How is Reality TV different from, say, producing a drama or a sitcom?
There are lots of differences in producing reality TV. First and foremost is the lack of a shooting script, lack of rehearsals, and lack of actors! The ideas for dramas and sitcoms begin in the mind of the writer, whereas the stories in reality TV have to be found within all the chatter of unbridled, live action. We never know where the story on Big Brother is going to go until it goes there. Weíre also in production longer than any other reality show as we are taping around the clock 7 days a week, and weíre also live to the internet 24/7. No drama or sitcom could ever do anything like that.

As a group, you guys handle many different reality TV shows. What makes Big Brother different?
Big Brother is unlike any other show on television because we have to produce and air three shows a week, week after week - all summer long! We produce this show faster than any other show Iíve ever worked on, or even heard of. Since thereís no time for endless network meetings and the countless revisions of others shows, Big Brother feels much more raw than others shows and really in the moment!

What's the easiest part of putting on BB? The toughest?
Itís nice to have the studio executive come to us to screen and give us notes. Our CBS executives really understand the complexities and time constraints of the show, and they make the note process as quick and painless for us as possible, which is really nice. The toughest part of Big Brother is the lack of time. Itís always a sprint to the finish line every show, 3 times a week. Itís really like running a mental marathon all summer long but at sprint pace. Thereís nothing easy about it though itís incredibly rewarding!

Have you ever had a contestant turn out to be completely different than you'd expected, either personality-wise, or with the way they ended up interacting with the other houseguests?
The houseguests are always very surprising, as thereís no way to really predict how any human being will react to being cooped up in a house with 13 other people and one toilet for 3 months. No one whoís ever entered the house has ever experienced anything like it before they came here, so itís always fascinating to see how they adapt to the Big Brother experience.

Your favorite memorable moment from BB?
I have lots of favorite moments. I loved the look on Jaseís face when the twins were revealed last year. That was classic! - and then when Cowboy figured out that Nacomis was his sister, I couldnít take my eyes off the monitor. Iíll never forget when Marcellas failed to use the veto to save himself on Season 3. What a shock!! And this season I cheered when Rachel finally found the secret Gold Room. My jaw dropped when Kaysar won Head of Household last week. Then of course, on Season 4 there was SEX!

In past seasons, who would you wish you could have kept longer in the house?
Thatís a hard one. I like them all for different reasons. Iím always excited to see a real villain get theirs, but I always miss them once theyíre gone. It was hard to see both Scott and Jase go last year, as they were both amusing.

How do you come up with twists and turns? Is it challenging to try to out do yourselves each season? Do you ever think that there will be a season where the twist is "There is no twist"?
The shows twists are being worked on all year long, through constant brainstorming sessions, and are usually the various ideas of many, honed into something fantastic but workable by the wonderfully warped minds of the Executive Producers. I canít, and wonít even speculate about future twists. As you know, anything can happen in the Big Brother house, so... EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED!!

If you were in the BB house, what would your strategy be?
Iíd never be in the Big Brother house. Iím camera shy and I sunburn easily.

Can you give us a hint as to an undiscovered secret in the house?
Uhm...Well...Of course not!, but I wonít blame you for asking... LOL! All I can say is, keep watching, and weíll work our butts off all summer long to make sure you arenít disappointed.