What was your families reaction when you told them you were going to be on Big Brother?
My family was very suprised, it not in my character to do something like this as I'm sure you can tell. But they were very supportive, and excited for me.

How long before you went in the house did you know you were leaving?
I had three days notice. I was not James original partner, he backed out last minute. If I didn't go James would not have been able to be on the show.

What was your favorite and least favorite comp?
My favorite comp was the chess board, seeing Erik's face as he realized what was happening was the funniest. My least fav. was the HOH that Maggie won, I wanted to vomit all over!

Do you think that the editing of BB showed your true personality?
As sweet and nice as I can be, they really didn't show any of my mean which yes there is one. I think the just wanted to show me as the good girl and James as the bad guy.

What was it like to be at home after being in the house so long?
It was very strange. The Big Brother house becames home after awhile and I missed it very much.

What was the 1st thing you did when you got out?
I went home and got on the live feeds, watched the tapes, and pretty much locked myself away for a good week.

How did you feel when you went home and James was in sequester?
It was very lonely, not only being without James but from being away from the other houseguest as well. Kaysar was out the week after me so it was nice to be able to talk to him and Michael.

Some people thought that James wasn't very nice to you in the house. What do you think about that?
People can think what they want about James and I. I hear way more good things then bad about our relationship. We have so much support from our families and friends, and the fans have been great as well.

When you were on House Calls and your mother called in she almost sounded like you were in trouble. What did she say to you when you talked to her?
No I was not in trouble. lol. They just wanted to know that James was going to take care of me. It was funny because they had never watched the live feeds, and the first time I got them to they heard a conversation James was having. He was talking about how he wanted me to go back to school, where we were going to live, and how he hoped to win to have the money to buy me a ring. They have been believers ever since.

Did you watch the feeds?
I watched up until James left. After that the only thing I watched was Janelle in the first part of the last HOH hopeing she would win.

Were there times you saw any of the HG on the feeds that you wanted to scream at them (like if you knew something that they didnt and they made a bad decision).
I wanted to punch April and Maggie in the face a couple of times. Does that count? I just kept thinking if I was still in the house I would sit everyone down and call out everyone on their lies. I tried to call out April before I left on the whole voting Ivette out thing but Maggie stuck up for her.

What was the 1st thing you told James about what you saw on TV/Feeds when he 1st got out?
There really was not to much he didn't know. But the first thing I remember saying was that America really does hate April, and all the nerds. lol

How hard was it not to run up and hug him when he 1st came out at the finale show?
It was hard. They had told us that we would be seeing each other, and couldn't hug each other. I really don't remember much about what Julie or anyone was saying, James and I were just starring at each other with our fingers crossed (our sign for I love you).

Do you think that it was harder to have him in there as your partner?
We were definatly the hardest couple in the house in my opinion. The emotional bond made it hard to play the game for us both.

There have been rumors that you and James could do Amazing Race. Would you do it?
I would love to do amazing race. I truely am a strong person, and I feel I was not able to show that in the BB house.

Did you ever watch BB before going on the show?
I had never seen the show before. They did have me watch seasons 3 and 5 before going in. You learn a lot about all seasons from other houseguest.

Name each HG (including yourself) with one adjective

Sarah- sweet =)
James- amazing
Kaysar- too smart for his own good
Ray Ray- level headed
Janie- Honest
Howie- Insidious
Micheal- Misunderstood
Ashlea- Party girl
Beau- wanna be
Ivette- Loud
Jen- Whore
April- Fake
Maggie- Nauseating
Erik- cult leader

If you were able to vote for the winner of BB, would you have voted for Ivette of Maggie and why?
Ivette, I hate Maggie. Ivette was atleast nice to me. I don't agree with a lot of things Ivette did and said but she wasn't out to get me since week one like Maggie. Plus I believe Maggie was pretty much carried to the end by her team.

Other than James, who was your favorite person in the house? Is there anyone you could care less to see again?
Janelle was my favorite. We just clicked. She is a great person, and a great friend. We are going to visit her in a few weeks, and I can't wait. I really could care less if I see anyone from the Nerd Herd side.

What was your favorite part about being in the house? least favorite?
My favorite part was hanging out with The Sov. We had so much fun. My least favorite was listening to the Nerd Herd, they really are as annoying as they seem.

If there is a BB Allstars would you like to do it?
I would love to do an Allstars. I really want a chance to really play the game.

Thanks Sarah for doing the Q & A for JU! You are truly an amazing person!!