How are you?
Been good, keepin busy and enjoyin the Cali sun.

What have you been up to?
Still headhunting.... I work for Kaiser Permanente

Do people still recognize you?
Once in a while I still get recognized..... For some reason I get notices in Vegas more then anywhere else.... and especially if I'm hangin out w/ Rob..... they recognize him much more then me...

What do you think of having a BB All Stars?
I think BB All-Stars is a great idea...although I think it should have happened much sooner... At this point many of the previous house guest have gone on with their lives and started careers.... which will probably be unfortunate for the turnout

Would you do BB All Stars?
I would seriously consider doing All Stars, but a lot of things would have to be considered... I have a great job now, and there would have to be serious incentive to pull me from my work... It would definetly be a blast though...

Who would you like to see in the house?
Haha, good question.... Naturally I'd like to see the Dream Team, but that's most likely a long shot.... It would be cool to see Hardy, Lisa, and Josh from the past episodes. And Jack, Holly, and Marvin from the more recent shows.

Will you watch the show?
I'm sure I'll watch a few episodes..... definitely the first one.... I'd be curious who was chosen.

Are you glad you did BB?
Sure, I was taken pretty well by the public so it was a positive experience..

Do you have any regrets?
Once in a while I wonder what could have happened if we had saved Nate when we had the veto..... but that’s just curiosity, not regret...

What was the best time you had in the BB house?
When the house was full there was never a dull moment.... but to be honest... my fondest memory comes from the time I spent sequestered in Mexico.

What was your worst time in the BB house?
I think the worst time was the initial 24 hours when we realized what we had gotten ourselves into w/ the X-factor.

Have you seen any episodes from your season? If so, what did you think?
I haven't watched any since... But definitely recall a lot of the show when they made us sit down and watch it end to end.......

Do you think you were at a disadvantage having your ex in the house? Why or why not?
Definitely a disadvantage...... Ali knew that I would be very competitive on both physical and mental challenges.... and she gave everyone the heads-up on that before I even got in the house.... So it would of definitely have helped to not have that bulls eye on my back from the gate.

How do you now feel about Allison? Are you in contact with her?
I haven't spoke to her in a while... Last I heard she was living w/ her NEW boyfriend in OHIO somewhere..... But we don't have any hard feeling towards each other..... we can still be civil to one

Do you talk to anyone from BB?
I still talk and hang out w/ Robert pretty regularly..... we've become pretty tight.... But i still keep in touch with Jack, Michelle, Erika, Dana, and Dave..... Not as much as I'd like.... but I've talked to all those guys in the last few months....

How do you feel when people say Big Brother 4 was one of the worst seasons? Do you agree? Why do you think people say that?
Honestly that’s the first time I've heard it.... Not sure why they would say it, but maybe because the least competitive person in the house walked away w/ the prize......

Do you still live with Robert? Or did you ever? Are you dating anyone?
I was living w/ Robert for a little over a year when I moved out here to LA. He wanted to live closer to his daughter so I kept the place and he moved out.... But like I said, we're still good friends.... As for dating... I'm single.... I've dated a little bit, but nothing incredibly serious.

How do you feel about the crazy internet BB fans?
I loved the BB fans..... they gave me incredible feedback that was very flattering when I got off the show........ I don't have a whole lot to compare them too, but they're great.

Are you a BB fan?
As an ex-contestant, it's hard to not be a fan..... I wasn't regularly tuning in....but certainly kept myself up to date on who was or wasn't in the house still.

Thanks so much to Justin for this great interview!

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