that bitch." 0 Replies #2180339 12:46AM 15/08/2005

~Scene: Howie and Jan working out while Kas is standing there watching.

Jan: That bitch <refer - jen> said she was in some movies - she makes only $100 a day. I did a major commercial and I was a deodorant girl <axe commercial>. There was another girl *** fat bitch who was up for it too. Sony Dept I am the dream girl and I still receive residuals for it and this is how I got here. I did a mobile commercial. Obviously Jen is craving the attention.

How: I don't know why they have to make it such a personal thing.

Jan: Who brags about being something specialÖyour are not going to be a movie star, that little bitch <jen>.

Howie: Maybe this is just her way of getting the focus off of her

Kas: That bitch

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Topic #2180352
memyselfandi - James and Rachel are talking in the dark in the gold room 0 Replies #2180352 12:47AM 15/08/2005
The lights are out but Rachel is sitting up. They aren't really discussing strategy, they're discussing how the show makes them like "lab rats" and how when they were getting pictures taken they really did look like a reality tv cast.

Now we get fish on all feeds.
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Topic #2180452
joannadanna - James and Rach talking about the show and religion 0 Replies #2180452 12:58AM 15/08/2005
James: My mom starting praying for me and my Grandma is so cool. We keep things btwn us.

Rach: Iím very camera shy and Iím doing this for Howie. It gives me confidence.

James: I canít do endurance. They are going to see <TV> what did for 11 hours in a small bite.

<Talking about Beu and being drunk and walking around possibly pushing someone off a button>
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Topic #2180463
memyselfandi - Rachel/James still talking in gold room. 0 Replies #2180463 1:00AM 15/08/2005
She has been engaging him in conversations all day but never about game strategy.

James talking about closeness with his grandma. They both talk about things and each of them says don't tell James' mother because she's so super-religious.

Rachel says she's here for Howie. She hates being on camera and hates having her voice recorded. She is afraid of being recognized, but feels like she's facing her fears.

James says watching season five made him afraid of eating gross stuff by coming on big brother, and confesses he can't do longevity competitions.

James says Beau himself could have been an entire episode from his craziness in the pressure cooker but thinks the competition would be broken down into just five minutes.

Both were afraid Beau would accidentally knock them off their buttons.

James is cautioning Rachel about not believing everything that others are saying about him or any of the he-said she-said stuff.
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Topic #2180500
memyselfandi - James: I wonder if America likes me. 0 Replies #2180500 1:05AM 15/08/2005
Rachel says she thinks America likes him and probably has a following because people have been trying to get him out of the house so much.

James said he wanted Kaysar to get back into the house so he could get the whole truth, but when he came back in and the two didn't talk for like a day he realized that Kaysar didn't like him either.

James: "I have never felt so alone in one situation ever."

James says he has been taking himself out of the game this week and just having conversations with people he hadn't ever had with people before. Like talking to APril chitchatting.

He says he hasn't cried for years since he had his epiphany after the pressure cooker.

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Topic #2180533
memyselfandi - Rachel/James rehashing pressure cooker. 0 Replies #2180533 1:11AM 15/08/2005
They thought the boxes would be what would make the pressure cooker awful, but the pressure was that this was the most important HOH.

Now James talking about veto and how he didn't even compete but they still couldn't even get it right.
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Topic #2180552
joannadanna - Bathroom body cleanup 0 Replies #2180552 1:14AM 15/08/2005
~~~~~Scene: All in the bathroom

Jan: taking a shower <slime> talking to Howie.

Jan: Why are you looking at me like that.

How: because you are so cute. (if you like big noses)

~~~~~~Scene: Howie now went to the kitchen and returned to BR

Howie: I've put up enuf with April and Jan has crossed the line. Fck her she is a piece of sht.

~~~~~Scene: Jan putting something on her face and Kas washing his. Jan is putting lotion on face and neck and watching kas in the corner of her slant eyes. Kas is tweezing hair from his face.
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Topic #2180569
memyselfandi - Janie: I'm buxom and I'm blonde and I'm your friend... 0 Replies #2180569 1:16AM 15/08/2005
"Don't show me your penis." she tells howie.
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Topic #2180599
joannadanna - Do you sew 0 Replies #2180599 1:19AM 15/08/2005
~~~~~~~Scene How and Jan in the kitchen at table.

Jan: I'm buxom and blonde but don't show me your penis Howie. This is so annoying< she is sewing something.> So *****. We don't have scissors in this house.

How: I have some.

Jen: U have...thank you Howie.

~~~~~Scene: Howie eating bowl of cereal and Jen trying to sew and Kas just watching.

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Topic #2180615
helena - Haaa! April: I totally want to come to Miami. It doesn't matter what we wear, because we are fabulous. We are on Big Brother, We Are Fabulous!" NT 0 Replies #2180615 1:21AM 15/08/2005
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Topic #2180621
memyselfandi - Howie/Jan/Kaysar sitting around kitchen table 0 Replies #2180621 1:22AM 15/08/2005
Kaysar's standing leaning on table. Janelle is sitting doing some art project. Howie is eating something.

feeds switch back to James/Rachel in gold room

(Ed: I'm going to sleep.. g'night)
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Topic #2180723
joannadanna - Your such a beef cake 0 Replies #2180723 1:39AM 15/08/2005
~~~~~ Scene: Howie and Jan in kitchen

Jan: Howie your such a beef cake, so big and strong.

Howie: Ohhhh Jannnney (gag gag)

~~~~~Scene: Jan left and Howie and Kas are now the only ones in Kitchen

Kas: Tomorrow we are going to get back on track and focus. We <Kas and Jan> are going to be outside if you want to join us.

~~~~~Scene: Kas and Jan in outside now out playing chess....

Kas: You are an amazing chess player

Jan: Thank you

April: Maggie was so mad that you got Kmart things and she wasn't sure she would get anything.

Kas: Maggie always wants a free ride.

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Topic #2180820
joannadanna - Howie: I'm coming after her <Jen>. 0 Replies #2180820 1:59AM 15/08/2005
~~~~Scene: Jan and Kas playing chess still.....(yawn) and Howie enters the picture.

Howie: I'm coming after her <Jen>. She is worthless as it is.

Kas: They are dumb - they are mentally and physically incapable of getting anything done. They are all retarded.

Howie: She is a piece of sht <jen>, she never will win and a waste for BB to bring in. I really don't like that girl. I love Beu and he is a good guy and nice.

Kas: He's a little too gay.

Jan: He's bitchy

Howie: What pisses me off is that BB gets them all riled up. Thanks BB.

Howie: Was there hatred in other BB houses?

Kas: I don't think so

~~~~ still playing chess

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