Have you ever watched any of the Bachelor/Bachelorette shows?
No. However, I did watch some of the Byron season after I got booted just to see what possible evils were ahead.

What was your 1st impression of Jen?
WOW! She is very pretty, and she makes me feel TAAAALLLL!!!!

What was your favorite part of doing the show?
Taking a chance at love and meeting some of the best people I have ever met.

And the least favorite?
Discovering I really didnít have chemistry with Jen.

Tell us more about your site. On the site it says that you work for a company that is owned by Sylvester Stallone?
My website is in its infancy. I am going to get it developed so I can help people change their lives the way fitness has helped me change mine. I will do on-line nutrition and training programs and I also carry a small line of products. I do not coach sports at the school where I teach, so this is a great opportunity to share one of my passions.

I am a spokesperson that represents Slyís new supplement line, ďINSTONE.Ē (By the way, Instone is fantastic for people looking to develop healthy bodies. My mom uses almost all of his products, so I highly recommend it to women and men.) It is an honor to work for Sly, who we all know is a physique and film icon, but I have discovered he is also one hell of a nice guy!

I also do spokesperson work for Ergopharm which is another fantastic company led by Patrick Arnold. Patrick is arguably the number one chemist in the sports nutrition industry and he has developed some amazing products that really help people overcome metabolic and hormonal deficiencies. I love being able to tell people that I bought Ergopharm products a long time before I became associated with the company.

Who do you think will get the final rose?
John Paul

Is there anyone that you didn't get along with?
Nope. I get along with everyone. There are guys I prefer to spend time with over others, but I can honestly say that I really did like everyone.

How difficult was it to get use to the cameras?
For me, not hard. I rocked the house in all of my high school and college speech classes and being in front of people doesnít bother me at all. Well, o.k., when I did my goofy little flexing bit, I realized that my new pals would not be the only ones seeing that. I did think, ďOh Mike, what did you do? You may have just terrified 11 million mild mannered folks just tuning in to see romance, not your guns.Ē

Do you think that you were able to spend enough time with Jen?
I am not sure. I did feel uncomfortable around her a little bit because our conversations didnít flow well, so I donít know if more time would have helped. I certainly didnít want another ďI spoon my dog conversation.Ē HA HA! I must have been reaching for something to babble about. What was I thinking?

Did you feel a connection with her?
Not really. Our fathers went to college together and were fraternity brothers. I thought we could talk about that and maybe connect a little. My dad likes to tell me about his old frat house and the guys he used to pal around with, so I was really looking forward to hearing her dadís take on it all. She said she didnít really talk to him about that stuff, so that bummed me out and there went my ice breaker.

Were you upset when you didn't get a rose?
No, not at all. I watched the show again like a coach analyzing game film, and after I didnít get a rose, I was in the background laughing and hugging my new friends. Nothing against Jen, we just didnít connect. It was time for me to go. HOWEVER, every guy in that house should thank her for that. I was one week away from the basketball game and there is not a single doubt in my mind, I would have had a one on one date with her. How fun would that have been to dunk on Fabrice or the possible future President of the United States?

Would you be interested in being the next Bachelor?

What do your students think about you being on the show?
They are too funny. I actually had one student ask me to autograph a paper I graded. I said, ďAre you kidding me? If you do better next time, Iíll consider it and maybe include a picture.Ē HA! They do think itís great and they have all sorts of questions about the guys and Jen. The cool part when I returned to teaching is that we did the Bradbury novel, Fahrenheit 451, which deals with government control and censoring. The point is, what you see on TV isnít always the truth. Do you see where I am going with this?

How much time did you have to take off for the show?
About two weeks.

How much advance did you have before leaving for the show?
About two weeks.

What kind of projects are you involved in?
I have a student teacher right now, so that has been great. Itís like a breath of fresh air to work with someone so positive and full of new ideas. I am also preparing for the upcoming fitness season. I have to travel around the country and represent Instone and Ergopharm. Finally, I have a lot of work to do on my website. I am working on a quarterly newsletter with supplement specials, advice and some of my insights in the fitness game. I have a lot of people that have e-mailed me asking for my advice and my site needs to be more user friendly. (So check back frequently because I am on it!

Are you dating anyone?
I thought about calling Abbey and Michelle. They seemed to like me.

What do you think about the rumors that Fabrice is gay?
Hilarious. His bed was right next to mine and we would have late night chats. TRUST ME, Fabrice is NOT gay! Actually, I think I want to be like him when I grow up.

While you were in the house with Stu, Did you realize that is was a little bit stalkerish about Jen?
HA HA HA! He slept on the other side of me and not once did I see him sharpening a knife, talking to an imaginary friend or praying to pictures of Jen in the candlelight. If he was a psycho, trust me, I would have known, or Iíd be dead. That poor guy just really liked her a lot from watching her on the show with Andrew. I mean, think about it. He is looking for a woman to marry and has six weeks to get to know her. Why wouldnít he want to know what kind of peanut butter and ice cream she likes. I thought that was better game than me and my poor old pooch story. Seriously, Stu is a genuine guy and someone I am glad to call my friend.

Extra notes from Mike

I had a great time clowning around with the guys; especially Fabrice. They cut out some good stuff. On our first group date he kept calling me a big American lug, so I asked him how many Frenchmen it took to defend Paris. He didnít know. I told him, ďWell, you wouldnít because it has never been attempted. Oh and by the way, Iíll tell my Grandfathers you said thank you for World War II.Ē We kept slamming each other back and fourth, but in good fun. Hey, how many people can say the first time they saw the Statue of Liberty they were standing next a French guy?

Finally, to address my only controversy, I do have a chocolate lab named Bullet. My little comment was taken out of context. I was trying to tell Jen I do not have a lot of female traffic in my bed, so I chose to cuddle (because I love to cuddle) with manís best friend. Hey, he has never cheated on me, so I think he deserves a comfortable place to crash too!

His grandfather was the dog on the Winchester shotgun shells box, so thatís where he got his name. I think he is a dog genius and I taught him in German. He is possibly the most handsome dog in the world, so ladies with dogs, even if you donít dig me but do have a cute female lab, there could be a K-9 love connection.

Thank you Mike for a wonderful look at your experience!!

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