Did you apply for the show or were you recruited?
How I got on the show is an interesting story...One night after speaking, I came home and 'The Bachelor' was on television. I'd never seen a full episode, but since Jesse Palmer (the NFL quarterback, you know how us dumb jocks are!) was on, I decided to watch a few minutes of it. He was on a group date (which, after being on one, I realize why we don't do this in the REAL world!) and one of the girls asked him why he was willing to look for love on ABC. He said, "Well, I get tired of waking up every morning with a different girl, not knowing her name or where I am." I was stunned! So were the girls in the room! I thought, "Where do they find these idiots! I hope this clown isn't a representation of the male species!"

The next day I was telling my friend about the episode. He challenged me to send in my application if I thought I could do better. To prove a point, I did. A couple months later I received a call from the show. By now I had come to my senses, and I told them I wasn't interested. I mean, who really wants to make their whole private life public, right?! Well, after talking to the producers and thinking about it, I reconsidered and the rest is, as they say, history.

What was your reaction when you realized the waitresses were Jen's friends?
I wanted to applaud Jen for her creativity. If I was in her shoes, I would have wanted my best friends to do the same thing. I thought it was a brilliant scheme--I'm just glad I didn't say or do something dumb (or dumber than usual!)

How disappointed that you didn't get a rose?
Even though the viewers didn't get to see all of our conversations, I think it was pretty obvious that Jen and I didn't share a common foundation, or set of values. I respect her for letting me go when she did. In my heart of hearts, I knew that she wasn't the girl for me, and she knew I wasn't the man for her. I wish her the best in her pursuit of love.

Did you feel a connection with Jen?
I wanted to, but I didn't. She is sweet, compassionate, thoughtful, and exceptionally beautiful, but there just wasn't any chemistry between us. She'll make a wonderful wife for some lucky man, but it just won't be me.

How strong were your feelings for Jen?
Lol...I hadn't developed any deep, intimate feelings for Jen yet. Let's be honest here--the cameras aren't on--how likely is it for ANYBODY to fall madly, deeply, wholeheartedly, and passionately in love with someone in 6 weeks? It's possible...just not probable.

Do you think that you had enough time with her?
Actually, I DID have enough time with her. After our first couple conversations, I realized that we would be better friends than lovers.

Has being on the show changed you in any way?
No, I don't think so. I'm still the same Jason as I was before. But you better ask my close friends just to make sure!

Do you feel like you were portrayed accurately on the show?
For the most part, I was pleased with how I was portrayed. As you can imagine, it is extremely difficult to reveal the depths of any man's character and heart in just a few short episodes. They certainly played up the virginity card, but that was to be expected. It doesn't define who I am, but it is certainly a part of my character and something I'll never be ashamed of.

Do you believe the Internet rumors that Fabrice was gay or a spy of the shows?
Just for the record, I think Fabrice gets a bad rap. While I'll admit that his personality was a little overbearing, I don't think there is any truth to the gay rumor or the idea that he was a spy. (But then again, I didn't sleep next to him! You may want to ask the guys in his room!)

Are you still in contact with Jen or any of the guys from the show?
There were some really cool cats on the show, for sure, and it has been a blessing to stay in contact with them. I'm buddies with Mike, the big teddy bear who resembles the Incredible Hulk (and cuddles with his dog!...lol...sorry bro, had to toss it in!); Ben, ski instructor extraordinare (I mean, can you think of one girl who wouldn't want to take a lesson from Casanova?!); JP, the sharp-dressed, well-educated million dollar man from Oklahoma City; and, of course, Josh, the world class athlete (and world class person) in the group. I also touch base with the other guys as time permits.

Would you ever do a reality show again?
Probably not...I think my days of reality television are done. I'm ready to find love in the real world.

How did your family and friends feel about you being on the show?
My parents and brothers were more than supportive. Of course, I think I gave my friends enough ammunition to pelt me for about the next 10 years! Sarcasm in the love language of choice among my friends and family.

What was your favorite part about being on the show? And the least favorite?
My favorite part was meeting such a world class group of gentlemen. Regardless of how things were portrayed, there were some really great guys on the show. My least favorite part was being caged up in a house like an animal for weeks on end with no television, newspapers, cell phones, etc! We had no contact to the outside world!

Do you wish that you had done or said anything differently?
Absolutely not--things turned out exactly as they were supposed to.

Would you be interested in being the next Bachelor?
Probably not....I don't want to be adored by millions of women. I just want to be loved by one.

When all of the Bachelors reunite with Jen for the Men Tell All will you ask Jen any questions and what will they be?
I guess you'll have to tune in and find out, won't you?!

Who do you think will get the final rose?
Personally, I rooting for Ryan. He is one of the most genuine, compassionate, down-to-earth guys on the show. If Jen doesn't choose him, she will be missing out.

Why did you decide to become a motivational speaker?
When I realized I couldn't sing or dance, I was stuck with speaking! In all seriousness, I've always wanted to have an impact on people's lives while leveraging my unique gifts. Speaking just evolved naturally from the things I've always been doing.

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