How are you?
Iím doing fabulous! Iíve been very busy with work and family. My oldest daughter is graduating from High School this June and Iíve been terribly busy with graduation stuff.
I currently work for a great Property Management company. I am a Community Director (aka Property Manager) for a luxury apartment community. The job has a lot of perks, but it is not easy.

How is your family?
The family is awesome and I'm lucky to have them!!!!!! My daughters are growing up so fast. My oldest is graduating form High School in June. It is a little scary to know that both of daughters will be leaving the nest soon.

Do people still recognize you?
Not really. It is because I look completely different compared to the show. I wear mostly business suits, plus Iím not sporting a bandana and wearing a tank top. My hair is comb and I do wear make-up. I do get, ďYou look so familiar!Ē I just respond, ďI get that a lot.Ē Heck, Allison Grodner didnít recognize me at the BB6 Wrap Party. She was talking to Jason for a long time while I was standing next to him and then she gasped and said, ďOMG Danielle!Ē Itís amazing how a good hair weave and make-up can change a personís appearance.

What do you think about having an All Stars season?
Iíve been waiting for an ALL STAR season for a very long time. I know a lot of die-hard BB fans donít like the ideal, but I know it is going to be an awesome season. I canít wait for it to start. Iím actually going to buy Tivo this year, because my husband I are going on a Summer vacation to Spain (visiting his family).

Who would you like to see in the house?
Good question! Naturally Iím completely bias towards my season (BB3). Roddy, Marcellas, Amy, Josh and Lisa are my picks from my season. Iím glad that America is only selecting six participants for Big Brother 7 because it is imperative that CBS does have the fans ďMost HatedĒ houseguests. It wouldnít be an All Star without Will Kirby, so of course he is the one Iíll be voting for. I would love to see Josh (BB1), Nicole (BB2), Shannon (BB2), Bunky (BB2), Erika (BB4)Jack (BB4), Justin (BB4), AliBear (BB4), Jun (BB4), Diane (BB5), Natalie (BB5), Holly (BB5), Will W. (BB5), Cowboy (BB5), Kaysar (BB6), Eric (BB6), Jennifer (BB6) Ivette (BB6), James (BB6), & Janelle (BB6).

Since you're not planning on being on the show, would you come back as a non-player to host a challenge or something??
In a heartbeat! I would love to go into the house as a non-player and participate with the All Star cast. I was really jealous that Holly was able to visit the house on season 6. I was yelling, ďI want to meet Howie!Ē

Will you watch the show??
Is a pig pork? Oh yes, I canít wait to see the show! You have to understand that Iíve had the honor to meet mostly everyone from all seasons with the exception of Seasons 1 & 2. I had the chance to talk to them about the game and it is going to be interesting on how they will play the game this time.

How'd you like last season?
Last season was awesome. It was very interesting game, because the house was split right down the middle into two teams. The season was pretty predictable based on what team won HOH. Because there was so much hate between the two teams the season became ugly and you really didnít have much funny moments in the house. That is why I think BB3 was such a good season, because we were so funny. As viewers, you not only obtain drama, but a lot of comedy on our season.

Are you glad you did Big Brother?
Absolutely. It was one of the best Summers of my life! Granted, I was a complete looser, but Iím thankful for the relationships I have now. Each contestant from my season gave me something that I will always cherish. I really close with Jason and Amy. Marcellas and I are not friends, but Marcellas did give me a sense of fashion and how it is important to apply eye cream on a daily basis. Lisa and I donít talk much, but we do see each other at the Wrap Party every year and we pick-up where we left off. Gerry and his family send the funniest Christmas cards every year. I chuckle when I think about the Summer of 2002 and those memories I will always hold dear to my heart.

Do you have any regrets?
Hmmm, I regret that I said so many bad things (personal attacks) about the contestants of BB3 not for game reason, but for personal reasons. My parents raised me better than that and I should have known better. Iím fortunate to have them forgive me. That gift alone is more than winning the $500,000. Letting go of the key?. I cost Jason the game!

What was your favorite moment?
Gosh, there are so many. I remember staying up late and eating cookies with milk and just talking. I remember it was one night we made ghetto burgers and homemade French fries and Marcellas was jumping around and yelling ďD, take the fries out!Ē because he couldnít wait to eat them. I remember Roddy talking to his burger saying, ďHello little burger. Iím going to eat youĒ It was hilarious! Also, how could we forget the Lizard trial! One of the funniest moments in the house. Me in drag was absolutely priceless.

What was the worst moment in the house??
Well, the ugliest moment was the Golden Veto episode. It is one episode that I refuse to watch. But the worst moment for me was Jasonís eviction. I have to carry the burden for knowing that I cost Jason the game and there is not a day for the past 4 years that I donít think about it.Last but not least... Any week that I was on the PB & J diet.

Have you seen episodes from your season? What did you think?
Iíve watched my season several times. I do not watch The Golden Veto episode or anything after Jasonís eviction. My favorite episodes to watch is the food competition where Marc had to eat chicken livers and when Eric was sleep talking. Hilarious.

How do you feel when people say that you should have won over Lisa?
Everyone is entitled to their personal opinion, but the decision was made by the evicted hgs and they made the best decision. Lisa played the perfect game for BB3 and it is what it is?

Is Roddy still the devil?
Roddy was kind enough to forgive me about calling him the Devil. After the show I didnít understand the big deal about the Devil comment, but I had to take a step back and realize if I hurt him than I should ask for his forgiveness, which I did. Roddy is a great player and I am hoping he does make it on All Stars. Just curious to see him and Will Kirby or James match-up.

Was it hard to get close with Amy after the show? She seemed to have hard feelings towards you.
At the end of BB3 it was extremely emotional and it was hard for me in particular because I didnít get closure (I didnít see the tapes) until after the show aired. I was on an emotional roller coaster. The jury had a chance not only to watch the tapes but to have closure with one another. I didnít. It was hard for me because I felt I was being criticized for things that some of the hgs did, but as stated before.. I had to take a step back and realize that I hurt most of them. I reached out to Amy and I apologized to her and weíve been close since that day. She is like a little sister to me.

How was her wedding?
She was absolutely beautiful. Her husband, Don is a good man and she found her soul mate. Amyís wedding was a celebration and I was completely honored to be part of it.

Who else do you talk to from Big Brother?
Iím extremely close to Jason and Amy. I havenít heard from the rest of the cast in awhile, but I do miss them all.

How do you feel about the crazy Big Brother internet fans?
Reality has no fans like BB. Why? BB fans get the real story about the BB contestants because of the live feeds. That is why I was hated so much because of my big mouth. The dedication is unbelievable, but Iím thankful for the fans because Iím able to get up to date info because of the live feed posters. I donít watch the live feeds because I heard they are so addicting, so I wait until some one post the daily updates. I check particular sites to see who was nominated, who won HOH or who won POV. Iím thankful for the fans.

Since you won't be doing the show, would want to give us an occasional rundown on what's happening on the show? We'd sure love that!
Absolutely. I canít wait until the season begins and Iíll be honored to share my input on a weekly basis I canít wait until June 21st to see who made the top 20. Naturally, because I live in California, I will run to the websites to see the selection since the show will aired 3 hours before is on in California.

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