How are you? What have you been up to lately?
I'm great! A little stressed out about all of the wedding planning, but VERY excited! Most of my year has been spent planning the wedding...but I do take the occasional day off to go out on my boat and attempt to fish or relax on the beach.

Why do you seem different from a lot of other HG's - they all seem to be trying to become "stars" and you appear to be leading a "normal" life?
I guess I realized after the show that I really didn't want to live in LA and be a "starving artist". I really enjoy having a bit more of a structured life than living in LA allows. I live in a TINY coastal town, and really it is like being on vacation most of the time. I moved here from Memphis, so it was a bit of an adjustment. Anytime I get aggravated by the lack of places to shop or dine, I remember that some people work their entire lives to retire here. It really is a little piece of paradise, and I love it.

Who are you marrying? Where did you meet him? What does he do? Anything else you’d like to tell us about him?
Oh he's perfect! His name is Don Ouellette, and we met in Panama City right after I moved. I've never been one to jump into relationships, but we knew within the first 10 minutes of meeting each other that this was very different. I had no idea that people could be this happy together! Anyway, he is a total genius. He "retired" at 29 from running an international advertising agency. He designed a building system of sorts and started a company to manufacture and distribute the system. He sold it a few years later when he got bored with it. He now buys and sells real estate and handles advertising for one client in Panama City. He writes all of their television commercials, and I voice the commercials. It is really a lot of fun! We both work from home, so we spend a lot of time just enjoying living on the water.
We don’t mean to tease.. But what’s his favorite type of cheese? SO hard! I love Cabot Habanero cheese!

How’s the wedding planning going? Any details you’d like to share?
I highly recommend eloping! This wedding has been such a project because it is SO big...and it is taking place in such a small town. We've really had ordeals trying to find the perfect (and large enough) venue for the rehearsal dinner. I am excited though. We are going to have a horse drawn carriage transport us from the church to the reception site, and later that night to the hotel. It is SO Cinderella!

Any BB people attending the wedding?
Yes! Danielle and Chiara are coming! Allison (BB4) was trying to make it, but she had a conflicting work schedule.

Did you watch BB last season?
Yes, I try to watch every season...but not every episode.

Were you a Friendship or a S6 fan? Who were you rooting for to win? Did you like the strong division of the house?
The alliances always confuse me - which is why I didn't win my season. I wanted Janelle to win last year.

Would you trade in being on season 3 so you could be on a newer season? Do you like how it’s changed? Why or why not?
Season 3 is by FAR my favorite. Maybe it is because I lived it, but we seemed to have a much livelier cast. I mean that in the way of how much fun we had. The other seasons didn't seem to have as much fun with each other as we did. We also threw a lot of imagination into it - with the lizard trial, duck ball, apple ball, frolicks, water "polo", ect... We really enjoyed the experience as much as possible. I've watched the other seasons, and they don't seem to get along well enough for all of them to have a really great time. We had a blast! We were like little kids at summer camp with no adult supervision!

What would you change about BB and how it’s done?
I don't know that I would really change it all that much. I didn't like the secret partner thing. I think it took away from the overall experience. Same for the ex thing. I liked the show when you actually lived with a pack of strangers. I think it actually makes it more of a challenge. Of course, if all of the All-Star rumors turn out to be true, then people probably already have alliances...which I think would take away from it as well.

Do you watch the feeds, Housecalls, etc?
Never watched either. I was SO suprised when I got out of the house to find out how many people watched the feeds. I had ex boyfriends' parents watching and stuff! It was insane to realize that so many people I knew were addicted to the feeds.

Speaking of Housecalls.. What’s your relationship with Marcellas? We heard you weren’t talking anymore, is that true? If so, why?
No....we are no longer buddies. I think that our friendship was great while we were in the house. We laughed SO much together and really had a great time. I think that our friendship worked in that controlled environment, but just couldn't be the same outside of the house.

Do you talk to any other previous houseguests, of your season or other seasons?
I talk to most of the people from my season, and some of the people from other seasons. Danielle and I always talk about the "BB Cult". She is actually the best friend that I took from that experience. We talk almost every day. She really is like my big sister, and I love her dearly!

Did Jason ever take you to the fair?
No! We got out of the house the same week that the fair ended! Don (my fiancée) was actually the first person that I got to kiss in the Log Ride tunnel! We went to the fair together this year, and it was great!

You said before that you didn’t like what Danielle said in the DR, how do you feel about her now?
I love her to pieces! Danielle should have won that game, and I will always regret voting the WRONG way!

How do you feel about Chiara now?
Love her! We email a lot. She has helped me to calm down a lot during the wedding planning process since she went through it last year. I have emailed her freaking out about one thing or another, and she has always written back explaining to me what I should and should not worry about. It is really funny how much we are alike when all I ever talked about in the house was how different we were. Although our fights made for some good TV, I wish that I had taken the time to get to know her a little better in the beginning. She is SO much fun!

Are you glad you did BB?

What is one moment on the show you would love to relive? One you would hate to relive?
Oh, I would love to relive it all...except the day Marcellas nominated me. That was just flat MEAN! Wait, I take that back. I would like to relive that...cause if I could, I would handle that much differently!

Have you ever been approached to do any other reality shows, or want to?
I think I'm done! I think it would be fun to do something that was filmed in real life, but I could never be locked away from Don for more than 12 hours.

Have you heard anything about All-Stars?
Who hasn't! People call me all the time asking about it b/c of the rumors. Danielle and I started speculating about it right after we got out of the BB3 house. I don't know if they'll ever do it though. I think that if they do decide to do it, it will be a big disappointment. I think the house would be full of a bunch of mediocre players rather than the people you would expect. I would still watch though!

Would you do an All-Stars?
If I had been asked this question a few years ago, I would have said "yes". There is no way I could do it now though. There would be no reason for me to leave Don for 3 months. Really, after taxes $500,000 isn't that much money. I think if they were going to do All-Stars, they would up the ante - or SHOULD. I think that asking people to give up their lives for ANOTHER 3 months for $500,000 is a bit much to ask. I did it before because I was young, and it was a great experience, but I don't need the money, so I would have no motivation to do it now.

What would be the ideal All-Stars cast?
I think that everyone probably has their own idea of what the perfect All-Star cast would be. I can say this: If they DO decide to ever do an All-Star show, I can promise you that it WON'T have my idea of a perfect cast. I just don't think the idea of doing it all again with so little to gain would appeal to the right people.

Are you still recognized?
Amazingly, yes! I was recognized this past Saturday night by some tourist from Georgia in the ladies restroom at Boss Oyster (DELICIOUS!) in Apalachicola, Florida.

I was so glad when you got back on the show. You brought fun back into the house it seemed. Such a wild personality you have, where do you think you developed that?
I was a very spoiled child. I thought that life was always just supposed to be about fun.... of which I have always had a ton. I never expected to win, so I was in it to enjoy it. I'm glad that I had fun with it too. It was great! And although I learned a lot from being on the show, I still think that life should be full of fun. Don and I have that in common, which is great. We have all sorts of fun trips planned for the next year. We're going to the Keys for lobster season, New York for shopping, Canada for skiing, ect. Fun!Fun!Fun!

What happened to your website?
We just haven't really had time to update it. I've been WAY too busy this year!

What do you think of all the crazy Big Brother internet fans?
I think they're great! I was so suprised at how nice everyone has been to me since the show ended. I really haven't heard any mean comments, and that suprises me a lot!

How’s your dog? Have you gotten any more?
Buckie is great! He celebrated his 4th birthday in January. He has a little sister yorkie named Suzie who is almost 3, and a baby Chihuahua brother named Jose who is just over a year old. Don and I really have our hands full with them, but we love them SO much!

Will you stop by Jokers Updates on the boards or the chat sometime this summer?
Oh for sure! I can't wait to see what the twist will be this year!