How did you learn about the show?
I was approached by a casting director while i was at work at a nightclub in Boston.

Why did you want to do the show?
I wanted to do the show to prove that people at disadvantages, in my case diabetes can do anything they want to, with the right preparation, will and desire.

Do you think that you would like to do any more reality tv?
I would do another reality show if it concept of the show is something I'm interested in, I wouldn't go on a show just for the sake of it.

Do you talk to any of the other cast a ways?
I still keep in contact with Maryanne Mandy, Professor Tiy-e, and Ginger Erika.

Was there anyone that you bonded with quickly?
I bonded with Tiy-e immediately, we're both die-hard sports fans, he's a Chicago Cubs fan, and I love the Boston RedSox. While we were filming neither had won a World Series in like 230 years, fortunately when we got done filming I was able to enjoy the greatest World Series in the history of baseball.

How long were you on the island?
You've got to be more creative if you want to trick me.

How long did you have to get ready before you left for the island?
I had about a month and a half.

Where exactly is the island?
Somewhere in the Gulf of Mexico.

What was your favorite thing about doing the show?
I was able to put with wits up against some of the greatest competitors on earth, I loved the challenge.

What was your least favorite thing about doing the show?
Having to live off military rations, I don't what anyone says, being diabetic and living off the nothing but rations is nothing nice.

Had you done any acting or been on any other shows before?
No, however I wouldn't mind giving it a shot.

What did the people you work with think about you going on the show?
They thought it was the funniest thing they ever heard, let's be honest when someone tells you they have been cast as Gilligan you need to have a laugh at their expense.

What did your family think about you going on the show?
They were concearned about how I would cope diabetes on the island, especially my mother, but if she wasn't concearned I'd have something to worry about.

What were the Gingers like? Were they down to earth?
Angie was a little to cool for school, but Erika was the best. She and I have kept and contact since then, I would consider her a good friend.

Who did you have the most in common with?
Tiy-e, he gets my sense of humor the best, I throw zingers out there and it goes over everyones head except Tiy-e.

What do you like to do in your spare time? I follow sports, I can rattle off statistics of professional athletes like non other. I also enjoy going out in Boston, even though I don't drink, I like hanging out and having some good laughs.

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